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Season 5 of Apex Legends is introduced today

The fifth season of Apex Legends is currently on the internet. Thanks to a collection of generous and also coherent web content updates, there is now an excellent amount of followers that can not wait to deal with to death in Apex.

Loba is a brand-new hero who will please players that such as to play quickly and also slyly. His teleportation capability will offer players the possibility to try to win a benefit over an adversary gamer or team. Players will certainly currently be able to recoup this weapon than in booty boxes or dead players that used it.

The various other adjustment that accompanies season 5 is the adjustments to the renowned Peacekeeper hunting rifle. EA made a decision to make the Peacekeeper much rarer in period 5. Players will currently be able to recuperate this weapon than in booty boxes or dead players that used it.

Season 5 will introduce a ton of brand-new points, yet the most significant goes to Loba. Loba is a brand-new hero that will please players that like to play promptly and slyly. His teleportation ability will offer players the opportunity to attempt to win a benefit over an opponent player or team. This might be used during the battle to get a new angle on a challenger or to establish up a best ambush. Anyhow, Loba will have a significant effect on the fight.

The weapon that will certainly take the Peacekeepers will place him mastiff. It is rather ironic, since the mastiff was a weapon of treatment just. Just how the tables have actually turned.

How to get to the island of Balboa on the raft

RAFT never disappoints, offering beautiful islands, objects and rewards in the game. The island of Balboa on the raft is the last location of the first chapter, which makes it special for the game. There are many artificial structures, paths and a frightening mother of the media.

This unique island of Balboa resembles a national park and is full of beautiful landscapes and generous awards. In this leadership, we will discuss how to get to the island of Balboa on the raft, and we will spend you through mini-quests in the area. So without further ceremonies, let the advent begins!

How to get to the island of Balboa on the raft

After the players built their boat, engine and helm, they should be ready to raise sails and find the island of Balboa. Players need to open their magazines and look for whether the coordinates of the island of Balboa were included or not.

As soon as you find it, it will read the code as 7511. Use the lever and buttons on the side of the receiver to enter this 4-digit code, and you can move around the island. The blue points on the radar will show you where the island of Balboa is located, so you must control your boat accordingly. Follow the dots and you can quickly find the island of Balboa.

Passage of the island Balboa

Following and focusing on blue points, you will finally find yourself at the entrance to this island. Some of the key features of identification include a bunch of broken fences in front and several boards that warn about bears ahead. Socker the boat to the side and start your journey around the island of Balboa.

Unlike the rest of the island in the first chapter of the raft, it is quite easy to cope with the island of Balboa, and you need to perform only a few quests. It includes luring the mother-media, collecting unique resources, collecting drawings and 12 notes in the diary.

Before you start your quests, this is what you need to remember: stock up on a lot of food and weapons. There will be many bears on the island, so you need to kill them along the way. Although you can avoid most of them, you cannot avoid all of them.

Use signs and examine the area accordingly, otherwise you can easily get lost. And start your journey to Balboa Island, first luring your mother’s bear.

Seduction of Mom-Medvedi

The first thing we will do as soon as we enter the island of Balboa is to find a Medved mother. Mom-Medvet is a boss with whom players should deal with to advance on the plot of the game. Players must find a box in a cave protected by mom with a bear to continue their adventures in the game.

To find a bear’s mother, players need to go directly from the entrance to the island and look for a sign indicating the direction. Go to the left of the board and go until you find your mother’s bear. She will guard the cave with all her life and soul and attack you if you come too close.

To lure her from the road, players will have to find five wild berries to feed her, and take the opportunity to get inside the cave. Players should make their way to the shore to get berries, as this is the simplest place to get them. On the shore there will be from two to four berry bushes with a large number of berries. Gather five of them and put in front of the container near the cave.

Mom-Medveditsa will move away from the entrance to the cave, giving way to you. As soon as you find yourself inside the cave, you can assemble a machete and a drawing machete.

The location of the unique objects of the island of Balboa **


After you finish robbing the cave, you must start looking for unique objects, since they are necessary to promote the plot of the game and get achievements. You cannot buy some drawings if you do not have them in advance.

Wild berries: * Players can find wild berries near the shore.
Bruno Hammer: Players can find Bruno Hammer at the Retranstion Station 4 behind the Varvolny Bridge.
Bruno CO: Players can find this item in a cabinet located north of the cave of the mother of the bear. It is located between the relay station 4 and the relay station 6.

