Grid Legends

Grid Legends Game appears in February pre order possible

Code masters and Electronic Arts give February 25, 2022, as the official release date for GRID Legends known. The action-packed racing game will offer a wide variety of game modes, including an extensive career mode with over 250 events, the story mode Driven to Glory, the return of drift and elimination race and the new Electric Boost race.

Drivers of all skill levels can now set the start behind the wheel of more than 100 vehicles to drive on classic tracks and at known locations throughout the world races and thanks to the hop in features in seconds in the cross-platform multiplayer with friends and rivals associate.

GRID Legends is next PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam and Origin) for Xbox Series X | be available S and PlayStation. 5 Pre-orders the Deluxe or Standard Edition will receive the exclusive content of the Seneca & Rave West -Doppelpacks.

GRID Legends offers more gameplay possibilities than any previous GRID titles, including the return of the desired by the community drift mode and the popular fans’ elimination race in which all the pressure on the shoulders of the driver loaded at the end of the field and where excrete periodically driver, until only one remains.

The new Race Creator allows the player according to your wishes multi-class matches to organize, where meet different vehicle types. So unique racing moments that can be further personalized by changing the weather conditions and time of day, and adding ramps or boost portals arise in any race.

Driven to Glory is throwing a realistic motorsport history, the players at the deep end, while the teams in the GRID World Series against each other. Driven to Glory was developed with the help of virtual production technology and with the participation of the award-winning actor Cut Fatwa.

Through the use of real actors instead of the motion capture process and thanks to the mixing of film sequences and racing challenges, the story comes to life. After the finale of the act of progress is in the career mode on and opened a series of new events.

GRID Legends features an improved multiplayer system that provides the race and getting together with friends in the center of the experience. The game not only supports cross-platform gameplay but informs about when players are online and enables the start of a race with only three short keystrokes.

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!

Waiting for a friend request and waiting in lobbies come to an end — Race start almost immediately after they were selected.

Now that the start date is set, the studio our most extensive GRID game adds the finishing touches, said Chris Smith, GRID game director at Code masters. GRID Legends is an action-racing game with uncomplicated game entry, focused on variety and choice. It keeps an extensive career mode, a new innovative story mode and a Race Creator willing allowing the player to make use of extensive customization capabilities race just as they imagine. Our new hop in gameplay also makes it possible to spend in seconds to connect and more time on the track and less time in lobbies.

GRID Legends advance

GRID Legends Standard Edition — 69.99 Euros
GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition — 89.99 Euros

Pre-order get the GRID Legends Seneca & Rave West-double. This content is available from the publication and switches four additional vehicles for career events free: Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962, Ginette G55 GT4 and Königsberg Jesus.

In addition, the package exclusive Rave West career events and exclusive Seneca and Rave West team symbols -Lackierungen and banners can be designed to adjust the vehicles and put online on display contains.

Update: It was also known that provides GRID Legends the following features:

Online Multiplayer (2-22)
Xbox — Multiplayer across platforms
4K Ultra HD
Single Player
Intergenerational multiplayer on Xbox Live
60 fps +
120 fps
Dolby Atmos
Optimized for Xbox Series X | S
Intelligent transmission

Here is the official gameplay trailer to see:

City Car Driving

Grid Legends Pisa the accelerator with a spectacular gameplay and date its launch

There is no doubt that CREMASTERS has a gift for the creation of driving games, but the developer wants to reiterate this idea once more with Grid Legends. This title, who will fall in love fans of speed, is preparing for its official launch and, therefore, raises the expectations of its audience with a gameplay that allows you to experience briefly the sensations it transmits.

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!

Grid Legends will be available as of February 25, 2022 Grid Legends aims that we can enjoy the unpredictability of the road on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series from February 25, 2022, as the title core resides at all times that break the monotony in driving games. In this sense, developers prepare dozens of possibilities with which to surprise us, such as a car that advances us above our heads or the risk of going to the wheel without just visibility.

CREMASTERS will get these anecdotes put our edge nerves thanks to the different personalities of the IA, which can behave ambitiously or even aggressive towards the player. In addition, the experience wants to go further and allow the use of a wide variety of vehicles in more than 130 different routes, which will take us to try combinations like a car race-prototype along the network circuit Bull Ring, for example.

