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PlayStation Studios: The brand-new licenses will return effective, according to Sony

Sony’s capacity to prosper in its multiplatform implementation will be one of the secrets to allow it to achieve its ends. According to its purposes, the Playstation of 2025 will just make 53%of its sales on PS5, leaving a progressively vital share of the computer (28%) and the mobile (19%), industry in which Sony still has everything To be built which also Nintendo failed to tame.

The multiplication of solution video games, the upmarket of PC ports and the movable vein are not the only notable purposes of Sony’s annual strategic presentation when it come to PlayStation Studios. The maker indeed puts a point of honor to accelerate its financial investments in the development of new licenses.

One more excellent turn, Sony approximates that 55% of its investments in 2024-2025 will enter into the manufacturing of service games. In between its internal groups as well as its companion studios, the manufacturer means to have actually released a dozen sustainable games by March 2026. All market studies enter the exact same direction: gamers’ costs are coming to be increasingly more in the kind of deals Within the games (especially Free-to-Play like Fortnite, Genshin Influence, Telephone Call of Responsibility Warzone, Pinnacle Legends as well as Rocket League) as well as Sony no more intends to stay a spectator of this phenomenon.

New Sony PlayStation Studio Denied?

If Returnal has struck hard because its launch a year ago, the Housemarque game continues to be an exception in a PS5 brochure for the minute essentially composed of already developed licenses. For the year 2024-2025, Sony even intends to get to balance by injecting 50% of its investments in its new licenses.

PS4 & PS5 games under 20 €: New sale with 746 offers in the PS Store [advertisement]

The PlayStation Store started a new sale today, in which you can get hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games for less than 20 euros each. There are a total of 746 deals that run until May 11th. In this article we introduce you to ten highlights. You can find the overview of the entire sale here:

PS Store: PS4 and PS5 games for less than 20 € in the new sale

Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order

Star Wars Jedi: Falls Order you get both for the PS4 and the PS5 for only 9.99 euros. The action adventure provides the big single player adventure, for which Star Wars fans had to wait many years. As a young Jedi Cal, we use our spaceship to explore areas on various, varied planets that exude a lot of Star Wars atmosphere. Unfortunately, the story has a few sags, especially in the middle, but the gameplay can convince, thanks to exciting light sword duels with different swords. In addition, of course, we can learn different power struggles and use both in the fights and in solving the puzzles.

Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order instead of € 49.99 for € 9.99 in the Playstation Store

Immortals fenyx rising

12 GREAT PS4/PS5 Deals to Buy BEFORE the PSN SPRING SALE ENDS! Awesome CHEAP PS4/PS5 Games on Sale

In the Open World game Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft sends us into a colorful world inspired by Greek mythology in which there is a lot to discover. This is divided into four different areas, each of which is subject to a god and, accordingly, differ in terms of scenic and architecturally. Our task is to assist the gods in the fight against a fire demon, which we do not only with sword and bow, but also with the help of various gods. The gameplay offers a mixture of fighting, exploration and puzzles and strongly reminds of The Legend of Zelda: Beath of the Wild.

Immortals fenyx rising instead of € 69.99 for € 19.59 in the Playstation Store

Call of Duty: Wwii Gold Edition

Call of Duty: WWII you get cheaper in the Gold Edition, which, in addition to the main game, also contains the DLC The Resistance and 1,100 units of the Ingame currency worth 9.99 euros. As the name suggests, Call of Duty: Wwii sends us to World War II. As an American soldier, we play the landing in Normandy in the story campaign and then continue to fight our way to Germany. Despite the serious tone, we get the usual bombast. The multiplayer has the known motivating progress mechanics and is comparatively down -to -earth. The zombie mode lets you defend the town of Mittelburg in the co-op against hordes of undeter Nazis.

Call of Duty: WWII Gold Edition instead of € 69.99 for € 19.59 in the Playstation Store


Greedfall is located in a world that is strongly reminiscent of baroque Europe or early colonies on the American continent, but also has many typical fantasy elements such as magic and bizarre, sometimes huge creatures. The role -playing game scores, among other things, with its very different political groups, which include, for example, a seafaring olc, religious fanatic or natives. With these we can make friends or conflict depending on our decisions. Greedfall also offers a lot of playful freedom: the missions can always be solved in very different ways and in combat we offer swords, firearms and spells space for different tactics.

