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All free games you can get this month (September 2022)

Looking for a complete list of free games that you can get this month ? Do not look for anymore, since we will take a look at all the free games that will be launched on the main platforms such as Game Pass and PS Plus, along with some of the next free games for PC and mobile devices.

All free games you can get in September 2022

As indicated above, we will analyze the following platforms and services for all free games that will be available this month:

  • Xbox game pass
  • Xbox games with gold
  • Ps plus
  • first game
  • Epic game store
  • Free games on Steam and mobile devices

In addition to free releases for PC and mobile devices, the rest of these titles will have a time limit, which means that you can only claim them this month before the agreement expires. So, if you are signed to Game Pass, PS Plus or Prime, be sure to claim them quickly before losing this opportunity.

Xbox games with gold

The gods will fall *
Double kick heroes
* Portal 2

There are not many attractive offers here if we are honest, but if you are a Gold subscriber and, for some reason, you have not yet played portal 2, play portal 2. With iconic characters such as Glados and the Cube, and a lot of funny and unique puzzles To solve, there is much to wait here.

Gods Will Fall is also at stake, which is a quite decent Roguelike Hack-Y-Sash that will help you spend time.

Xbox games pass

Grid Legends *
Valley of Light of Disney Dreams
Sim World Train 3

You stink in parking *
Exterior Commodines
Ranchero Limo 2 *
Earth connected
Lunar cars

On the other hand, the other great Microsoft subscription service continues to offer some of the best values you can get in the games at this time.

This month will be added a pair of anticipated access successes such as Disney Dreamlight Valley and Slime Rancher 2, and Grouted will finally obtain its 1.0 version. Outer Wilds and Grid Legends will also be added to the catalog, so it is Game Pass subscriber, it is practically ready for the month.

PS Plus

Heat speed need *
GranBlue Fantasy: versus
Death loop *
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Guardians 2
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 *
Spiritfarer: farewell edition
Achicoria: a colorful story
Monster Energy Supercross-The official video game *
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
Rabbids Invasion: The interactive television program
Rayman Legends *
Siphon filter 2
The Astuta Collection *
SLY Cooper: Thieves in time
Bentley Hackpack
* Toy Story 3
* Kingdom of paradise

July 2022 also seems a fairly decent month for PS Plus subscribers, but with a great warning: regular level members will only get Need for Speed, GranBlue Fantasy and Toem. The rest of the games are for extra and premium members.

That said, those extra and premium offers are extremely attractive. We have Deathloop, Watch Dogs 2 and even Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition. Those are all very solid games that are worth playing if you haven’t done it yet.

first game

Assassin’s Creed Origins *
Football Manager 2022
Middle Earth: Shades of Mordor
* The excavation
defend the tower *
We, the revolution
Word of the law: Mortuoria mask

Prime Gaming has some interesting selections here for all kinds of players. Fishing: If you are not a member of PS Plus Extra, but you have a prime subscription, you can get hooked to AC: Origins here.

There are a couple of other high-profile games such as Shadow of Mordor, as well as some prominent independent such as Defend The Rook.

Epic game store

Shadow of Tomb Raider *
Submerged: hidden depths
One hundred days-Wine Preparation Simulator

Epic Games Store has also been improving its game in terms of monthly free offers. By September 2022, some notable releases include Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Hundred Days.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in particular, will not remain free for a long time. You will have until September 8 to exchange it, so make sure you get it while you can.

Free games on Steam

As always, there are a lot of free games that are constantly thrown in Steam, but we have selected some of the most prominent here:

Instant war (July 8) *
Duck paradox (July 8)
Burning Requiem: Destinations (July 2022)
* Barista: To carry (July 2022)

Despite its extremely bland title, Instant War seems to be a great very decent 4x strategy game that will definitely attract civilization fans, Humankind and early access Dune: Spice Wars. Duck Paradox is another that caught our attention, since players have the task of protecting their pet duck while they make their way through a 2D lateral displacement universe adorned with striking black lights and neon.

And well, more games with ducks and geese are always welcome.

That is done by all the free games that you can get this month . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more coverage and news related to the games.

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look for more

Kukoos: Lost Pet Dogs: Schräger 3D

With Kukoos-Lost Pets, mode Games has actually presented a sloping 3D system from the developer Petitfabrik.
The game provides its bravest adventurers in front of the task of checking out 5 various worlds to conserve the lovable pet inhabitants of the Kukoo tree.


The gamers make their way through state-of-the-art cities, forests and also ancient temples and also come behind the secret of that missed out on these useful pets.
The brand-new trailer for this experience, which is ideal for every age teams, is readily available below:
Kukoos: Lost Pet Dogs is to be launched in 2022 for PC, Change, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4/5.