With Grid Legends, developers want to explore new slopes in the driving world, because they have a great experience behind them with titles such as F1 2021 or the different deliveries of the DIRT franchise. Also, following with this last saga, his proposal has always managed to dazzle conduct lovers, because Dirt Rally 2.0 managed to overcome 9 million players, a figure Nothing disdainable.

Grand Prix

Hamilton criticizes human rights situation in Saudi

Hamilton pushed his discomfort from the Grand Prix against the background of the much criticized human rights situation in Saudi Arabia. It’s not my decision to be here. Sport has made the decision to be here, said socially and politically committed Mercedes pilot on Thursday before the Formula 1 premiere in the conservative kingdom.

Hamilton was asked if the motor sports royal campaign for more variety ( We Race As One ) does not counteract the race in Edda. I can not do that as if I had the deepest understanding of someone who grew up here in a community and affected by certain rules, Hamilton explained. He was welcomed in the country. Nevertheless, I consider it our duty to strengthen awareness of certain issues, especially human rights.

Hamilton calls for Qatar and Saudi Arabia to be scrutinised over human rights issues| Formula 1 News
Hamilton will wear his new helmet in rainbow paint in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi in the last two years of season race in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. The 36-year-old wants that
Support LGBTQIA + community on the Arabian Peninsula.

LGBT is the English abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. Often the variants LGBTQ, LGBTQI or LGBTQIA + are also used. Each letter stands for its own sex identity or sexual orientation.

If everyone wants to take the time to read what the law means for the LGBTQ + community, that’s pretty frightening, criticized Hamilton and stressed: It has to change a lot, and our sport has to do more.

Vettel organizes action for women

Hamilton’s competitor Sebastian Vettel directed his own small driving project for women in Saudi Arabia. The four-time world champion organized a karting event. I tried to pass on some of my experience in life and on the route to do something that strengthens her self-confidence, the Aston-Martin pilot reported on Thursday before the premiere at the city course in the port city of Edda. Vettel described the event as inspiring.

Only since the summer of 2018 women in the Islamic-conservative kingdom may become the tax. One year earlier, the historic step had been announced. Saudi Arabia was the last country worldwide in which women were not allowed to drive car.

Obelix Slap

Asterix Obelix SLAP THEM ALL Charming beating orgy with little variety

We are in the pre-Christmas time of the year 2021 AD. The whole video game market is occupied by Triple-A-Blockbustern… the whole video game market? No! The indomitable Indie-Publisher Microids does not stop to resist the large manufacturers. After Marsupials: Hoobadventure and the Smurfs: Mission leafiest bring the French now another small license game on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! (Buy Now €39.99) is a classic 2D Brawler, who is intended to capture the charm of the comics created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. So we have beaten through thousands of Romans, bandits and pirates to determine if the title is so little fun as the procurement of the pass sign A-38, or whether the game is so flower white and brightly presents that you could accept, It was washed with Olympics — the plasticizer of the gods -.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! In the test

  1. Page 1asterix & Felix Slap Them All!: The charming Brawler in the test
  2. 1.1 owl fans and ear grouse
  3. Page 2asterix & Felix Slap Them All!: Conclusion and rating
  4. 2nd equalized gameplay
  5. 2.2Mass clearance
    3rd page 3 picture gallery for Aster ix & Felix Slap Them All!: The charming Brawler in the…

Eyes and ear grouse

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! Of course, turn around the title heroes. But that could probably think of even people who hold the wild boar in peppermint sauce for a delicacy and whose Crisis lukewarm is. Instead of having only one of the many adventures from Aster ix and his best friend Felix to be experienced or even writing a completely new story, the developers of Mr. Put Studios decided to pick up several stories to pick up the indomitable dallier.

The boss fights are a bit disappointing. Here too, dull clops enough. Source: PC Games In the course of the 50 missions, it takes us, among other things, in Roman camps, to Britain, Corsica, Spain and Egypt. We also meet well-known figures like Pepe, Tea fax or Numerous and of course other popular galleries like Miracle, Majestic or Methuselah. However, the stories are only very shortened and told in still pictures. A narrator moderates new stages quasi, but otherwise the stories are internment.