Brunos key: * The player can find this inside the relay station 6.
light bulb: * This item can be obtained after completing the Fix Errr assignment! Achievement.

Notes to the island of Balboa

In total, 12 notes are scattered throughout the island of Balboa. They are easy to find, so it will be easy for you to fulfill this mini-quest.

Note No. 1
Players can find the first note, heading in the direction indicating to the relay station 2 and the rangers station. Go up the track, and then to the relay station and carefully cross the acid pond.

Move forward, and at a certain distance in front you will find a hut with the inscription If you lived here, your home is no more. Enter inside and find a room with a mattress. This mattress will be your first note.

note 2
Get out of the cabin and head to the relay station. Go up and inside the room. Next to the table with the monitor you will find a second note.

note 3
Return to the starting point, and then go left of the pointer and pass by the mother of the bear. Now go up to the hill and go to the relay 4. Now go over the bridge to the relay station, and inside the room with the monitor you will find a third note on a small chair.

Note No. 4 and No. 5
Go to the relay station 6, and along the way you will come across a cave with vines. Use the machete to break them, and then, finally, go to the relay station. In the room with the monitor you will find a note on the table. And there will be another table with the fifth note very close nearby.

Note No. 6 and No. 7
Return to the starting point with the direction indicator. Go up the valley and past the place where the valley bends. Now go left; Here you will find the sixth note. And just a few feet in front you will also find your seventh note.

Note No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11 and No. 12
These notes will be located next to notes No. 6 and No. 7. The last five notes are in just a few meters in front, where the dolls hang. In addition, you can find a note on the ground, next to weeds and inside the cells.

Location of drawings of the island of Balboa

Players will find various necessary drawings in the following places.

Make the drawing: * As soon as you lure your mother’s bear and enter the cave, you can get a drawing machete.
The fuel tank scheme: Players can get it by visiting the Retranslation Station 6.
The scheme of the biofuel processing plant: Players can get this drawing by going inside the rangers station.
* Drawing of the fuel pipe: Players can find this drawing at the relay station 4.

Upgrading the Stardew Valley beach farm can get to consoles in January

Stardew Valley Ultimate Beach Farm Guide | How To Make Money Without Sprinklers
There is an opportunity, although small, that upgrade 1.5 shows up on the consoles. Worry stated: “_ The upgrade 1.5 will be readily available on gaming consoles early following year. It may be prepared at the end of January, but I can not assure it. Mobile does not yet have a version price quote.”As he claimed, no guarantee. After all, it took more than a year given that the launch of the Stardew Valley multiplayer mode on computer to show up on Xbox One. Meanwhile, Barone mentioned the difficulties of updating the exact same game on several systems, each with its own specifications.

Essentially, it is feasible to have beach farms on console by the end of January, yet having it on all gaming consoles is one more tale. Console players ought to just be client I intend.

Barely a couple of weeks earlier, Stardew Valley players on PC obtained a fairly large update of the video game. There have been numerous additions in upgrade 1.5, the most exciting as well as significant was the setup of the Stardew Valley beach farm for brand-new games. Programmer Eric Barone Also known as Worries has provided us a glimmer of hope that console gamers will certainly get this upgrade in early 2021.

Likewise look

Barely a few weeks back, Stardew Valley players on PC obtained a fairly large update of the video game. Although there have been many additions in upgrade 1.5, the most amazing and noteworthy was the arrangement of the Stardew Valley beach farm for new video games. Advanced game alternatives likewise aid you customize your experience a little. All Stardew Valley players on all systems do not yet have these benefits. Programmer Eric Barone Also known as Issues has gave us a glimmer of hope that console players will get this upgrade in early 2021.

Have you tried the new arrangement of the coastline farm? Let us understand in the remarks below.

All hours of raids and spotlights in Pokemon Go – June 2022

Niantic announced the upcoming watches and raids Pokémon Go for June 2022. Players can count on a completely new set of raids and selected Pokemon, which can be caught within a month.

Clock of the raid in Pokémon Go in June 2022

The raid clock pass every Wednesday of June from 18:00 to 19:00 local time. They give players the opportunity to catch Pokemon, usually legendary, with the help of other coaches. In total, in June there will be five hours of raids covering three different legendary items.

kiogre -June 1
Grouds -June 8
Grouds -June 15
MUTU ( will know the move Shadow Ball )-June 22
MUTU ( will know the course psystrike )-June 29

attention in Pokémon Go in June 2022

The hours of attention are concentrated on one Pokemon and significantly increase the speed of its appearance. This allows players to hunt for good IV Pokemon or brilliant versions of monsters, which are rarely found in the wild. In June, there will be four hours, the last of which is currently unknown to the players.

