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How to increase the birth rate and population of the village in the farthest border

As your village grows and becomes more stable, you will probably need more residents in the far line who can work for you and join your army and expeditionary groups. This leadership will help you explain how to increase the birth rate in your village in Farthest Frontier and quickly increase the population.

While the main method of waiting for new people who will appear to join your community seems good enough at the beginning, it will not be as soon as your village begins to flourish as you move. One way to get new citizens is to allow existing citizens to give birth to them.

How to increase the birth rate in the farthest border

Furried determines how many residents give birth to children in your village. The higher the birth rate, the more residents will be added to your census. This can be a huge problem at the beginning of the game; However, as you grow and become stronger and more stable, you will need more residents of the village to perform everyday tasks in the village.

To increase the population, you need to increase the birth rate. Although people will appear randomly and ask to settle in your village or simply migrate here, this method of obtaining new inhabitants is slow and unreliable.

Your inhabitants will marry and give birth to children, but for this they need space and solitude. To increase the birth rate, you need to make sure that you have many empty houses where young couples can set aside after the wedding. If your young generation does not have a house that could be moved to, they will not produce offspring, living with their parents or an accidental stranger who lives with them.

In every house that you have, 4 inhabitants can accommodate. So, you need to make sure that every young couple has its own house with two free slots. If you leave the couples alone, they will do the offspring, and you will receive a new resident at Farthest Frontier, which will grow and become a productive member of your society.

Over time, your current residents will grow old and die, so it is better to make sure that you have a stable growth rate in the village, so as not to be left without staff. While you have empty houses, people will move to them and give birth to new inhabitants.

Lineage W sales of W223.6bn, NCs 2Q operating profit increased 9%

NCsoft announced its second quarter performance on the 12th and 2022. In the second quarter, NCsoft recorded sales of KRW 629.3 billion, operating profit of KRW 123 billion, and net profit of KRW118.7 billion. Revenue increased 17%year-on-year, operating profit of 9%, and net profit 26%.

In the second quarter of this year, Lineage W, which was released in November last year, is reflected in the warmth, and the performance itself is better than the same period last year. In fact, NCsoft’s mobile game sales increased 35% year-on-year to W475.2bn, which is Lineage W 223.6 billion won, Lineage M 141.2 billion won, Lineage 2M 96.2 billion won, and Blade & Soul 2 14.2 billion won.

However, Lineage 2M sales decreased by 55.8% from the same period last year, and Lineage W sales recorded cumulative sales of KRW 1 trillion in July. Lineage M increased 9% year-on-year.

PC online game sales are 9.5%, down 9.5% from the same period last year. Guild Wars 2 increased 70% year-on-year, with the third expansion pack sales launched in February this year, but sales decreased for all PC online games, including Lineage.


Regional sales amounted to W408.8bn, Asia 144.6 billion won, and 39.9 billion won in North America and Europe. North American and European sales rose 64% year-on-year, and Asia also rose. Royalty sales are 36 billion won. Overseas and royalties are 35%of total sales.

NC is developing new works of various genres such as TL (MMORPG), Project R (Battle Royale), Project M (Interactive Movie) and BSS (Collective RPG).

Pokemon GO Pest Out Event Guide

If you are seeking excellent advancements insect type Pokemon, and don’t look after points that are weird, after that the most up to date event in Pokémon Go will be your next favorite matter. You will certainly be able to get several brand-new as well as interesting Pokémon in your hands, some of whom make your launching in the ready the very first time! Allow’s see why they really require it insect out!

If you want to get all the details you may require, you are exactly best with us. Allow’s take an appearance at what we can anticipate, what sort of study tasks what we can take part in as well as what you need to look ahead to if you make your method into the globe! Here is every little thing you require to know about the most up to date event!

pest out! Event in Pokemon GO-field research

  • Venomoth.
  • Assume .
  • Fortress.| sip **.

