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Destiny 2 brings back iconic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn how good is the legend

OLD EXOTICS Destiny 2 to bring back is not so easy. Gjallarhorn has also received dramatic adjustments for his return in December. Only the heart of the weapon is invoked. Nevertheless, players will have a damn good time as Joe Blackburn, Buggies Game Director, promises.

The Weapon That BROKE the Internet: The Gjallarhorn - Destiny 2
When the Gjallarhorn returns to Destiny 2, a circle closes. With the exotic rocket launch, some players combine their best memories in Destiny. Now the time has come to have this revive and thus collect new memories.

What makes this weapon so special? Gjallarhorn, an exotic rocket launcher, could shoot small target-seeking projectiles, the so-called pack floors. But these were not released on the opponent if your rocket hit it. The smaller bullets also caused explosion damage. The effect comes to the rocket launcher Eyes of tomorrow, right.

If the big anniversary with 30-year-bungie starts on December 07, this icon is finally available from Destiny 1. Many D1 veterans expect this moment for a long time and new players can look forward to.

The weapon is simply a legend and that of several reasons:

The rocket launcher was rare. Very rare.
Anyone who finally possessed Gjallarhorn was quasi a god under the keepers.
His damage was so enormous that he could surround and break game mechanics.
The firepower of the pack floors powdered RAID bosses in seconds.
He was like the Golden Ticket to the toughest endgame activities.

Fun-FACT: The Gjallarhorn is the only weapon in Destiny, which has its own holiday, the G-Day. He is celebrated annually on August 14th. To return to the Gallagher, Bungee also brings a NERF version of the legendary rocket launcher on the market. With the Nerf Ltd Destiny Gjallarhorn Blaster, players can shoot their real opponents with foam arrows.

How good is the Gjallarhorn still after his rework?

With such an iconic and legendary image, some players ask themselves whether the Gjallarhorn can still meet his former call.

Bungee also emphasizes in this context, the Gjallarhorn will come back in no way underlyerized. But not the opposite of it. You do not want to let the players play with it for a week so that they bring everything in the game to melt. Only in order to send a march flying body and to say creates the thing out of here!.

Joe Blackburn, Buggies Game Director, gives the following information in an interview:

We are always worried if we bring something from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. Hey, that’s what happens to Hype? I’m quite confident that we will work that, and I’m confident that you will enjoy a lot of joy.

Joe Blackburn | Game Director of Bungee

Gjallarhorn will benefit from the rocket launcher buff: Really (how bungee calls the rocket launcher lovingly), was therefore very carefully updated for the Destiny-2-Sandbox. The developer wants to raise the iconic status of the weapon to the next stage. She has to fit the current sandbox and meta.

Here you can not forget that rocket launcher have a big buff this year. So the Gjallarhorn is just in time, to make still Mitzumische.

Joe Blackburn then adds:

It will be the absolute min-max the best weapon. [Minimum the best thing the players want to have and maximum the best thing the players will need.] So you can always say someone: Hey, that’s one of the best weapons in Destiny and you will always have a good time when You use it. If I say even more now, the sandbox team will probably come and kill me!

Joe Blackburn | Game Director of Bungee

Bungee promises the players, with the continuation of his icon in 2021, a version of the cult rocket launcher that should meet expectations.

When does the cult-exotic return to Destiny 2? No longer long and the players can try out the Gjallarhorn himself on the bosses in Destiny 2 and form their own opinion, how good bungee has done this task. On December 07, 2021, it is so far. Destiny-2 players, however, have to have the 30-year bungee package.

Will the Gjallarhorn still be able to meet his former call? Finally, Bungee is also successful with the Vex osteoclast, though very bumpy return of a cult weapon. Or do you think the Gjallarhorn can not be curved and will bring the game to melt as Celeste 3.0?

Recent Results Games

The pressure on Hannover rises

It is always a question of the perspective in the evaluation of recent results. One has been unbeaten since three games (including DFB Cup, Note d. Red.) And offensively not so bad, finds 96-coach Jan Zimmermann. But you could only watch the last league games and would come to the lean balance of six games without victory and lean three points.

Could you withstand the pressure?
So Zimmermann also knows in front of the game on Friday night against the SC Paderborn: Of course, the pressure is there. We are now about the relegation and descent place. Of course, we have pressure and make us pressure and also know when we play the game on Friday Do not win, the pressure will get bigger. For this we do not need a mental trainer now to find out.

A mental trainer was still invited at the beginning of the week. But there was more commonly spoken. How is everyone going around with his profession? As with the career? The resonance of the players was very positive. I also pulled out a few totally positive things out there. I think it can not be harmed, let s reflect and get input. Try to further develop the players.

Mentality, of course, you also bring yourself with success experiences

Overall, the subject of mentality is very complex. Because self-confidence is part of mentality. Of course, mentality is also getting with success experiences. The self-confidence falls, if you have no success experiences, White Zimmermann around the connection and looks at this point as a coach. There is also my job to create a positive mood and atmosphere so that players are also confident in the games. If you have no positive moments, it is difficult to score a strong mentality.