Well-known jobs from the comics and films such as the rugby game in Continuum are even completely omitted. That’s damn a pity, because optically is slap Them all! An absolute force and will let the heart of each Aster ix fan raise than a kiss of village beauty Cabala. Characters, scenes and animations were completely hand drawn by hand to capture the style of comics. That succeeds very well. It really feels like you would control the two dallier through the panels. If ASTERIA drinks a swallow potion or the small Prefix squeezes in addition to master Felix, while this is just a few juicy baking pipes, then you sit as a fan of the template with a wide grin in front of the screen.

The visual style and the strongly shortened post-counting of well-known Aster ix comics and popular figures are nice fan service, but we would have just wished for the implementation of some stories a bit more. Finally, the Game Boy Game Aster ix & Felix in 1995 already got, key scenes of the template, such as the rugby game or the tower of Continuum, beautifully integrated into the gameplay and thus ensure variety. With Felix you can beat the Romans back and forth. The charm of the comic template is therefore well captured. Source: PC Games Even with the language samples, a little more variance would have been nice. For example, if Aster ix, for example, felt eight hundred thousand times happy a free trip with the carousel! When he throws a Roman throwing, we actually treat that sympathetic Dallier a private concert of Bard Roubaix and a lot of stinking fish from Gestalt.

From Christian Degree
02.12.2021 at 15:00



1 2 3 Aster ix & Felix Slap Them All!: The charming Brawler in the test Aster ix & Felix Slap Them All!: Conclusion and rating Image gallery for Aster ix & Felix Slap Them All!: The charming Brawler in the test

HuniePop 2: Double Date

Grid Legends First Gameplay and Release

Although it has been known since the announcement in the summer that the new racing game Grid Legends should appear during the next year. There is no concrete release date yet. However, that will be changing soon, because Code masters and Electronic Arts are organizing a developer livestream this week.

Gameplay to Grid Legends

As Code masters announced in a tweet, the starting signal for the stream falls on 3 December 2021 and thus tomorrow. To 17: 00 pm German time should start, then everything revolves around the racing game Grid Legends. The stream takes place in the official YouTube channel.

Release date of Grid Legends

According to developers, it will the first presentation of Gameplay material from Grid Legends (Buy Now €79.99). Accordingly, you can finally throw a closer look at the rapid gameplay and thus can give you a first impression of the racer.

Furthermore, Code masters wants to announce some new details of the content and the individual features, which is likely to give you a better overview of what awaits you at Grid Legends so everything. Also to the individual cars, the locations and the In game events, there will be tangible information.

In addition, the announcement of the concrete release date is on the program. From tomorrow, you therefore know exactly what date you have to paint in the calendar in the calendar. Maybe there is even a new trailer to see you can lead to your rest after the end of the stream in peace.

Source: Code masters

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Grid Legends: Comeback of the Nemesis system confirmed

With the release of the racing GRID, the well-known Nemesis system will celebrate its comeback. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!
Grid Legends: racing game with lush story mode announced

Electronic Arts and Code masters have announced the new racing game Grid Legends at EA Play Live.

Grid Legends: The new racing game of Code masters in the trailer

Image gallery (Enlarge view for sources)

From André left
02.12.2021 at 13:15

Gromery Brawami

Young woman sorceress Summonerka The new class came to Maple Story

GROCERY GRAHAM, let’s welcome the ladle — a new playable class that came to Maple Story with ~~ yesterday’s patch.

My Top 5 Favorite Classes | MapleStory | GMS

Lara is a young woman with a small, isolated village, which for the first time sets out into the world to meet the prophecy of his people. A young Lara has long been friends with cheerful and friendly ghosts that wander around Near. When he travels the city full of thieves, bandits, cheaters, poor and exploited, will he get involved among his dangers… or her clean heart will get the best of those who encounter?

Let me do intricate you a tasty description of this character. Lara is a powerful fairy who, with the help of his merry and friendly of the drugs, does a bloody pulp from opponents. Lara to DPS, but also support, because some of its skills are a defensive character consisting in reducing injury and team protection.

The first wand of Mary is a wand and another ornament.

In Maple Story you will play here.

Halo Infinite

These are the 12 new games that enter Xbox Game Pass in December Starkew Valley AMONG US and more

Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter game collection, whose specific components of Bungee, 343 Industries and the ensemble studios for Microsoft Games, today Xbox Game Studios were established.

The month of December brings with him an intense cold, the perfect excuse to stay at home playing video games. And Xbox makes us facilitated this idea, expanding its Xbox Game Pass catalog even more, which this time brings us up to 12 new games with which any player can entertain for the next few days.