Every little thing we understand about Avowed – launch day, connection, structure and gameplay to the pillars of eternity

Obsidian Home entertainment, the creative team that dealt withresults: New Vegas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II _:The Sith Lords, columns of endless time,andThe external worldshas a brand-new video game to go out for the Xbox Series X calledproclaimed.It was disclosed throughout the Xbox Games Showcase Livestream 2020 event with a great deal of secret, yet it illustrated a dark globe filled with magic, fantasy as well as the hope of a hero at the height of the ‘call. Right here is what we understand concerning the game ahead.


What is the launch date?

The official trailer ofDeclaréhas actually given no extra information on the video game. There is a great deal of mystery around the moment when we can discover more concerning this thanks to Obsidian, so it’s a good concept of S’ Wait to see more information throughout the holidays. Due to the fact that the starts of the game at once when Microsoft intended to show as much as possible for the launch of the Xbox Collection X on getaway 2020, it is most likely that we will certainly hear extra when the console is officially introduced, or a little later. When it is readily available, you can absolutely expect to play on the following console.

What does the gameplay resemble?

The trailer did not disclose the type of design of play that we were going to see inDeclared,yet in the long run, the cam moves to assume the first person’s viewpoint of a character displaying a sword in the One and a magic spell in the other. We will possibly play the game from the perspective of the very first individual. Since obsidian developedThe external worldsas their analysis ofTomber , however precede,declarécan be their feedback tothe old parchments .

What is the parameter for Avowed?

As an example, the banner waving at the start of the trailer birthed the symbol of Woedic, the god of justice and also regulation in thepiliers of Endless timeMonde. The God was additionally called Oathbinder. Now, all this might seem exaggerated, howeverpiliers of InfinityFollowers on Reddit say the contrary, numerous recommending that this will certainly take area somewhere in the Aedyr Empire where Woedic is mostly admired.

This is a wonderful and dark setting with evil monsters, magic spells as well as characters swinging swords against powerful guards. The world has actually been able to appear foreign to numerous of those that have actually seen it, fans in the eyes of the eaglepiliers of Endless timeThe group could recognize numerous links with the Tactical RPG of Obsidian as well as the globe of the franchise business, eora.

Ave has a relate to the columns of endless time?

Beyond being someplace in thepiliers of Endless timeMonde, Avowed will possibly have a straight connection with the RPG. Woedic’s sign being extremely prevalent in the trailer and also in the world ofDeclaré _, numerous assume that the video game will certainly offer as innovator to the RPG. We will see what the world looked like before these games were disclosed, giving Obsidian a great deal to check out as well as detail exactly how things created prior to the players took control of The Spectator.

Woedic’s sign being extremely widespread in the trailer and in the globe ofDeclaré _, numerous believe that the video game will offer as innovator to the RPG.

Obsidian Enjoyment, the creative group that functioned onafter effects: New Las vega, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II :The Sith Lords, columns of eternity,as well asThe outside worldshas a brand-new game to go out for the Xbox Series X calledstated. The main trailer ofDeclaréhas given no extra information on the game. Because obsidian developedThe exterior globesas their analysis ofTomber , yet in room,declarécould be their reaction tothe old parchments _.

Pentiment: narrative journey obtains fixed release

The adventure created by Obsidian Entertainment can currently be pre-ordered digitally, and will certainly additionally be playable for a launch with the game hand down Xbox and also computer.

  • Pre-order the pentiment for Xbox consoles as well as PC-19.99 euros

Xbox Game Studios announced that Pentiment will be released on November 15 for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One as well as PC.

this is pentiment

At Gamescom you can play pentiment this week on the Xbox stand. After the events of the initial murder in the video game, you have to pick one of 3 traces in the demo that you have to do to resolve your checklist of suspects.

Research the tale in modern-day times via the design of illuminated manuscripts and very early contemporary woodcuts. Pentiment is a narrative adventure game that plays in the 16th century in Upper Bavaria at the time of the Divine Roman Empire. You slide right into the function of Andreas Maler, a clever musician journeyman who is entailed in a number of murders and also rumors that expand in the fictional city of Tassing as well as the Kiersau Abbey for over 25 years.

It is up to you to make Andreas’ decisions, from his educational background and his lifestyle to the method he examines the murders that take place around him. Whether he slips into the abbey collection late in the evening to check out secret records or whether he plays a round of the prominent card video game in a pub to get info from the players-it depends on you just how you utilize the valuable time, that is offered to you for the examination against the suspects. Any type of decision as well as allegation that Andreas makes has effects that will influence the carefully linked Alpine neighborhood over generations.

Once more the already known news trailer:

Cross play compatible for basic free! The latest skateboard game SKATE. Developed commentary videos are released

Electronic Arts has released a development team commentary video of the skateboard game skate. developed by FULL CIRCLE.