As well as if you go out and also master some additional challenges, make certain that you await it time-controlled research study event will certainly look after this. If you understand these difficulties, lots of excellent benefits await you!

If you confirm your skills as well as capture a great deal of beetle Pokémon, you need to make sure that you prepare Collection Difficulty This occurs during the occasion. If you finish this obstacle before the end of this event, you will receive 15,000 EP, in addition to a special bug-catcher pose for your character! If you wish to finish this challenge, you have to catch the following Pokémon:.

Pest out! Begin obstacle No. 1 Reward .
Cast 25 Pokémon of kind Beetle X25 Poké Balls.
Go 2 km Encounter with Beedrill.
Make 15 attractive throws X20 big balls.
Make 10 terrific tosses X10 ultra-baths.
Carry out 5 contour round throws X10 Pinap berry.
Usage 10 berries to catch Pokémon Encounter with Combee.
Last benefits Encounter with Shedinja, x1 lure component, 2500 XP.
Bug out! Start challenge No. 2 Reward .
Cast 25 Pokémon of type Beetle X25 Poké Balls.
Brood an egg out X3 gold razz berry.
Establish 2 beetle Pokémon Encounter with Grubbin.
Make 10 excellent tosses X20 large spheres.
Network 10 various sorts of Pokémon of kind beetle X50 Beedrill Huge energy.
Make snapshots of 5 various Wild Pokémon of type Beetle Encounter with Venipede.
Last rewards Encounter with Pinsir, X1000 Celebrity Dust, 2500 XP.
Pest out! Start obstacle No. 3 Reward .
Demand reward! Encounter with caterpie.
Demand reward! 1000 EP.
Request reward! Encounter with wormpl.
Demand reward! 1000 EP.
Demand reward! Encounter with Weedle.
Request reward! 1000 EP.
Final benefits X50 Huge Scizor Power, encounter with Scyther.

1-star raids.

  • Heels .| unidentified t .| Pineco .
  • Personal health .
  • By Jolti.

pest out! Collection obstacle & catch challenge.

Make certain you are prepared to go out right into the globe and Countering lots of Pokemon will aid, so make sure you are ready to utilize your everyday experience incense for your complete possibility! Reward for one of the Pokémon if you see your name in it Fat lettering You will have a chance shiny!

pest out! Spawn.

insect out! Bonus offers and also raids.

| Caterpie .| Weedle .
* I guess .| Spinarak .| Don’t shed .| Wurmple .
* Your bastarde.
* Cricketot.| Venipede
.| Karablas .
* By Jolti.| helmet
* Grubbin.
* Tauspinne.| Pineco .| Crusted .| dwebble **.

You have numerous chances of getting it into your hands if you want a certain Pokémon. Thanks to improved spawn prices like Event perk there is a best chance to get a great deal of it right into your hands shiny Pokémon also throughout this occasion!

  • Genesect (Cool Drive).

  • Caterpie.

  • Weedle.
  • Wurmple.
  • Grubbin.
  • Tauspinne.
  • By Jolti.
  • Karablas.
  • Headgear.
  • Silver.
  • Cascon.
  • Ariados.
  • Ledian.
  • Kricketune.
  • Charjabug.
  • Crusted.
  • Pineco.

If you are looking for superb technologies pest kind Pokemon, as well as don’t take treatment of things that are creepy, then the newest occasion in Pokémon Go will certainly be your following favored issue. Let’s take a look at what we can expect, what kind of study tasks what we can participate in and also what you have to look forward to if you make your method into the world! Make sure you are all set to go out into the world and Countering lots of Pokemon will certainly help, so make certain you are prepared to utilize your daily adventure incense for your full capacity! Reward for one of the Pokémon if you see your name in it Fat lettering You will have a chance shiny! If you finish this challenge before the end of this occasion, you will obtain 15,000 EP, as well as an unique bug-catcher present for your character!