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games between them, we find titles well known and admired by the community as Star dew Valley, which last September achieved a new milestone in sales, or the Among World Phantom US, whose success has allowed the introduction of all types of updates. Of course, this list emphasizes especially the already announced Halo Infinite, which has already available its multiplayer mode and prepares to premiere your campaign on December 8. Beyond this, Microsoft also includes experiences in their catalog that will surprise and, of course, have fun through their various proposals, as they encompass from the most everyday simulators and even the fantastic strategy.

So do not hesitate to consult the following list where we detail the 12 games that add to Xbox Game Pass to know everything you expect at the time of December.

Low of Xbox Game Pass

Coming to Xbox Game Pass Early December 2021

Microsoft has also shared a list with video games that will leave Xbox Game Pass shortly, in this case the December 15.

People Playground

Forza Horizon 5 Puts the North Korean leader in his car and expel him for 8 000 years

No one can know what the world will be within 8,000 years, but what is clear is that none of us will be there to discover it. That is the penalty that they have established for a forza Horizon 5 player, who will not be able to enjoy the game with his account permanently. According to a REDDIT thread, the customization of one of the cars hPlayground Games not had to like content moderators too much.

Forza Horizon 5 - INSANE MONEY GLITCH! | Buy ANY Car!
My friend hPlayground Games told me that he hPlayground Games received an expulsion of 8,000 years due to one of him. It seems that Turn 10 does not like jokes or something. He hPlayground Games never received any warning before expulsion either, this is the first banned of him, he had never been expelled so far. The image of the vehicle, which you can see in this same news, includes the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) logos and the North Korean dictator face, Kimono a.

You may be interested: Analysis of Fora Horizon 5

The rePlayground Gamesons have not been made public, but they are intuited

The user emphPlayground Gamesizes that Playground Games hPlayground Games not had anything to do with expulsion, since it is the Turn 10 safety equipment (the study of the Saga more focused on simulation) that takes care of these issues. At the moment, neither Microsoft nor its studies have clarified the rePlayground Gamesons for this decision, although it is to Playground Gamessume that the appearance of North Korea’s president in the car body hPlayground Games been able to do much to see.

Fora Horizon 5 is a game that implements numerous personalization options, so it is possible modify the pilot and cars. One of the complaints that have been heard since the launch is that the system of moderation censures certain Arabic names, a situation of which the study is conscious, so they have promised to correct it in the future.

The game is available both in the new and in the previous generation of Microsoft consoles, that is, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Playground Games well Playground Games in PC. It is also part of the Xbox Game PPlayground Gamess catalog.


The new joke of the legacy of Hogwarts has excited Harry Potter fans

Warner Bros. Enjoyment (formerly Warner Brothers; frequently just Detector Bros., abbreviated WB) is an American film as well as television business as well as among 7 independent business within the WarnerMedia Group. The firm is one of the supposed Major workshops, one of the most lately six (currently five, after the purchase of 20th Century Fox by the Walt Disney Team) the biggest film companies in the USA. The company’s seat is Burbank in the United States state of California.

It has been 14 months since from Hogwarts was announced, and 10 months since it was delayed from 2021 to 2022. Since January 13, when this delay was announced, we have not seen the HARRY POTTER game, but according to a new rumor, that It is about to change. Leading to Twitter, industry filtering «Millie A, best known for leaks Lorenzo de Marvel before it was announced, she transmitted the news that the next progress of the game is ready and waiting for Warner Bros..

The filter continued to point out that WB Games is concerned about more JK [Rowling] reaction of the media, however, also understand that this reaction is inevitable. That said, apparently, the mood on the new trailer is hesitant and worried as a result.

While WB Games is concerned about public relations, this is not a concern that fans should share. In the answers, the fans are already beginning to be excited to see more of the game, hoping that they give the head at The Game Awards on December 9, which is rumored to do. That said, meanwhile, take everything here with a grain of salt, since not only everything here is not official, but that it is pending and, therefore, subject to change.