This work is the latest series of the sequel to Skate3 released in 2010, and the reason for Skate. Instead of Skate4 is This is not a remaster or reboot work, but this Skate. To support for many years. It seems that there is no title like Skate5 or Skate10.

He also says that he will actively support the direction of the game, such as adding new content, adjusting games, and holding events so that they can play new discoveries regularly.

Furthermore, in the video, I mentioned that this work supports the crossplay and cross-processing function, and that it is free of charge. According to the Insider Program FAQ page on the official website, the compatible platform is scheduled to be expanded, including PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

In addition, it is said that you will be able to play with your friends on your favorite platform at the stage where the mobile version is currently being considered.

The development team has set rules for the billing elements, and they say that they do not use Pay-to-win games or paid root box (gacha). Based on the popular title of basic play such as APEX LEGENDS, the billing element is an optional position, such as cosmetic items.

This work is conscious of connection by multi-play, and talked about the existence of Collabozones. Here, it seems that players can build their own courses, and they can also take pictures and share them.

Skate. Will be distributed for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is undecided for the release time and Japanese support.

Rogue Light Purgatory Golf Game CURSED TO GOLF distribution date! PS5/PS4 version is also announced

Thunderful and Chuhai Labs have revealed that the distribution date of the Rogue Purgain golf golf game Cursed to Golf has been decided on August 18, local time. Windows (Steam)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch version has also been announced.

In this work, a man who died in a non-employment in front of the tournament conquered will challenge 18 holes full of traps and hazards in golfed purgatory, which is neither heaven nor hell, aiming to revive this world. The main features are as follows.


  • Tight, precise, exciting golf game experience.

Random golf course consisting of 100 or more holes.

*Variety-rich and worthwhile challenging environment.

  • A unique card power up of more than 20 types.

  • You can also challenge mini games.

  • Challenge mode (daily challenge).

  • Online leader board.

*Her charming NPCs with the theme of golf.

  • Beautiful pixel art and gorgeous high-quality card.

  • Retro soundtrack that rises tension.

PlayStation.blog also contains detailed introduction articles, so if you are interested, check it out.

SBK 22: The series is back ten years after the piece generations, the maximum and also a trailer details

_ Just to 12 gamers can create lobbies online, where competitors get to a completely various degree _, we are ensured.

It is not without a particular pride that Milestone announces the return of the SBK collection, 10 years after SBK Generations released in 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3 as well as PC. Clearly, the video game will permit you to participate in the 2022 official champion of the Worlddsbk.It is the best reproduction of the champion events that take location in fact, thanks to the calendar of occasions, the official roster as well as the environments of stands of the groups placed onward by photorealistic effects and models of computer animated characters _, explains the press launch. The developers have actually teamed up with actual pilots, history that physics is as sharp as possible. Besides, players will certainly have a wide variety of tirespirellifor dry and moist tracks, without failing to remember fuel management to balance the weight of the bike.

On the material side, we are informed thatThe immersive occupation style uses many ways to function around motorcycles and also drivers. By advancing in development trees, gamers have complete control of the management of staff to personnel The growth of a sophisticated arrangement for the motorcycle.


The release of SBK 22 is scheduled for September 15 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Collection S, PS5, computer as well as ps4.

_ The fiction team is, on the contrary, entirely focused on the creation of a totally make believe team with a customizable rendering as well as design, claimed the press release.Just to 12 gamers can produce entrance halls online, where competitors reach an entirely various level _, we are guaranteed.The multiplayer circulation is personalized by selecting to add, or not, the Tissot-Superpole session typical of SBK before the race.

_ It is the ideal reproduction of the champion events that take location in fact, thanks to the calendar of events, the main lineup as well as the settings of stands of the teams placed forward by photorealistic effects and also models of computer animated personalities _, explains the press release. Players will have a large array of tirespirellifor damp and completely dry tracks, without forgetting fuel monitoring to balance the weight of the motorcycle.

Buy Xbox Series X: All information about the price and availability

At the moment you can order a general overhauled copy of the Xbox Series X directly on the Microsoft website. The refurbished console is even available at a reduced price.

Microsoft currently offers you the chance to order an Xbox Series X. On the official website, the company offers general -overhaul (“refurbished”) copies of the console – for the reduced price of 469.99 euros . In addition, you can order a second controller or other accessories on the page.