See to it that you are gotten ready for whatever that this event needs to use you by looking by Pokemon Go Overview so you understand if you ought to obtain one Pokémon Goplus or * Auto-Catcher for this occasion, as well as the best devices for Pokemon Go . Ensure you prepare to get numerous new Pokémon, such as Z body treatment * Grubbin as well as even a glossy venipede!

  • 10. August.| Wurmple **.
  • 11. August.| Caterpie **.
  • 12. August.| Spinarak **.
  • 13. August.| Kricketot **.
  • 14.8.| Venipede **.
  • 15. August.| Weedle **.
  • 16.8.
  • I think .
    | Megascher **.

Job area study last reward

Cast 5 Pokémon | Encounter with caterpie or weedle .
Chants 10 Pokémon | Encounter with Venipede Dewpider or Wimpod.
Chants 15 Pokémon | Encounter with Burmy (plant, waste or sand) .
Incantations 10 beetle Pokémon | Encounter with Volbeat or Illumise .
Usage 10 berries to catch Pokémon | Encounter with Combee or Sewaddle.
Make 3 nice throws | Encounter with Venonat or Kricketot .
Make 3 stunning includes a row | Encounter with Silcoon or Cascoon.
Do 3 great tosses | Encounter with Grubbin.
Make 3 terrific includes a row | Encounter with Paras or Dwebble .
Make 2 superb throws | Encounter with ninada .
Make snapshots of 3 various beetle Pokémon you have actually captured | Encounter with Great lady, yanma or spinach .
Exchange a Pokémon | Encounter with Karrablast or Shelmet .

3-star raids.

You likewise get the possibility to generate significant quantities of Pokémon on specific days if you and your close friends are hardworking as well as job via these raids with each other. After you have collaborated as well as defeated a health club, new Pokémon shows up outside, so you have numerous opportunities of getting back at more Pokémon of the kind beetle, with a lot of them shiny possibilities, as well!

If you wish to deal with buddies to get rid of some huge, bad bugs, you can test your power in several raids! This will help you even more than one regard if you make certain you are willing and also ready to bring these Pokémon down.


5-star raids.

Tips for organizing a successful campus on Two Point campus

Two Point Campus is a game for you if you want to build your dream university. You start from scratch and fall into the list of best universities. However, successfully control the campus and manage it is not an easy task for someone who probably never controlled the entire campus on his own. This is where the tips that we collected for you will help you in managing a well-planned campus in the Two Point campus.

Tips and recommendations for Two Point campus

This leadership will help you build and launch a successful campus on Two Point Campus, providing several useful tips for better management.


Most players will ultimately build several camps in the 2 Point campus at once. The construction of several campuses will simultaneously create a load on your budget and will affect the quality of your campuses. You need to provide your students with such rooms as lecture halls, classes, laboratories, bathrooms, libraries and rooms in a hostel.

If you decide to create several campuses, you cannot provide the necessary conditions, and your campus will fail.

The best option is to start slowly. Make sure that every campus that you have is perfect and provides all amenities. The better the conditions you offer, the higher you can charge a fee from your students and the more you will have a budget for further growth.

update and research

Times are always changing, and new competitors will always rebel against you. So what you need to do is update your campus and equipment. Even if you have a huge campus, it costs nothing if it is empty or full of obsolete things.

Update your campus. Update classes. Update the chairs, improve the tables, improve everything that can be improved in 2 Point Campus.

However, in order to unlock new technologies to improve your campus, you first need to explore objects. You need to hire at least one professor with research skills. You can choose what you want to explore, and the professor will begin to work on the study.

As soon as the study is completed, you can update your equipment and make your campus much better than it is.

Treat students as students

Know that your students are students, not your VIP guests. Your real customers on Two Point Campus are paid parents. Therefore, do not waste too many resources on the construction of a campus, where you are struggling to provide too much confidentiality for students.


You can easily save on a hostel and settle your students in a hostel or even completely miss the opportunity to make a hostel in general. Your students will be happy to wander around the campus throughout the day. Nevertheless, one thing on which you should not save is campus and classes. You must make sure that you are constantly involved in all your students.

