Unleashed Schabernback Games

Pok mon Go Unless Scharabback

The season of the Schabernback is the end to the end and in Pokémon Go is celebrated with an event. The new Pokémon Go event bears the name of unleashed Schabernback, and brings the name-like special research with you, over which you can make an unleashed Hoop from Banned Hoop.

All information known so far for steps and rewards of special research as well as the event itself — with four extra legendary raid hours and four extra-spotlight hours and under what conditions you get the research for free, you will find below.

Unless Chargeback — the event

Let’s start on November 26, 2021 (this is Friday) at 10:00. The event is available by Monday, 29 November 2021 at 20:00. During the event, you will receive twice the amount of sweets if you are sending a pocket monster, and twice the amount of XP when you catch a Pokémon.

Legendary RAID hours thanks to Hoop

Hoop takes place four additional legendary RAID hours in November 2021. Here is the data and the Pokémon:

26 . November 2021 between 18:00 and 19:00: Arts, Lava dos and Zap dos
27 . November 2021 between 18:00 and 19:00: Heat ran
28 . November 2021 between 18:00 and 19:00: Region, Regime and Register
29 . November 2021 between 18:00 and 19:00: Nobelium, Terrarium and Iridium

With happiness, you can get this Pokémon after your victory as Shiny in front of the master’s ball.

Spotlight hours thanks to Hoop

Hoop makes four additional spotlight hours jump on top, but to take place at other times than the usual:

26 . November 2021 between 12:00 and 13:00: Reiterate
27 . November 2021 between 12:00 and 13:00: Osiris
28 . November 2021 between 12:00 and 13:00: Pikachu
29 . November 2021 between 12:00 and 13:00: Tunnel

With happiness, you can get this Pokémon as Shiny in front of the Football.

Unleashed Schabernback — Special Research

There are a few important details for the activation of special research that you should lead to ourselves.

Your obtained tempted Schabernback free if you have completed the special research of misunderstood Schabernback until 1.12.2021 at 09:59.
You can buy unleashed Schabernback from 26.11.2021 at 10:00 and up to 1.12.2021 at 9:59 in the shop for about 5 euros.
In order to make progress in the context of unleashed Schabernback, you need the bid hoop from misunderstood Schabernback step 3.

The exact steps and rewards of unleashed Schabernback are not yet known. However, we know that you encountered an unleashed Hoop as part of step 2 and that you unlock a Hoop shirt for your Avatar. Below we attach the guide to steps and rewards of unleashed Schabernback and then expand him as soon as possible around the exact details!

Unless Chargeback — Step 1 / ??

Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet

Reward for the conclusion of step 1: not yet known

Unleashed Chargeback — Step 2 / ??

Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet

Reward for the conclusion of step 2: Shape change to unleashed Hoop, not yet known

Unleashed Schabernback — Step 3 / ??

Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet
Not yet known — Reward: Not known yet

Reward for the conclusion of step 3: not yet known

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Super Sale Games

Rakuten Black Friday starts 20 oclock on November 18 Sale that can not miss the point up to 43 times or 9 600 yen off coupon distribution

This checklist provides an index of video clip game titles in Ban prestos Super Robot Wars franchise business, referred to as Super Robot Taken in Japan. Most of the video games in the series are tactical role-playing video games, but several video games standing for various other styles were additionally launched. Checklist is split by video game style as well as ordered by first release day. Only the original video games, Neo Super Robotic Wars as well as Super Robotic Wars Compact, had last managers that were not straight created by Ban presto.

Rakuten Market will be 10:00 to November 18 (Thursday) from 20:00 to November 23 (Tuesday) 01:59, once a year Super Sale Rakuten Black Friday It will be held. During the campaign period, numerous popular products are sold at a bargain price, such as Dysons cyclone vacuum cleaner and lighting integrated projector.

In addition, the attractions are also a lot of attractions such as the Buy Campaign and up to 9,600 yen OFF coupons where the acquisition points are up to 43 times.

Rakuten Black Friday Official Page

Buy a campaign entry and get 10 times points!

When you enter the Buy Campaign held during the Black Friday Period, points are doubled, three times and three times, depending on the number of shops purchased over ¥1,000. If you shop at 10 stores, you can earn a point of up to 10 times. Dont shop at many shops during the campaign period and get a lot of points! In addition, if you combine the buy campaign and the regular points, you can also earn up to 43 times super-mass points.