Greed case instead of € 34.99 for € 10.49 in the PlayStation Store

The Sinking City

The Sinking City, who comes from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares, is one of the horror stories H.P. Lovecrafts inspired action adventure. We play a private detective who travels to the slowly sinking city of Oakmont to search for the cause of strange visions that many people move from outside. To do this, we have to ask witnesses, collect evidence and independently draw our conclusions. We can freely explore the city. The game does not give us where we have to go for traces next. This can lead to frustration moments in which we do not know what to do. On the other hand, we get the feeling of doing real detective work.

The Sinking City instead of € 49.99 for € 9.99 (€ 7.49 with PS Plus) in the PlayStation Store

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is one of the biggest indie hits last year. It is an action adventure with an isometric perspective in which we, as a crow, should collect the souls of the dead for an authority. Unfortunately we let ourselves steal a soul and now have to follow the thief in a realm in which wild beasts and supernatural creatures that want to snip down to death lurk. The game world fascinates with its comic -like and sometimes dark, but also colorful graphics style as well as through the bizarre characters that we meet on the way. A highlight are also the sometimes very demanding, but always fair boss fights.

Death’s Door instead of € 19.99 for € 13.99 in the Playstation Store

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition

With the Prince’s Edition from Ni No Kuni 2 you get the main game, the two extensions also contained in the Season Pass The Lair of the Lost Lord and the Tale of a Timeless Tome and the prince equipment package. Ni no Kuni 2 is a JRPG that presents itself in a cute anime look, but tells an adult story about war and greed for power. Unlike in other role -playing games, we not only travel with our hero through the country and beat up monsters, but also play a king who has to command troops, slaughter and manage his empire. This strategy is not complex, but ensures that we can feel like a real ruler.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition instead of € 89.99 for € 14.39

Far Cry 5

In the Open World Shooter Far Cry 5, we take up the fight against a charismatic sect guide and his supporters in the US state of Montana. The landscape is very nicely staged and also filled with a rich number of wild animals. In addition to the story missions, the gameplay, as usual, largely consists of taking bases, whereby the impressive selection of weapons and on driving and aircraft gives us a lot of space for experimenting. The meanwhile published on a Caribbean island Far Cry 6 , by the way, hardly brings any progress compared to the fifth part, which is why she doesn’t go wrong once you explore Montana.

Far Cry 5 instead of € 69.99 for € 13.99 in the Playstation Store

Hunt: Showdown

The multiplayer shooter Hunt developed by the German Studio Crytek: Showdown mixed elements of horror, koop and battle royale. In the creepy staged swamps of Louisiana and in other dark places, you can hunt a dangerous monster together in the team, which we first have to track down. On the way, numerous smaller opponents stand in our way. If we have found and done the boss, we still have to escape from the area with the prey collected. There are other teams that can try to get us around the fruits of our work at any time. This interplay of hunting and flight ensures constant tension.

Hunt: Showdown instead of € 39.99 for € 13.99 in the Playstation Store

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda had to take some criticism for the release, including due to an accident. Such defects have now been largely repaired. What is left is a good and very extensive role-playing game in the science fiction scenario. Our task is to explore foreign planets in order to find a place to live for the 20,000 people on our ship. We not only encounter the mysterious ruins of the underlying cultures, but also on the tons of hostile aliens. While the main story is a bit difficult, the side quests sometimes have very interesting stories to tell.

Mass Effect: Andromeda instead of € 19.99 for € 6.99 in the Playstation Store

There is already a date for the new ps plus

PS Plus Premium Release Date Revealed & Game Leak | Wolverine PS5 Update | Insomniac Multiplayer
We are a couple of months after the launch of the new and improved PlayStation Plus. Previously, it had only been mentioned that this service will be available in June 2022. Fortunately, today Exact dates have been confirmed From the arrival of the new PS plus in different regions.

To begin with, the Asia region, with the exception of Japan, you can access the new PlayStation Plus long before the rest of the world. Specifically, will be on May 23 when countries such as China and more, you can enjoy this improved service . For its part, the country of the rising sun may enjoy the Games of PS1, PS2 and PS3 on their PS5 as of June 1.

Continuing with the dates, In America we can enjoy the new PS plus since June 13, 2022. Finally, Europe will have to wait until June 22 to enjoy the classic games, as well as an extensive bookstore. of Titles of PS4 and PS5.

This is not all, since PlayStation also revealed that Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia will have access to their cloud service, which will not only be able to enjoy Ps now, but also are eligible for a subscription to the premium modality of the new PS plus . Unfortunately, there is no information about Mexico and the rest of Latin America at this point.