Nose passage ( June 7 )-a double candy for the capture of Pokemon at this hour of attention.

Mantin ( June 14 )-a double candy for the transfer of Pokemon during this hour of attention.
Spinarak ( June 21 )-double experience for evolving Pokemon during this hour of attention.
??? ( June 28 )-???

* All Pokemon marked with an asterisk can become brilliant at a meeting.

interested in Pokémon Go and want to know more? Check out Pokémon Go: Season of Go-bonuses, events, raids and hours in the spotlight in professional game guidelines!

Destiny 2 alters the guardian game

Indestiny 2 presently takes the guardian games 2022. It was already known in the initial week that some players rip off on an unusual emblem. Bungie has currently released a repair, however rather of punishing the crooks, they are even awarded at the end of the guardian games.

** Exactly how do the guardian games have to have a hard time? Players made use of an in-game technicians to obtain a huge amount of points in the affordable playlists. With a high variety of points, individuals positioned themselves amongst the 10 % of the players who need to be provided accessibility to an extremely unusual emblem

With these crooks, however, sincere players were cleared out of the position who truthfully tried to attain a high variety of points so that they might only be qualified.

adjustment change – currently extra caretakers obtain the emblem.

Bungie obtained wind of it as well as revealed on Twitter that the problem has now been approved. Rather of punishment or disqualification, the clever caretakers are likewise awarded.

What has bungie transformed? With other smaller sized solutions from the brand-new upgrade discussed the following:

What do you believe that bungie is not tough versus the scammers? Is it indifferent or are you upset concerning the truth that they are also rewarded? Allow us recognize in the remarks exactly how you stand!

How high does ball game must be? The Youtuber “Cheese Forever” specifies the minimum number of points at around 200,000 – 300,000 and also believes that this limitation has to be gotten to or surpassed in order to be able to keep the emblem.

The only point you need to do is to be above the standard of the basic rating.

Indestiny 2 currently takes the guardian games 2022.

Do I still have a possibility of the emblem? For you, that means that the 10 %pool of the “worthy” keeper is increased. This suggests that not only the scammers advantage, yet also honorable players that honestly put time and also initiative right into it to get the emblem.

How to Get Top 10% in Guardian Games (Glory's Claim Emblem) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen

We have updated the guardian game area points (including the leading 10 %) to ignore high ratings that were achieved by repeated revitalization of operational troop participants. Everybody is still gotten the leading 10 %- emblem, extreme scores will not misshape the “10 %” threshold.

Bungie shared on May 11th. via Twitter

This does not suggest that the defrauders have actually been invalidated. Bungie suggests that players with such a “cheese score” are not taken into consideration in the general guardian-game neighborhood points. Because of this, with their incredibly high rating, they have a practically secure possibility of getting the emblem.

Just how do the guardian games have to battle? Do I still have a chance of the emblem? ** For you, that implies that the 10 %pool of the “deserving” keeper is expanded.

Gotham Knights: COOP mode could now be up to 4

Gotham Knights Co-op Gameplay and Character Details
Gotham Knights was announced with a 2-player Koop mode, but now it seems that he has been expanded to 4 players.
This information comes from the PlayStation Network, which has made a 4-player co-op mode with an update to Gotham Knights from the 2-player co-op description.

It remains to be seen whether there is really something or whether the error devil may have crept in with the Gotham Knights Update.
An official announcement or a Dementi is still pending.

Is it possible to configure your weapon in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5 promises to give players a real setting of weapons. According to the diary of developers on the sniper elite web site, players can now modify their weapons in accordance with their style of the game. Sniper Elite 5 will allow players to choose how they want to fight, unlike previous games, in which the main attention was paid to secrecy.

Sniper Elite 5 - 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

How does weapon setting up in Sniper Elite 5 work?

As you pass the levels, you will find workbench (at each level of three). From these workbench you can unlock various devices, such as sights, silencers, butt, muzzle brakes and much more. The addition, removal or adaptation of various elements of your weapon affects four key characteristics: power, rate of fire, control and mobility.

Not only this, but also the appearance of each weapon will change depending on the investments. You can recreate some rare and interesting weapons of weapons from the Second World War, such as the experimental G43 under a smaller cartridge of 7.92 × 33 mm Kurz (used in MP44). The developers visited the royal weapons chamber with the great historian Jonathan Ferguson to get inspiration for various settings.