Also, If you use the Special Black Coupon that is distributed in order of first-come, you can use the Special Black Coupon, you can purchase products to be made even better! Special Black Coupon Gain Page is here.


Rakuten Black Friday Official Page

Titan Brave Games

Attack on Titan smartphone game Latest work Attack on Titan Brave Order This winter delivery schedule and today from today s app store reservation start App store reservation start commemorative campaign

KNISH Co., Ltd. is planning to deliver the distribution Attack on Titan smartphone game latest work Attack on Titan Brave Order, and started app store reservation from November 15, 2021 (Mon) I knew it.

KNISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director: President: Yoga Neut aka, the following knish) is scheduled for the delivery of Attack on Titan smartphone game latest work Attack on Titan Brave Order this winter We will notify you that app store reservation started from November 15, 2011 (Mon).

In commemoration of the app store reservation, there is a campaign for a campaign and an Amazon gift certificate for 100,000 yen for more than 100 people daily to 100,000 yen, and a campaign will hit a game app official Twitter account It will be held. The latest information will be released at any time in the game official site game Official Twitter account, so please take a look.

Game application Attack on Titan Brave Order Official Site

Attack on Titan BRAVE ORDER

This game is the latest work of the smartphone game of the popular work Attack on Titan, which has topped 100 million copies of the world. Attack on Titan is scheduled for the TV anime Attack on Titan THE FINAL SEASON PART 2 in January 2022 at NHK General.

In this game, the player will be a member of the Survey Corps along with Ellen and Midas, and cooperates with many players while the original, facing the mighty giant. Enjoy the world of Attack on Titan with a full voice, including the original shooting voices.

A campaign that luxury prizes hit in situ every day

Monday, November 15, 2021, commemorating the start of app store reservation, today is more than 100 people from 15:00 the game app official Twitter account (@shingeki Beau) to be 10 people or more every 100 people from being retweeted A campaign will be held on the spot by AMAZON gift vouchers.

Day 1: November 15, 2021 (Mon) 15: 00-2021 November 16th (Tuesday) 14:59
Day 2: November 16, 2021 (Tuesday) 15: 00-2021 November 17 (Wed) 14:59
Day 3: November 17, 2021 (Wed) 15: 00-2021 November 18 (Thu) 14:59
Day 4: November 18, 2021 (Thu) 15: 00-2021 November 19 (Fri) 14:59
Day 5: November 19, 2021 (Fri) 15: 00-2021 November 20 (Sat) 14:59

1. Follow game app official Twitter account (@shingeki Beau)

  1. Retweeting tweets about campaign information

Fleet App Store Booking Campaign

We commemorate the start of store reservation, and the game app official Twitter account (@shingeki Beau) is followed out and the campaign will be held at the same time from the one who follows the Following and Retweet & App Store reservations..

November 15, 2012 (Mon) -20121 (Sunday) 23:59

1. Follow game app official Twitter account (@shingeki Beau)

  1. Pursuit of tweets about campaign information Retweet 3 app stores bo/status/1460056956345802752

Pre-registration acceptance

Prior registration is conducted ahead of the delivery of this winter. In addition, we started app store reservation from November 15, November 15, 2021. A luxurious benefit is also available according to the number of people who have pre-registered.

By pre-registration, you can receive notifications when this game is released. The method is the following four, and by carrying out the pre-registration completes.

  1. Click here for store reservation:
    Using iOS Terminals (
    User Using Androids Terminals (

  2. Follow game app official Twitter account (@shingeki Beau)

  3. Game app official LINE official account ( friendly

  4. E-mail address registration at game app official site (

If all are achieved, you will receive a red propene for 10 geisha.

30,000 people breakthrough: Geisha 2 times of red light achievement
50,000 people breakthrough: Achievement of red light of 4 times
10,000 people breakthrough: Geisha six red proxies
Empty-20,000 breakthroughs: Red propene of 8 times
300,000 people breakthrough: Geisha 10 times red propene

※ The number of reductions is cumulative. Achieved 300,000 pre-registrants, and total geisha 10 times will give all users to all users.

Attack on Titan

The number of issued by the total issue of the world is over 100 million.