Zimmermann feels backing of child

The players thus get the backing of the coach, which is very convinced of his team. But what about the backing for Zimmermann? I m not worried, he said in the interview with the Zimmermann last. Martin Child and Marcus Man make me feel that we want to get that together. Finally, one has common medium-term goals.

But Zimmermann knows himself that it s all about being successful in the short term. If there is no victory against Paderborn, even a descent place threatens if the competition should win.

Koop Shooter Games

Rainbow Six Extraction Ubisoft introduces post launch

Before the release of Rainbow Six Extraction (from 49.99 € for pre-order), Ubisoft now also presents the contents of the Loop Shooter, which will appear in developing endgame mode after the launch. Among other things, the Maelstrom protocol counts. These are weekly challenges developed specifically for experienced RAINBOW SIX fans. In the message of Ubisoft, the Maelstrom protocol is described as: The players: inside must move through a series of nine subzones with increasing difficulty, harder opponents, fast exhausting resources and increasingly narrow expectant time. At each checkpoint must be The troops decide if they retreat to secure their points, or whether they are trying to end up. By collecting points they secure a ranking location in five classes, from the bronze over the silver to gold —, platinum and even diamond class, with each class rewarding players with special headgear and React credits.

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With the so-called orders players can already participate in weekly modes with modifications. As an example, the veteran mode is called, where there is no HUD, limited ammunition and Friendly Fire. After the release, Crisis Events are also available in which players can look forward to ever-changing thematic content, which will also be rewarded with RACE gadgets, cosmetic items and background stories. Rainbow Six Extraction appears on January 20, 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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Project Discovery Games

MMORPG EVE Online finds clever way for space pirates against Covid

Eve Online is a multiplayer Internet RPG (MMORPG) of the Icelandic programmers of CCP Gamings. The room trip simulation sees itself in the tradition of the gaming classic Elite as well as has its focus on trade as well as battle in area.

may cause games and at the same time something big. Wants but actually each, right? The developers vonEVE online have now given their players the chance and let them do their part to contribute to fight against Covid. We conclude from MeinMMO.

What happened in EVE Online? In the MMORPG EVE Online since June 2020 runs the so-called Project Discovery, which now enters its third phase. Here, players can log in and then analyze blood samples in a kind of Min-game.

The project was initiated by the Swiss company massively multiplayer online science to life, the work to combine video games with the science. The developers behind EVE Online declared themselves willing to participate as long as it fits thematically into their game.

Scientific director of the project is Dr. Andrea Cossarizza, professor of immunology at the University of Caille. He was animated for Project Discovery and therefore welcomes the pilots in the game when they enter the project and explained to them what it is.

Furthermore, the McGill University in Quebec and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy involved in the project.

mini-games against Covid-19

How does Project Discovery? EVE players are known for their passion, their commitment and will to reinzudenken in more complex systems. Exactly exploits Project Discovery clever and integrates the mini-game, which reached its menu on the DNS button once the tutorial is complete.

Then her blood samples analyzed by COVID-19 patients and must thereby find certain patterns that just do not fit into the picture. It always get as many players have the same blood sample submitted, in order to achieve a better overall result.

The scientists behind Dr. Cossarizza want to find out with what consequences a Covid disease on the immune system has exactly one man. Project Discovery addition helps to train an artificial intelligence to order these more complete analysis tasks in the future.

have until today, by its own account, around 426,000 players at the mini-game competition and thus 1,800,000 analysis tasks completed. A remarkable result.

What the players have it? Anyone who participates in Project Discovery, receives an exclusive Biosecurity skin for his clothes and his character. There is no more time being, but more is needed as well.

The mini-game takes many participants who are delighted with the new mechanics in EVE and participate because they enjoy it. While still doing something good and to get a skin, incentive is therefore enough for many players.

Plex for a good cause

What are Plex? Plex is in EVE Online, the currency that you can buy with real money, but also can sell the game. It thus forms the bridge between Free2Play players and those who spend money for EVE.

Plex can be used also to his account on the Omega Klonstatus raise. A kind of optional subscription system which gives you advantages. So plex can be directly converted into real money.

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What s Plex for a good cause? In parallel with Project Discovery ran the action Plex for a good cause. Here EVE players could donate their Plex, which then went directly to the WHO and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Secruity.

Eve Online A Pirate's Story - Origins Of PvP

During this event the EVE community whole dollar 135.550 could muster, all in donated Plex, without consideration. The already showed that the players help and want to get involved. Project Discovery came primarily on popularity within the community.

What do you think of the action? Do you play EVE Online, and have participated in Project Discovery? Do you find that more games should start such actions? Or do you think all this rather nonsensical? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

It s not the first time that a video game helps to understand COVID: researchers explain how they can help a plague in WoW, now understand Corona.