The developers promised the opportunity to make weapons for running and shooting, secrecy and intermediate styles.

Additional information about Sniper Elite 5 cm. In the section when will Sniper Elite 5 be released? Here in Pro Game Guides

All Lucky Dice locations in OSS necropolis

Necropolis OSS-goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an extensive area in which there are 20 happy bones scattered around the world. No side quests are required to gain access to any of the areas where bones are. The map hides a lot of Lucky Dice in crevices, locked rooms and ruins, which makes it difficult to search. This is all Lucky Dice locations in Necropolis OSS-goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

All Locky Dice locations

Players will have to go through the entire main quest to find all the happy bones in necropolis OSS-goal.

Happy dice game 1

Behind the turn before going to the main quest, there is a platform for which players can jump for this. Happy death . Jump on a wooden platform on the left, and then jump on the second platform makes this first cube easy.

Happy dice 2 game

On the right of two chests is a cliff, on which happy death can be found. It immediately after the first wave of enemies.

Happy dice game 3

Closer to the end of the first section of the level is happy death . On the floor at the base of the platform, you can find a staircase at which players can climb on it.

Happy dice game 4

Before climbing the stairs to the next area with vending machines, Happy death can be found in its lower part.

Happy bone game 5

Turn to the left as soon as the players go out again, “one more happy death . To get to it, you can jump on the nearest box. There is Scroll in the room next to it, which is locked by a push pad found nearby.

happy dice 6

Coming out of the zone with vending machines, turn right. Happy death This requires a long jump. The switch can be found next to it.

happy dice 7

A Happy death You can see on the platform requiring the jump. We go around the left and jump from the platform with chest , players can lean to land near the cube. Access to it can be obtained by jumping on the boxes to get to the chest, and then jumping with the next platform.

Happy dice 8

To the right of the exit to the site during the main quest there is a small corridor with Happy death . He is hidden for drawers that players can break in hand-to-hand.

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happy dice 9

In the corner of the map there is a small room, where happy death can be found next to several boxes. He is under the stairs.

happy dice 10

Closer to the center building with a cracked in the wall. Inside is Happy death found at the end of it.

happy dice 11

This happy death is located next to the Renaissance point, which is under a number of buildings. If you lie down from there, then on the right, in a small room.

happy dice 12

A Happy death You can find on the roof of the building. To get to the top, you need a little parkura. Using drawers and lampposts, players will fall on top.

happy dice 13

The shown switch unlocks the barrier in the background, where happy death can be found. He will be back in a small corridor.

Happy dice 14

As soon as the players get to the room with a member of purple fluid on the bottom, Happy death You can find an open-air platform on the left.

happy dice 15

After the room with a broken floor , happy death can be found in the corner.

happy dice 16

At the end of the room before climbing the elevator, there is another happy death . It is left in front of the staircase on a wooden platform. Players can get to him, jumping on broken posts nearby.

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happy dice 17

Coming out of the elevator, players can find Happy death for drawers in a large wooden barrier.

All 20 Ossu-Gol Necropolis Lucky Dice Locations Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

happy dice 18

On a wide open platform after elevator Happy death You can find the left behind the barrel.

Happy bone 19

To the right of the arena, where the players fall after the elevator, there is a room with a happy death **. The room is drawn to the center, inside the chest.

happy dice 20

At the very end of the level is the last happy death . It can be found to the left of the purple crystals.

To learn more about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, check out all Lucky Dice locations at The Fearmid in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in Pro Game Guides.

Battlefield 2042 does not come to the thousand players in Steam

It is no secret that _ Battlefield 2042 _ has been a resounding failure for EA and says . This new shooter simply failed to satisfy users, and as a result, their servers have become phantom towns. In fact, in Steam , it does not even come to the thousand concurrent players and considering that we are talking about a franchise as important as Battlefield , it is certainly to draw attention.

Less than 1000 players on steam - Battlefield 2042

According to information about Steam Charts, Battlefield 2042 reached a total of 979 concurrent players on the morning of this Monday, April 11, and at the time of writing, it has been the lowest figure that this game has reached from its debut last year. Of course, this does not reflect the performance of Battlefield 2042 in PC, since we must also consider other digital stores.

His developers still have no intention of abandoning this game, because they have already promised that they are working on various updates to improve the experience. Obviously, _ Battlefield 2042 _ will continue to receive support over the years even if EA and says already started working on the following delivery of the franchise.