Even if students have no classes, they need to do something. You need to make a dining room, game rooms and parks so that your students can feel comfortable. If your campus is not good enough, your students will decide to leave your institute, but for you this is a huge no.

make your campus attractive

As in real life, people who want to study at your university will visit your campus and evaluate the campus depending on its beauty. The best way to attract more students to your university is to make it attractive to new visitors.

Place several posters, benches, statues, plants and even fountains to make your campus more attractive and preferable for your potential students. You can check your list of informative visualization to check which areas of your university town are beautiful and which is painful to pain.

hire competent staff

Personnel is a huge factor that determines the value of your university. The better you have the staff, the better they will teach and the higher the rating of your university.

Now that you start, all your employees will have only one skill point, and you will need to train them. This is an expensive and laborious process. However, as you advanced, you can hire much the best employees for your university.

Thus, you should always consider the possibility of re-hiring teachers. You can find the best teachers with the best skills for you, so you will not have to spend resources on training your existing teachers.

On the other hand, if you cannot find a new teacher and have already invested funds in one, do not waste it in vain. Change only if you find the best option or work on what you have.

Then you want your experts to take the posts for which they are trained. You may need additional staff, and you decide to hire either too qualified or insufficiently qualified personnel for your work. You do not want a medical student to manage your tent with Ramen or throw a school as an assistant professor at your university. Always make sure that the person you hire is enough qualified for work, and not higher or lower.

Knit your faculty

You can check the mood, happiness, activity and level of energy. This is important, since teachers with a low moral spirit will not give the desired results. The provision of entertainment will increase the morale and will keep your students and employees in good shape and fresh.

Furniture, such as social tables and water coolers, will contribute to friendship and increase the effectiveness of your students.

Additional classes

Students of your universities in the Two Point campus not only learn, but also make a career. Never forget about it. Give your students the opportunity to work in this area as a student.

For example, if you offer music classes, allow students or even invite them to make an open microph1. This will not only increase the interest and moral spirit of your students, but will also work as free advertising, and you will also receive XP for such actions.

Use your summer holidays

Summer holidays are important. They give you time to make changes in your campuses in the Two Point campus. You can change the layout, build new buildings, import new equipment and change classes. You can view your budget and decide what you will do in the next academic year, what changes you need to make or what your goal will be for the next year.

Always try to use vacation in the best way. If you are not ready, you can postpone the beginning of the school year. The postponement of the school year will allow you to make sure that your campus is in excellent condition before you start the school year.

Adam Dwigala fails with an ankle injury

Bitter message for Adam Dwigala: The main defender of FC St. Pauli experienced an ankle injury, which the Kiez Bitter messages announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The pole had only been substituted in the 79th minute in the away video game at 1. FC Kaiserslautern (1: 2).
The short-term job of Dwigalas ended sadly.
According to the association, he will certainly be missing a few weeks because he had rammed Kevin-Prince Redondo in the charge area right away after his replacement in the 80th min.
Dwigala proceeded up until the end.
In the following video game of the Hamburgers, it will now be missing out on.
St. Pauli promoted Magdeburg receives on Sunday (1.30 p.m., live! At Bitter message).
After two video games without a win, a threesome needs to be discovered for the twelfth in the table.

Batgirl: The movie received the same note as Shazam 2 during the projo

** According to The Hollywood Reporter, this choice would return to David Zaslav that would not have actually gotten in touch with Walter Hamada, the head of state of DC Movies, who almost surrendered following this tale. Evidence that David Zaslav plainly wants to clean up in the DC Cosmos as well as provide him an actual standard, like Kevin Feige at Wonder Studios, as he likewise discussed.