Warzone Game

Just how to Fix The Warzone Operator Select Problem

An aggravating brand-new Warzone glitch is stopping players from selecting their drivers prior to a video game– below s what it is and just how to fix it. .

Unfortunately, Warzone players have obtained pretty utilized to problems by currently. Whether it is an insect that is stealing wins or different problems that make tools pointless, Warzone has actually had everything.

Nevertheless, a brand-new glitch has actually appeared that stops people from selecting their operator prior to a game. This is a significant problem, specifically for players who have actually invested plenty of money on the extravagant skins available in the COD Shop.

So what is the new operator select problem in Warzone and just how can you repair it?

However first, Warzone is obtaining 2 new horror-themed operator skins for this year s Halloween occasion: .

Ghostface Operator Established In Warzone & Cold Battle .
Donnie Darko Frank the Rabbit Skin Found in Warzone & Cold War .

Warzone Players Can Not Select Their Operators in the Menu.

Warzone lastly added traditional Black Ops personality Alex Mason, yet many players can t also select him now. This is down to a frustrating brand-new glitch with the operator select screen. .

When players most likely to select an operator, the menu delays too much to select one. This makes it nearly difficult to select the operator you intend to play as.

While this issue does not impact everyone, a substantial quantity of Warzone players have been struggling with this. In fact, some unfortunate players have actually needed to take care of this for a week or 2 currently.

Nonetheless, luckily, some players have discovered a means to still select some operators.

Learn more: Finest Meta Tool Loadouts in Warzone Period 6 .

Just How to Deal With Warzone Operator Select Problem.

Therecent Judge Dredd operator skin was extremely popular, but lots of players can not select it anymore. Nevertheless, there is a repair. .

The only recognized way to repair this issue presently is to outfit your skins via the bundle food selection:.

The Best Game of Warzone I've Ever Played!
Most likely to the Weapons tab.
Select Package Locker .
Pick out the bundle which consists of the operator skin you intend to furnish.
Select the operator skin you desire ot play as and press fast equip .

However, this solution will only benefit skins that you have actually purchased in bundles. This suggests that if your favorite is one of the skins unlocked through obstacles or Jerk Prime, as an example, you still will not have the ability to select it.

With Any Luck, Raven Software program addresses this operator select gitch in the next Warzone update.

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In various other information, players believe that Warzone lobbies are even harder in Season 6. This is the last thing the game needs.

Also, players seeking the brand-new tricks in Verdansk ought to inspect out our map of every WW2 shelter in Warzone. You might require to go there for the leaked upcoming Pacific map disclose event in Warzone.

Digimon Masters Online

The latest update of Pokemon Masters leads the Sync Grid a new Sync Pair an ex challenge and more a players video playbacks instructions exemplary procedures reviews and cultu

Today, Pokemon Masters have arrived several updates, including a new synchronization pair, an ex-challenge and a series of login bonuses. But the addition, which will be of interest to most players, is that the much-discussed Sync Grid finally arrived.

With the synchronization grid, you can make your synchronization pairs more powerful. For most Pokémon at the moment, this simply means that you can increase your defense, attack and physical values ​​as well as HP values. However, there are also advanced lattices that provide you with more options, such as: B. the improvement of passivity and damage caused by various attacks.

However, there are only three synchronization pairs that have an extended grid. Further will be expected to be added in the future. The synchronization pairs over which you currently have:

  • The player character & pikachu
  • Flannery & goalkeo
  • Feuerstein & Infernape

To obtain these different STAT increases in the Sync Grid, players must collect Sync ORBS. These are earned by using Sync moves in battles in which the message “A Sync ORB Chance!” Is displayed. COOP mode gives Player Koop Sync Balls, which can be exchanged for sync-pair-specific balls via the Sync Grid menu.

  • Pokemon Masters Cheats, Tips – Get Stronger With Gear and Gear explains

There are a few precautions to observe. There is only one percentage chance that they receive these bullets, so it is not always guaranteed that they get one. In addition, each pair has a limited amount of energy to get these new values ​​so that they can not learn all skills at once, even if they have all the necessary balls.

Beyond the big update of Sync Grid, there will be a new registration bonus from today until January 30th. For 14 days, players can win 150 gemstones a day for a total of 2100.

Elsewhere there is a fire-type training event in which you can encourage extra experience for your fire-type synchronization pairs, two of which have advanced grids. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to breed these bullets while giving up some experience.

It looks like Dena is at the moment only flying types, as there is a new ex-challenge in which the players will compete against Janie and their Ariados. The successful defeat of Janie and the generic NPCs they accompany rewards the players with a 1 star or 2-star fire bracelet.

How's Digimon Masters in 2021? - First impressions

Finally, we see the addition of Ethan & Cyndaquil to the game. This new pair will have its own spotlight scout, which will be available from now on 30 January and offers a slightly increased chance to find it. As with all new sync pairs, it is a 5-star duo, and you can evolve Cyndaquil on request to a typhlosion.

Pokemon Masters is now available on the available AppStore and Google Play. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

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