Remember, The new PS Plus will come to our region on June 13, 2022 . On related topics, the annual subscription to PS Now has been eliminated. Similarly, Sony also plans to introduce advertising on your free-to-play games.

Editor’s note:

There are still several regions of which is not spoken. It seems that Oceania and Africa do not exist for the company. Along with this, it is still a pity that Latin America is left without access to PS3 games, as it will only be allowed in regions with access to the cloud.

The PS5 and PS4 exclusives will not be available on PS more at launch

In the midst of all the news surrounding the future changes of Sony on PlayStation Plus, an extract flies under the radar. According to PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, the proprietary exclusives of the platform holder will not join PS more day and date with regular launch.

This is of course a big point of difference between what PS more will become and what Microsoft does with Game Pass. The Titles of Xbox Game Studios are launched on Game Pass immediately alongside regular retail sales, while the PlayStation Studios software will not reach PS more in the same way. For example, if you want to play GOD of War Ragnarok, you will always have to pay the autonomous game as usual – it will not be part of your subscription, at least not right away.

Ryan says the addition of his own games to PS more to launch “makes no sense” for the moment. It suggests that this could have a detrimental effect on the quality of its First Party production: “The level of investment we need to do in our studios would not be possible, and we believe that the training effect on the quality of The games we create would not be something that players want. »

It is not really surprising that Playstation exclusives stick to the model we all know, given the quality of Sony game sales. However, this does not mean that Sony’s titles will never join PS more – in fact, many of them will be part of the library if you subscribe to PS more extra or higher. Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Moral Miles, Death Stranding, God of War and many others are confirmed to be part of your collection for extra or premium subscribers. It seems that the games published by Sony will eventually arrive on PS more, we simply do not know how far they will be away from the regular launch.

New PlayStation Plus is CRAZY!!! 700 GAMES including PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS4, and PS5 all on there!

Anyway, what do you think of that? Do you prefer to have exclusives PlayStation on the first day of PS more, or do you agree that Sony continues as usual? Discuss in the comments section below.

Microsoft reiterates that Call of Duty will continue to go out on PlayStation

Since the purchase of Activision Blizzard became known by Microsoft, many have been wondered if games like Call of Duty will become exclusive Xbox. Although it has been mentioned that this is a point that is still to be defined in its entirety, a new communiqué by Microsoft has indicated that The Properties of Activision Blizzard will still remain part of the PlayStation and Nintendo catalog.

In a statement focused on the changes that the Microsoft Store will suffer and its applications, the company spoke about some of the issues that circulate on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the points that are being investigated by the United States Government. Here it was mentioned that Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard properties will continue to appear in PlayStation and Nintendo, even after existing contracts . This was what Brad Smith, President and Vice President of Microsoft, was commented:

Microsoft Confirms Call Of Duty Will Remain Multi-Platform | Call Of Duty To Remain On PlayStation

“We also recognize that regulators may have other important questions while reviewing our acquisition of Blizzard Activision. We are committed to addressing all possible questions, and we want to board publicly from the beginning two of those issues here.

First, some commentators have asked whether we will continue causing the content of Call of Duty from Activision to be available on competitor platforms, such as Sony PlayStation. The obvious concern is that Microsoft could make this title available exclusively in the Xbox console, undermining the opportunities for Sony PlayStation users.

To be clear, Microsoft will continue making Call of Duty and other popular Titles of Activision Blizzard are available at PlayStation during the term of any existing agreement with Activision. And we are committed to Sony that we will also make them available to PlayStation beyond the existing agreement, and in the future so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love. We are also interested in taking similar action to support the successful Nintendo platform. We believe that this is the right thing for the industry, for players and for our business. “

Previous Reports indicated that the next three call of Duty were going out on PlayStation consoles. Now, these statements point out that this one shall for more years. However, does not make concrete mention of other franchises , nor is it specified what will happen with the games that Activision Blizzard develops after the acquisition is completed.

On related topics, this is the first teaser of the new Call of Duty. Similarly, up to 11 studies would be working on this title.

Editor’s note:

From a cynical perspective, one could say that these are statements so that the US government allows the purchase of Blizzard Activision, and once this process ends, things change. However, it is very likely that this is the case with games such as Call of Duty and Overwatch, but Series as Crash Bandicoot will surely be exclusive.

PlayStation Plus Free games in January 2022

Shortly before the turn of the year is finally fixed, which free games are allowed to download the subscribers from PlayStation Plus in January 2022. Thus, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirms a leak, which had already scattered some information about the individual titles just before Christmas holidays.