  • Xbox Series X (overhauled) at Microsoft

The Xbox Series X is difficult to get out of free trade, but with Xbox All Access Microsoft Gamern offers at least one new option in Germany: You can secure the console in the bundle with a game-pass-ultimate membership And as with a cell phone contract for 24 months, pay off in installments (32.99 euros per month). The offer is currently available at Cyberport – but out of print at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

View Xbox All Access at Cyberport

  • Xbox Series X in all-access subscription at cyberport
  • Xbox Series X in the all-access subscription at MediaMarkt (currently sold out)
  • Xbox Series X in all-access subscription near Saturn (currently sold out)

Order ## Xbox Series X: Online dealers in the overview

In the past few weeks, the availability of the Xbox Series X has improved significantly. Although the console is still nowhere available, but again and again for a few seconds or minutes, but also for several hours. Our tip: stop by the following dealers.

Xbox Series X at the dealers

  • Xbox Series X at Amazon (currently sold out)
  • Xbox Series X at Euronics (currently sold out)
  • Xbox Series X at MediaMarkt (currently sold out)
  • Xbox Series X at Otto (currently sold out)
  • Xbox Series X at Saturn (currently sold out)
  • Offers for the Xbox Series X (new or used) on eBay

Order ## Xbox Series S

The “smaller” Xbox Series S without DISC drive and with less computing power is now available in width, often even with a small discount:

  • Xbox Series S for 279.99 euros at Amazon
  • Xbox Series S at cyberport for 289.00 euros
  • Xbox Series S at Euronics for 299.00 euros
  • Xbox Series S at MediaMarkt for 289.99 euros
  • Xbox Series S at Otto for 289.00 euros
  • Xbox Series S at Saturn for 289.99 euros
  • Offers for the Xbox Series S (new, used or overhauled) on eBay

In our overview article you will find all further information about the release, price and design of the Xbox Series X.

_Unser Video introduce you to the best accessories for the Xbox Series X: _

Buy ## Xbox Series X: The right accessories for the console

For the real “Next Gen” experience with the Xbox Series X you also need the right accessories. So you should take a closer look at these articles:

How To Buy an Xbox Series X IN STORE (Not Online!)

Xbox accessories

  • “Xbox Series X” controller on Amazon for 64.99 euros
  • Seagate memory expansion card Xbox Series X | S 1 TB SSD, NVME extension SSD at Amazon for 205.00 euros
  • “Xbox Play & Charge” kit at Saturn for 22.38 euros (currently sold out)

So that the performance of the Xbox Series X comes into its own, you naturally also need the right 4K television. Here are our “Next Gen” favorites:

TV for the Xbox Series X

  • LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) on Amazon (currently sold out)
  • Samsung QLED 4K Q80T (65 inches) on Amazon (currently sold out)
  • Sony KD-55XH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at MediaMarkt for 829.00 euros instead of 1,199 euros

Order ## Xbox Series X: Console bundle not yet available

There are currently no console bundle available for the Xbox Series X. If the console is extensive again, this will probably change. If the first “Xbox Series X” bundle is offered, we will of course inform you of this at this point.

_Welches game should you definitely play this year? Find out in our quiz: _

If you were already able to secure a Xbox Series X, have you preferred to choose the Xbox Series S or do you prefer to wait a while? Visit us on our Facebook page and write us your opinion in the comment area!

FIFA 22: Community Prediction TOTS – The first Team of the Season of the season

Below we report our Team of the Season Community that will be made available in a few weeks in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode.
Without a doubt the event dedicated to TOTS is one of the most expected of the FIFA 22 Community and fans of the popular mode Fut 22 .
Ea Sports will elect players who have distinguished themselves for their performance during the championship.


Players, carefully selected, will be available in the form of special players objects within the fut packages for a limited period.
FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch.
Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Hogwarts Legacy will also come to the switch

Until a few days ago, we all knew that _ Hogwarts Legacy _, the new Avalanche Software game, will arrive at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, leaving SWITCH users without the opportunity to visit this magical world. However, it seems that this has changed, since the official site of the game points out that a version for the hybrid console is also on the way.

Hogwarts Legacy On Switch... HOW?!
According to the Frequently Asked Questions section, _ Hogwarts Legacy_ will be available at Nintendo Switch when the game goes on sale at the end of this year . Next to this, the logo of this console also appears on the same site. As if that were not enough, Amazon has listed a version of this game, with everything and a cover.

Considering that this information is completely new, it sounds strange that there was no official announcement by Warner Bros. Games or Nintendo in this regard. In the same way, This revelation came to light shortly after the State of Play focused on Hogwarts Legacy was held.

_ Hogwarts Legacy_ will arrive at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC in the Holiday 2022 season. On related topics, you can check the most recent gameplay of the game here.

Editor’s note:

Although I do not doubt that there are people who want to play Hogwarts Legacy in Switch, this is a title that seems to cost you a lot to this console, at least when we talk about your visual aspect. At the end of the day, these are good news for the players of this platform, but I will opt for the PS5 version.

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