The world where the giant dominates everything. A story depicting the fight between the outside world and the giant with a huge wall.

Attack on Titan BRAVE ORDER Overview

Title | Attacking Giant Brave Order

Genre | Multi-people fighting RPG
App store |
Google Play Store |
Game App Official Website |
Game App Official Twitter Account | bo
Supported OS | iOS / Android
Copyright notation | © Okayama Knowledge / Romansh / Attack on Titan The Final Season Production Committee © G Holdings Co., Ltd. © Knish, Inc.

■ KNISH Co., Ltd. (Knish)
In KNISH, Under Link with Fun s slogan, we will work on providing attractive services to enjoy more customers in the mission, creating an Knish fan from all over the world.

Location: Knock, Tokyo 6-1-20 Dropping Electric Building 4F Established: February 24, 2009, Representative Director, President and Representative Director, President: President of Akihito Yalu: Planning, Development and Operation of Game Apps:

Marvel Avengers Games

This is how Spider Man is seen in Marvel s Avengers

One of the first announcements related to Marvel s Avengers, was a collaboration with Spider-Man, exclusive to PlayStation. After more than a year of waiting, finally confirmed that this content will be available at the end of this month.

Marvel's Avengers Game - Spider-Man DLC FULLY REVEALED! Trailer TOMORROW!

Through your official Twitter account, the developers of marvel s Avengers have confirmed that the content of Spider-Man, known as With Great Power, will be available next November 30. Next to this, the first look shared the character. This was what was commented about:

Are you also interested in topics related to Marvel Avengers Games?

Do you have photos of Spider-Man? How about only one, but a perfect, really epic?

Here is your first look at Spider-Man before it reaches PS4 and PS5 on November 30!

In the same way, it has been confirmed that tomorrow, November 11, we will have the first trailer of this content. Although this will surely move to more than one, Crystal Dynamics previously mentioned that this expansion will not be as great as seen with Black Panther, so it is very possible that we only see a couple of missions.

Remember, Spider-Man will arrive at MARVEL S AVENGERS on November 30. On related topics, Square Enix admits that this game was a failure. Similarly, Gael Garcia adds to the MCU.

Editor s note:

Although seeing Spider-Man within the game will surely be something entertaining for a while, if the missions are as repetitive and simple as in the base experience, then the fun will not last so long. In the same way, this will not be a large level expansion, so the content will not be so extensive either.

Data Volume Games

Only until tomorrow 10 GB data volume flat for only 8 99 euros advert

In the bargain month November you can currently save Premium sim neatly. Here you get 10 GB data volume + Flat for up-to-date unbeatable 8.99 euros per month. The offer is only until tomorrow morning at 11 o clock.

Directly to the offer at Premium sim

10 GB Data Volume + Flat: So good is the offer

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For other offers you pay monthly at least again two euros more. You decide for a minimum contract period of 24 months, your does not pay a connection price. Would you like the option of monthly termination Keep open, a unique fee of 19.99 euros is due.

Premium sim uses the fast and stable network of Telefonica. On request, you can take your current phone number free of charge to the new provider take.

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more on the subject

Amazon — Early Black Friday offers started: 247 gaming deals [advert]

To the provider

Premium sim belongs to the renowned drill group. This is a reputable provider, where you do not have to be afraid of hidden costs or similar problems.

Now 10 GB Data Volume + Flat for 8.99 Euro MTL. To back up

The larger alternative: 20 GB data volume + flat for 17.99 euros per month

If the 10 GB data volume is not enough, Premiums will also find it. You get 20 GB data volume with telephone and SMS flat for cheap 17.99 euros a month.

The conditions are the same as the first offer. If necessary, you can go for 19.99 euros monthly cancellation option and the phone number is free.

Here go to the offer at Premium sim

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Zwickau Home Games

Zwickaus home game against Havelse new

Twerk Race 3D ???????????? All Levels Gameplay Trailer Android,ios New Game
The Zwickau home game against Havelse will be made up on Saturday, November 13, from 2 pm. That announced the FSV on Friday. On that weekend, no regular third-league matchday takes place due to the country break. The state trophy game at the SV unit Kamenz is held at the penalty and bedday (holiday in Saxony), so Wednesday, 17 November, at 1 pm. Because the FSV had given several positive Corona tests, the game against Havelse had been dropped shortly due to the West Saxony by the Association last week. Zwickau has been unbeaten since six spots and ranked in the table on the 14th place. Havelse is the last with seven counters. Also, the third league game between Waldhof Mannheim and 1860 Munich is also made up. However, the game takes place only on November 30th.