These free games are available in January 2022 at PlayStation Plus

Next month, the subscribers of PLUS can download the coop shooter Deep Rock Galactic, which is designed for lots with up to four participants. It slips into the role of bug-proven space flavors, which have to settle in completely destructible caves against numerous aliens.

Similarly, turbulent it is in the action role play persona 5 strikers to the point, which is also available in January 2022 at PlayStation Plus for download. You expect a mixture of the RPG series persona and the games of Dynasty Warriors. Incidentally, in the fighting, you are not put to you alone, but you can control a group of up to four characters.

If, on the other hand, if you can do a lot with fighting, you may be with the racing game Dirt 5 at its expense, which is also part of the January line-up. The off-road spectacle has a lot to offer from a career mode to the splits screen multiplayer, even a comprehensive fleet is not missing. Here again all games in the overview:

16 FREE games coming in 2022
Deep Rock Galactic (PS4 & PS5)
Persona 5 strikers (PS5)
DIRT 5 (PS4 & PS5)

So much costs you PlayStation Plus

To get access to these free games, you need an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. The costs you 8.99 euros a month. However, there are also variants for three (24.99 euros) and twelve months (59.99 euros), where you can save something. In addition to the already mentioned games, the subscription provides access to online multiplayer games and exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store.

Source: Sony

From André left
30.12.2021 at 09:35

The greatest move in the history of gaming

The day arrived. WELLY, Barber and Even prepare suitcgame experiencees to embark on new solo adventures. These months in the house of Banana have left us moments for the memory, but it is time to know what their next projects will bring them. Any gamer that hgame experience made a move knows how uncomfortable it is to save your collection of video games. That if games there, that if boxes packed for your consoles over there… In that test is the trio of influencers. How could you have saved all your adventures in such a simple way and without barely occupying space? Keep reading, and we tell you how they have done it.

Our protagonists had never been raised How to take the battlefields, the stadiums full of amateurs and the Loot who have tagged in their incursions. In short, they needed to take all the adventures that have lived together, both competing against the rest of the world game experience uniting forces in cooperative.

In cgame experiencee it wgame experience not enough, the move should have space for an immense library of games, thousands of content downloaded in these months and their saved games. The concern dissipated instantly when it entered the scene an element game experience small game experience special: a card of PlayStation PLUS.

users of PS5 and PS4 have in their hand the possibility of expanding their experience thanks to PS Plus

Christmgame experience is the time of year to share and enjoy with your loved ones, and what better way than give a subscription. Thanks to her, you can play with your friends with all the titles that have multiplayer functions. Are you one of those who fight for the leather in FIFA 22? Do you prefer lead storm in Call of Duty: Vanguard? Whatever your preference, PS Plus allows you to connect with the immense community of PlayStation Network.

But the really shocking of PS Plus is the amount of games at no additional cost it offers every month. Every year you will receive more than 12 games for PS5 and 24 for PS4. Once the exchanges will remain linked to your profile. You will access this digital library game experience long game experience you are discharged on the subscription. In addition, each month you can discover new Indies games developed by the national talent of the PlayStation Talents program.

Top 10 Adventure Games You Should Play In 2020!

Being a member of PS Plus also offers you other benefits that complement the game experience. Beyond the offers with exclusive discounts, which are always available at PS Store, you have the 100 GB of cloud storage to save your games, and each new month Free additional content. The main games of the moment collaborate with PlayStation to offer exclusive rewards, that is, you will only find in PS5 and PS4. CALL OF DUTY: War zone is one of the most sounded examples: Each start of segame experienceon allows you to access a packet of cosmetics for being a member of PS Plus. Other titles such game experience Rocket League, Apex Legends and Fortnite are also accompanied by exclusive benefits with your subscription.

You can acquire PS Plus cards in your 1, 3 or 12 month modality in the main establishments. This Christmgame experience, if you are looking for the perfect gift, gives the best game experience with 12 months of PS Plus for 59.99 euros. Never something so small gave so much game.

Buy PS5 Sony launches online

PlayStation Direct starts in Germany: Sony expands its own online store thus also in our characters. As the publisher tells the Germany s start, a small quota is initially ready for PS5 consoles, which should be renewed regularly. Users with a PS plus subscription secure a free shipping, as shown in a FAQ. Without PS Plus, the standard shipping costs 3.99 euros, the express delivery 5.99 euros. However, at the time of article development, both PS5 models were not available. When the next replenishment arrives, is unknown.