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

Hogwarts Legal and is scheduled to launch around the world at some point of 2022 through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Next, you can read more about the game:

« Legato de Hogwarts is an open world immersive action role set in the world presented for the first time at the HARRY POTTER BOOKS, it is read at an official launch of the game. Now you can take control of the action and be in the center of your own adventure in the magical world. Embark on a trip through family and new places while exploring and discover fantastic beasts, personalizes your character and elaborate potions, dominates the launch of spells, talent improvements and become the wizard you want to be.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. Tyler Fischer To talk about everything related to games. Are you excited about the new? Harry Potter Game?

December Games

Animal Crossing Christmas The perfect preparation for the toy day 2021

In December, Animal Crossing is throwing: New Horizons also 2021 all ambitions to be a cozy game to relax overboard. Because if you really want everything, then you have to track a tight schedule and play every day. All this awaits you until December 24 and the Toy Day as the main event.

All events and the most important times at a glance

At four different times there are new events in December to buy items to find craft instructions and much more. We show you an overview of what you can experience when.

Buy Toys in Nooks (from 1 December)
New clothes in tailor shop (from 1 December)
Snow on the island and snowflakes collect (from December 11)
Snowman perfectly assemble (from 11 December)
Collect tree ornaments & find festive instructions (from 15 December)
The toy day as a big final (only on 24th of December)

That can you experience from 1 December

Toys in Nooks load

Nooks download shines in December in Christmas. In addition, in the seasonal corner below, a toy is offered every day, which you need for the toy day. There are a total of nine different item categories in several colors:

Sheet metal robot
Dinosaur Toy
Dog plush toy
Pop-up books
RC helicopter
Toy racetrack

There is always only one item per day, which is why you should look in the store daily to have enough toys on 24th December. Since you can buy more from the same specimen, it is also possible to go to islands of friends. So you can buy several toys every day.

How the multiplayer works, do you read here :

2 0

more on the subject

Animal Crossing New Horizons Multiplayer, visit friends, Dodo codes

New clothes in tailor shop

With the start in the December you can also dress for you. But you should visit the tailor shop and buy new clothes, such as the knit swells, caps or Christmas tree dresses.

Santa Claus clothes : These are the most important clothes during this time. Because you urgently need them for the 24th of December. Only if you attract this, you can also start the toy day event. So keep your eyes open. However, you can also get you on 24th December in your tailor shop if you have not bought you until then.

All this can be experienced from the 11th of December

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Toy Day FULL GUIDE (Tips & Tricks, New Items & More)
Spires on your island and collect snowflakes

The 11th of December starts with a surprise. Because your entire island is coated by a white splendor and finally starts in the snow season.

How long does the season last? You can collect the surrounding snowflakes from 11 December 2021 to February 24, 20222 and get the craft recipes by balloons or residents.

All craft recipes and more we summarize for you here :

more on the subject

Snowflake season in Animal Crossing: All Info & Recipes

Schlemiel perfectly assemble

On the 11th of December there is next to the snow but also another activity. You can find snowballs on your island, which can roll up to a snowman.

Until when can you build snowmen? Just like the snow season, this event will take place from 11 December 2021 to 24 February 2022.

As you perfectly assemble the snowman Schlemiel to get craft recipes, we’ll show you here:

more on the subject

Animal Crossing: Snowman Schlemiel perfectly build & giant flakes

New festive season starts on 15 December

The event marathon continues with the festive season from 15 December 2021 to 06. January 2022.

Collecting tree ornaments: Suitable for Christmas are now a few of your fir trees on the island with colorful lights. Shake it at this, then sometimes tree decoration falls down in different colors. You can use this for craft instructions. What else there is during the festive season, you read here:

0 1

more on the subject

Festive Season in Animal Crossing: Collecting Tree Ornaments & Recipes

The toy day is only on the 24th of December

December finds his big final on 24th December 2021, because then Christmas or the toy day takes place in Animal Crossing.

When is it going? The event for Christmas really only takes place in one day. On Christmas Eve you can meet from 5 o’clock to 4:59 in the following day on the Reindeer Chris. Prerequisite for the event is that you have already expanded the service center. So you just start with the game, then you can not participate in the toy day.

All rewards that you can only receive on this day by Chris :

4 0

More on the subject Toy Tag only today in Animal Crossing: Everything about wrapping paper, rewards & more Discover more : The December is not over. In our entire monthly overview, we’ll show you what else to discover everything it has on New Year’s Eve and who celebrates your own in your resident birthday. Do you take part in the festivities in Animal Crossing this time or are you missing great innovations?