The unexpected cancellation of the Batgirl film has actually surprised a great deal of people, both the public and the globe of cinema. An extreme choice for Warner Bros Discovery who desires to reboot the DC Cosmos by devoting films to high manufacturing and exceptional quality. If David Zaslav (the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery) was very clear in his words, he did not want to expand on the Batgirl topic, favoring to talk of the future of DC in a favorable means. According to some rumors, this cancellation was taken adhering to the supposed tragic returns of examination estimates. Nevertheless, according to the indiscretions of The Hollywood Press Reporter, Batgirl would have completed with a note of 60%. It is definitely not a dythirambic note, however as a contrast, still at DC Comics, Shazam 2 got the very same note throughout projo-tests.

Saints Row: Building the Boss of the Week & wins an exclusive T

This article was created in cooperation with Plaion.

The Saints Row Boss Factory is the free standalone character editor for Saints Row. Here you can let off steam with countless design options and already put your figure on your figure, with which you can then make the new edition of the weird open world action game unsafe on PC and consoles from August 23.

And that’s not all: Together with publisher Plaion, we are looking for the most creative and creepiest Boss of the week-and are giving away exclusive prices!

In this article you can find out:

  • How you build the boss of the week
  • What you can win with your character
  • Where you get the Saints Row Boss Factory

Pre-order Saints Row now from MediaMarkt

Character-Editor Deluxe: This can be the Saints Row Boss Factory

The character generator from the Saints-Row series is notorious for infinite possibilities. Here you can really tweak and adapt every facet of your character at will. This is no different in the new Boss Factory: The free program lets you go crazy when designing the character, even before the new Saints Row on August 23rd its release on PC, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S celebrates.

#Bossderwoche: This is how the Saints-Row competition works

In keeping with the Boss Factory, Plaion is holding a competition campaign: every week the publisher is looking for a new so-called Boss of the Week on a specific topic. This boss must be created in the Boss Factory and should of course look as impressive as possible. A winner is chosen from all submissions, who can then look forward to an exclusive goodie: a Saints-Row shirt in which you can have a say in labeling, design and color.

The topic of the current #Bossderwoche Challenge is powered by Row and reads: Famous horror characters (valid from 08.08.-08.08.)

On the conditions of participation of the competition

_IR needs inspiration? On our YouTube channel you will find a lot of videos on the subject of horror from film, television and gaming! _

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And so you participate in the competition:

  • Download the Saints Row Boss Factory
  • Creates a character on the topic of the current week
    Posts a screenshot of the character with the hashtag #bossderwoche * on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

The winner is then informed and can then design his personalized shirt. Only in the Row Week from 08.08.-14.08. There is also not only one winner: place 2 and 3 do not go away empty-handed, because you also have the chance of two more T-shirts for Saints Row.

Download ## Boss Factory: Here you get the Saints-Row character editor

The Boss Factory for Saints Row is available for free download on all platforms.

  • The program is available for the PC via the Epic Games Store
  • If you play on PlayStation, you get the version for PS4 and PS5 in the PSN store
  • If you have an Xbox, get the Saints Row Boss Factory in the Xbox store

We hope you enjoy tinkering and good luck!

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Samurai Spirits Rollback Service implementation is announced in online matches! Scheduled to be implemented in 2023


SNK announced that in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, in 2023, to realize comfortable online matches in the Kenmurai Spirits in the sword fighting fighting game Samurai Spirits **.

The roll-back method is a method in which the game side uses future prediction to make the communication delay in the Internet competition feel smaller. If the environment of the frame-by-one battle in fighting games, and the number of actions that both sides will take out, the next player’s hand can be predicted with a fairly high accuracy, so look ahead of the player’s movement. You can draw smoothly. However, if the communication situation is bad, there is also a drawback that the chipping of the movement due to the rewind (rollback) that occurs when it is out of the prediction becomes noticeable.

Please see this commentary for detailed mechanisms in the rollback method.

The platform eligible for this update is PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam/Epic Games Store), and Nintendo Switch/Stadia is not eligible. The specific date and time is unknown at this time, but it seems that the guidance will be given again.