Sandisk Ssd Games

SSD cheap as never buy SATA

In not a few PCs, SATA SSDs and who a favorable price is more important than a maximum theoretical performance, which is still well served with an SSD with SATA connection. The popular SanDisk SSD Plus with 1TB is currently in the price slide. At MediaMarkt there is the SSD with 1TB as cheap as never buy. In addition, MediaMarkt rings with the Black November the countdown on the Black Friday. Already now numerous technology products are to be ordered at favorable action prices.

For whom is the SanDisk SSD suitable?

The SanDisk SSD Plus can be plugged at the most widely used SATA interface on the most widely used SATA interface. This allows lower data rates than the modern PCIe. But who are protected by 535 MB / s in the reading process and 450 MB / s, which gets a data memory with a very good price-performance ratio with the SanDisk SSD. Currently the SSD can be purchased as cheap as never, with 1TB capacity you can order the SanDisk SSD Plus at Mediamarkt for only 69 Euro \ – free shipping.

Buy: SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB at Mediamarkt for 69 Euro

What does the Black November be offered at Mediamarkt?

Media market is not waiting with its bargain offers to Black Friday on November 26, but always rings hunting for cheap technology products and Christmas presents with the Black November. Among the best price offers can find TVs, storage products such as SSD and HDD, gaming accessories, smartphones and much more. Until the 10th of November, brand items can be purchased in Black November at MediaMarkt.

Selection of the best price offers at Mediamarkt

SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB SATA-SSD for 69 euros
LG OLED48A19LA 48 inch OLED TV for 699 euros
Sony XR-77A80J 77 inch OLED TV Perfect for PS5 for 2,499 euros
Fire TV Stick 4K Max Streaming Stick for 36.99 euros
SanDisk Portable SSD 1TB 2.5 inch external for 88 euros
Motorola Moto G60S smartphone 128GB for 225 euros
Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard Mini Red Switch for 88 euros
Apple Watch Series 6 Nike 44mm for 383.939 Euro
Bose QuietComfort 45 Over-Ear Headphones Noise Canceling for 315,99 Euro

Are CHEAP Budget SSD's Worth It...!? (AliExpress)
Buy: All offers of the Black November campaign at Mediamarkt

Further interesting actions are regularly available at Mediamarkt and Saturn.

By Andreas Szedlak
04.11.2021 at 13:00

Start November Games

Sega and Microsoft unite forces to create great new generation games with Azure

Go way to start November. SEGA and Microsoft have announced a new collaboration focused on the development of new generation video games. This strategic alliance will allow the Japanese company to produce large-scale titles in an environment centered on Azure, the platform in the cloud of the American firm that continues to facilitate technologies.

This union has been made public through an official statement where more aspects of it are detailed. In the text is talked about the initiative, which bears the name of Super Game and points to Global Games and large-scale production. In fact, specifically refer to terms such as Global, Online or Community to define the project, which can not give very specific details.

With the world now more connected than ever and widespread implementation during these years of 5G and cloud services, consumers can easily enjoy high quality entertainment content at any time, says the statement. The ecosystem surrounding the videogame industry continues to evolve and expand as new tools and more sophisticated technologies are located.

This alliance represents Sega looking towards the future official statement of SEGA For all these reasons, videogames continue to grow as a central medium for players worldwide, with access to a wide catalog of game experiences and communities each More diverse, he continues. This alliance represents Sega looking towards the future, working with Microsoft to read these trends as they are accelerating in the future, with the objective of optimizing development processes and continue offering high quality experiences Players using Azure Cloud Technology.

The collaboration will seek build new technological evolutions having as a priority the network infrastructure and the communication tools necessary for global online services. In addition, they mention that SEGA can adapt effectively to different work styles, as well as possible futures infrastructure changes.

We want to use the development capabilities of SEGA and the Microsoft Yukio Sugino statement technology, President of Sega Corporation We seek to advance even more in the development of our games so that fans around the world can enjoy From our titles, has declared Yukio Sugino, President of Sega Corporation. In this sense, we want to build an alliance that makes use of the powerful development capabilities of Microsoft s avant-garde.