Jump to PlayStation Direct

Are you also interested in topics related to Playstation Direct Games?

So if you are looking for a PlayStation 5 (Buy Now €649,00), gets a further point of contact with PlayStation Direct, but also needs the necessary portion of happiness and patience. Sony sells the consoles to the regular prices: The Disc model costs 499 euros, the Digital Edition 399 euros.

PS5 at Amazon: Check availability

The PS5 came on the market in November 2020 — and has been sold out practically everywhere. Dealers such as Amazon, Otto, Saturn and Media Market are preserved new quotas at regular intervals. However, the (usually small) stocks are always out of stock within a few minutes. Demand for the new consoles is huge.

In addition to the PS5 consoles Sony also offers Sony at PlayStation Direct Danseuse Controller, the 3D Wireless Headset Pulse and Single Accessories. PS5 games like Death Stranding Director s Cut, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are also available from PlayStation Direct. For current games deals, you are best to keep an eye on our regularly updated bargain guide.

PS5 buy: Watch list for Amazon

Bundle PS5 + Spider-Man: Miles Morales

How To Buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct - Online Buying Guide and Tips (Sony Direct Queue)
PlayStation 5 with drive
PS5 Digital Edition
PS5 dual sense
PS5 accessories like 3D headset

From David Martin
08.11.2021 at 08:33

PS Store Deals Almost 500 new offers unlocked

The PlayStation Network (Official Abbreviation: PSN) is Sony s online community and webshop for the PlayStation Game Consoles of the PlayStation Family. It was introduced on 11 November 2006 with the PlayStation 3 and is also available on smartphones, tablets and TV devices from Sony. The PlayStation Network was about 110 million registered users and a total of 103 million monthly active users in June 2013 and in January 2020.

In the PlayStation Store, the latest deals for PS4 and PS5 were unlocked. This time you can use almost 500 offers that in some cases are more attractive for PS plus members. As an example, the Blair Witch VR Deluxe Edition can be called. The standard discount price is 26.24 instead of 34.99 euros, while PS Plus users have to pay only 22.74 euros.

Also in the PlayStation Store additional PS plus discounts for games like Witch Hunter (from 3.59 euros), Dark Thrones (from 3.59 Euro), Merrily Perrilly (from 2.24 euros) and Night Book (from 9.74 euros) granted.

Biomutant, Bioshock and more

Another time on offer is also Biomutant . This time you can strike for 38.99 instead of 59.99 euros. In the PlayStation Store it is the best price so far. Somewhat cheaper comes her at Amazon of it. For the first time in the sale are Capcom Arcade Stadium Pack 1: Dawn of the Arcade ( 84 – 88) and Capcom Arcade Stadium Pack 2: Arcade Revolution ( 89 – 92) , Which beating 11.24 instead of 14.99 euros.

Another part of the PS Store Sales is Layers of Fear Vr . For 13.99 instead of 19.99 euros you can access. PS plus users even pay only 11.99 euros. The purchase of Torchlight III can you complete for 9.99 instead of 39.99 euros. The predecessor Torchlight II If you pack for 5.99 instead of 19.99 euros on top.

How about a game Bioshock 2 Remastered ? The price was reduced by 25 percent from 19.99 to 14.99 euros. Predator: Hunting Grounds is on offer for 19.99 instead of 39.99 euros. Whole 60 percent is cheaper Remnant: from the Ashes . Here the price dropped to 15.99 euros. In the case of Dayz it is 29.99 instead of 49.99 euros.

Another part of the sales is Resident Evil 2 . Here you suggest for 15.99 instead of 39.99 euros. Also more favorable are the ~~ cheat ~ ~ DLC unlock all rewards for 1.99 instead of 4.99 euros, the Deluxe Weapon:, Samurai Edge – Jills Model for 1 , 49 instead of 1.99 euros, the Deluxe Weapon:, Samurai Edge – Chris Model for 1.49 instead of 1.99 euros and the Extra DLC Pack for 7, 49 instead of 14.99 euros.

More about the PlayStation Store:

Users could download multiple PS4 titles for free – Sony reacts
The most popular September games in the overview

That was not all. As usual, the following applies: A preliminary overview of the latest Sales PlayStation Store can be found on psprices.com . In addition, today s sale during the day should also appear in the Offers category of the PlayStation Store . More offers and themes for PlayStation Store you will find in our corresponding news overview .

More relating to Playstation Store.

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