Ubisoft belongs to a big degree soon Chinese mega

Just how long will the Guillemot family still specify the direction of Ubisoft? Mostly all year round, there were constantly indicators that the struck French publisher could be taken control of by an even bigger company **. Currently the Reuters news company records that the Chinese huge group Tencent might have an interest in Ubisoft.


What plans Tencent?

5 percent of Ubisoft’s shares have gone to Tencent since 2018. According to four confidential sources, the Chinese intend to be the largest investor in Ubisoft in the direct future. In this method, you could dramatically establish the future of the publisher without having to get the entire firm as soon as possible. According to the resources, Tencent agrees to pay even more than $ 100 per share, which is greater than two times as much as the existing worth of the Ubisoft share.

Reuters remains to report that Tencent likewise has the participations of the Guillemot family. CEO Yves Guillemot and Co. still belong to 15 percent of the firm. Reuters remains to report that Tencent managers are stated to have seen the Guillemot family in May to detail what a feasible bargain would certainly look like.

Tencent’s influence on the West

It is not the first time that those liable for the Tencent desire to increase their influence on western companies. Funcom (Conan Exiles), Trouble Games (Organization of Legends) and also Digital Extremes (Warframe) belong to Tencent.

Tencent also has the foot in the door at Activision Blizzard, Mystery, Snapchat, Spotify, Tesla, Dontnod and some more. The coworkers of the PC Games launched a wonderful video clip concerning Tencent in February, in which you can learn a lot even more details. Looked in:

Because Ubisoft has not yet reacted to the most recent reports, it is uncertain whether the large shopping tour of Tencent in the Ubisoft share nation is. Incidentally, the author had lately recepted various projects at a very early phase ** to saveexpenses for potential threat jobs and also to prepare for economic uncertainties _.

To house web page

Five percent of Ubisoft’s shares have actually been at Tencent because 2018. According to the resources, Tencent is prepared to pay more than $ 100 per share, which is much more than two times as much as the existing worth of the Ubisoft share.

Reuters proceeds to report that Tencent supervisors are claimed to have actually checked out the Guillemot family in May to detail what a feasible deal would look like.

Currently the Reuters information firm records that the Chinese huge group Tencent may be interested in Ubisoft.

Karsten Scholz

Dc wants to be like Marvel Studios: 10 -year plan with Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman

The surprising cancellation of Batgirl still resonates with rumble when the film wfuture already shot with an expense of 90 million dollars. Since this information hfuture begun to come to light, many have been the questions about what will happen to HBO Max future a platform. It hfuture now been confirmed that is restructured future a new service merged with Discovery+. Be that future it may, the future of DC is linked to the cinema. David Zfuturelav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, hfuture confirmed his intention to turn DC into a kind of Marvel Studios.

We have made a restart, we have structured the business, said the manager. There will be a team with a 10-year plan focused only on DC. It is very similar to the structure that Alan Horne and Bob Iger launched very effectively with Kevin Feige and Disney . The head of the company hfuture mentioned traditional superheroes such future Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Aquaman, global brands that intend to reinforce in the future.

Quality above quantity

According to David Zfuturelav, they believe they can build a business with a more sustainable growth model outside DC. future part of that, we are going to focus on quality and we are not going to relefuturee any movie before it is finished . The focus will be how to make each of these films, in general, in the best possible way. According to his words, DC is something that can make better.

Zfuturelav emphfutureizes that they have several promising titles in portfolio, products such future Black Adam, Shazam or Flfutureh: We are working on all of them, We have seen them and we believe they are great , but we can make them even better. The new Warner Bros. Pictures team composed of Mike De Luca, Pam Abdy is working precisely on that line.

After the cancellation of Batgirl, to see how these plans develop. There are still issues to solve future the future of films such future Supergirl , which at the moment continues.

Lady Gaga is already confirmed for Joker’s sequel and the second sefutureon of Peacemaker is safe, according to James Gunn.

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