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Skate game celebrates his 14th birthday with skate

On the occasion of the jubilee of skate. Has the developer team skate. Reel reactivated, a tribute to the original side, on the fans of Skate. Clips, screenshots and other creations with the world can share. Some members of the skate.-community like Calplex, Nebula, Skate3tommy, Kellylitz and more have already shared the first content over the official website. On skate. Reel has further details on the upload of content and information about future challenges including a competition beginning to celebrate the jubilee. In addition, there was an AMA on the Twitter channel of Skate. With the Creative Directors Cruz Parry and Deranchung, the questions about the development of skate. 1-3 answered. Fans can try skate and skate 3 via EA Play for Xbox. Skate 3 can also be played on PC via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Xbox Cloud.

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The new Skate confirms its pc launch

The return of the Skate Saga will occur with a new development study, but with some of the main managers of the original video games. The development within full circle is still in its initial stages , although little by little unpublished details are being uncovered. Through the Official Twitter account of the game, developers have shared a video in which they confirm that they also prepare a PC version.

pc_confirmation.exe , comment. In the clip, we can see a person performing all kinds of pirouettes and tricks on the Skateboard table. At the end of the video, just 11 seconds long, the Skater reaches some obstacles, among which is an old computer, which looks at the Skate logo on the screen. After a pair of jumps, the sequence concludes.


  • Skate. (@Skatea) August 26, 2021

Study under construction

Ldevelopmentt January, when EA announced that they had mounted a new development study to design Skate, they opened new job opportunities and said the following: Our goal is to have fun and create great games that people want to play with his friends. We are looking for more developers to help us build solid worlds for players to explore them.

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The resurrection of Skate will be carried out with the original creators, which will return to work development main designers. It is Dean Chung and Cuz Parry, two developers who showed their enthusidevelopmentm so the future holds. We are very happy to go back to work in Skate, they recognized. In those same statements they added also that a complete circle hdevelopment been completed, metaphor of the name of the study itself.

Beyond that it will be launched on PC, Full Circle hdevelopment not yet detailed the rest of the platforms in which the light will see. At the moment, the team is focused on development. We are working on it.

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Will Skate 4 arrive at PC

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Image courtesy of EA

The account of . From Skate published a cryptic Tweet alluding to a PC release for next Skate 4.

There has not been a lot of information about the next launch of Skate 4, including if the title will be, in fact, Skate 4. At the moment, however, PC fans can expect a PC release for Skate 4, a first time for the franchise.

Yesterday, the official account of. From Skate published a short clip with the legend pc_confirmation.exe. It was not revealed much more, but it is quite clear that the Tweet refers to a PC release for Skate 4. The clip features quick jacks of a skater moving through an alley, culminating with a kick over an old CRT monitor of PC showing The Skate logo. .


  • rollerblading. (@skateea) August 26, 2021

The launches of the series previously had only reached PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Not only will it be the first time that PC players can join the Skate franchise, but will be the first delivery of the series from Skate 3, in 2010.

They are the first days of Skate 4, with a release date that is not yet seen anywhere. It is likely that Full Circle, the developers behind the last installment are still working to finish the product. Both fans of consoles and PCs will actively anticipate this game, with a launch at the end of 2022 or 2023 that seems to be the most likely estimate at this time.

Meanwhile, however, Xbox fanatics can access Skate and Skate 3 originals in Xbox Game Pass. A perfect way to update some skills in the months prior to Skate 4.