As we have already mentioned, no project has been discussed in mind or games in preparation for the future. The collaboration and central axis have simply been announced, but it has been constantly using a very ambitious language, unusual in a sega that has suffered the effects of the pandemic in their recreational halls in Japan.

Microsoft and SEGA Join Forces in a new Alliance! Azure Cloud is the Future!

Microsoft, on the other hand, is in a better way with its new generation machines: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Despite the scarcity of components, sales are being a success worldwide and the company aims to strengthen its Stock of consoles facing Christmas and some of their most important releases of the year.

Organizing Committee Games

6 000 per day Limited Jista November 3 Ticket Sales Start

The Gusta Organizing Committee will start ticket booking on the Gima official website from 10 am to 10 am on November 3.

Gesta 2021 is a policy that lowers the field congested by limiting the daily position to prevent the 19th spread of Corona 19. As a result, the ticket can be selected by date / time, and purchases it by time, and at least 10 am (3,500 sheets) and 1 pm (2,500 pm) are allocated. Booking is available for one person by date, and sales finish is 6 nights on the 16th. If all the tickets are all sold, they can be early.

In addition, adults (only 18 years of age) among the general participationors (only 18 years of age) can only be observed within 3 days of the vaccination (14 days) or the Visiting date. Then youth do not have to be vaccinated and inspected, but it is a courtroom, such as a parent, such as a parent in the ticket booking.

And for the fans that are not pre-booked or for the difficult fans, we broadcast on November 17 (Wednesday) to November 17 (Wednesday, November 17) through the Gusta TV Channel opened on Twitter TV channels. Major events and presentations on the field booth are conforming to the participation company.

In addition, participating companies have been working on pre-recording content, and booth tours that operate directly in JaSta. Second in November, it is released among weeks.

Meanwhile, the Gusta TV channel is operated on African TV, twitch, and YouTube on October 29th. At 7 pm on October 29, the pre-promotional program Street Together Gesta (S. Biji) is released, and a total of six weeks and Friday will be released every Tuesday and Friday every Tuesday.

Organizing Committee Games

Gesta 2021 November 3 General Village Ticket Booking Start

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-Soo] The Gesta Organizing Committee (Chairman Kang Shin-cheol, the Organization Committee), from 10:00 am on November 3, the official website of the Gimaara (November 18 to 21, 10 am to 6:00 pm to 6:00 pm ) Proceed with ticket booking.

It is a plan to maintain the application of 4-step protrusions, which will be held in the government and the WITH Corona system, regardless of the WITH Corona system in the government and dismantic authorities.

Nov. 1, 2021 - Private and Local bills Committee Proceedings
All attempt tickets are dictionary-booked and limited to a monthly sales quantity of 6 per day. In addition, it is divided into 10 o clock (3,500 pieces) and 13 o clock (2,500 pieces), and 1 person is available for the date. As a result, the sale can be earlyed when the sale of all tickets is completed before 6 pm on sale.

In addition, in the case of adults (only 18 years of age) among the general protests, only the vaccination completion (14 days) (14 days or more) or the PCR voice identifier (character certification) within 3 days of visiting is observed. This is a description of the despite the protection of the minor prior to the vaccination, but the protection of the minor prior to the vaccination is determined by the rule of the vaccination.

For fans who are not in advance or are difficult to visit, we will conduct live broadcasts for 5 days from November 17 to 21 through the Gesta TV channels opened on the field-centered online broadcasting on the site of Africa TV and Twitter TV. In particular, we plan to collaborate with participants to disappoint the main events and presentations on the field booth and the promise of fans who can not be visited by vividly broadcasting.

In addition, the pre-recording content of the participants, the booth tour in the Gusta, and the new sports tournament using the field stage, and the E-Sports Competition, and the Jupa 2021 Game Cosplay Awards (participating until November 11). The second week of the second week of November is scheduled to be released.

Meanwhile, the Gusta TV channel is operated on African TV, twitch, and YouTube on October 29th. At 7pm on October 29, the pre-promotional program, the Street Together Gestar (S. B. Geji) is the first published, and the total 6th and Friday are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday every Sunday.