Editor’s note: It is a pity that happened with Battlefield 2042, because it certainly had potential to become one of the best showers of recent years. The absence of certain basic functions during its debut, as well as problems with servers, caused players to abandon it completely and now it will be difficult to recover.

The best games in which you can play when you have little time

Regardless of whether you have a study, work or other areas of your life that occupy you, a game in video games can be difficult to enter into your schedule. Many games occupy the clock to really plunge into them, and they are not interested in interrupting. Fortunately, there are games for busy gamers.

The best games in which you can play in an hour or less

Sometimes you just do not have much time to play video games. It should not mean that you are not playing at all! From simulation to the royal battle – there are many game options specializing in the compressed gameplay. Here is a list of the best video games in which you can play and receive pleasure from them in less than an hour.

Apex legenda

Little can serve as an example of a rich and saturated gameplay, performed in a short period of time, like a royal battle. Apex legend allows players to jump on a big map and compete with others in the hope of staying until the very end. The game in the match can discard the player from 15 to 45 minutes, which makes apex legends a good choice for players who have not so much time to play this day.

Crossing animals: new horizons

If you need something flexible with time, animal intersection: new horizons are an excellent choice. The gameplay consists of simple daily tasks, such as shaking trees and communicating with the villagers. You can play ACNH for five minutes or five hours with relative ease, which makes it a good game for a player with limited time. If you want to just plant a crop, visit the local camper and search the beach in search of shells for an hour or less, you can do it!


7 Enormous Games You Can Basically Play Forever
For a mobile player playing an hour or less, bitlaff is the perfect name to jump in. Available for free with advertising, BitLife offers players to start life in infancy and make a choice until death. Players can infinitely live different lives, be it a holy doctor or an evil criminal. Choosing a career, relationship, sexual orientation and many other means that players can live different lives. The choice is based on BitLife, and this includes whether you want to live a quick life when you are rapidly older, or long, where you control each aspect on the micro level.

Cities: horizons

For a gamer who likes to have a long-term project, cities: horizons allows players to slowly build a city with an amazing detail. Players can enter the game and make some changes for a short period of time if they wish. Cities: SkyLines allows you to design roads, zonal areas, terravert a city and much more. The game does not require a lot of time from players immediately, which means that you can easily immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the hour or less modeling of urban planning and development.

League of Legends

League Legends – a classic choice for gamers who love multiplayer games that have not so much free time. Play one of these fantastic online battles with the team of other real players is very simple. Choose between a multitude of different characters in several different roles to find someone best suited to support your team. Despite the fact that the game has a quick setup and a simple background, the complex gameplay is not sacrificed. The game in League of Legends is a good option for those who want a tough, but compressed gameplay in a multiplayer environment.

Race behind the Sun

Sometimes Gamer just wants to play something more meaningless of the game spectrum when he has a little free time. Race behind the Sun is an excellent choice for those who need a game with quick setting, short levels and minimalistic gameplay. The game is a stylish endless Ranner, in which players are invited to keep the sun from sunset. There are many different levels for the game that are constantly updated and updated, ensuring that the Race The Sun fans do not bounce.

Rocket League

For a player who is looking for a quick and messy game session, a missile league is an ideal game to try. Manage vehicles and play a ridiculous multiplayer game in arcade football. This online game gives a fresh look at the famous sport, making it just as fascinating, how funny. Matches are not very short, but always last less than an hour, which makes them ideal for gamers who have little time.

Valley Starty

Like Animal Crossing, the Valley of Starty – a great option for players who like a daily game with registration, allowing you to create your own fancy world. Players can grab every day to check the harvest, communicate with the neighbors and develop their farms. This simulator game is an exemplary for a gamer who needs a relaxation hour to plunge into the fictional world of calm. Check it out if you are interested in Animal Crossing or vice versa.


Nothing is so talking about originality and classics as a game of several rounds Tetris. Depending on how good you are or new to, you can play one round or more per hour. Fortunately, you can also easily suspend your progress at a later date if you need to stop playing suddenly. The game process Tetris is cheerful, simple, as well as surprisingly well suited to check your strategic skills when you collect these blocks together.


For gamers who need a bright, fast and competitive gaming session for an hour or less, the range is a good choice. The average match of Valorant is from 30 to 40 minutes of shooting, evasion, planning and (hopefully) victory. Play one or two round per hour is simple and a good way to spend time to relax or gain strength.

Do you want to find more games? Check out the section “The best games for accelerated passage” in the Games for professionals.

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