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Horizon Forbidden West: The graphic renovations according to Patch 1.14 in the video

Spot 1.14 not only brings a brand-new video game plus mode and a brand-new level of difficulty. Furthermore, Guerrilla Gamings has actually boosted the visuals, which shows a freshly gotten here comparison video clip.

Exactly what has transformed? The programmers have actually finally eliminated the annoying flickering in performance mode, which has been a trouble considering that the launch. Consequently, the photo high quality has visibly boosted. Amongst various other points, the particle results now look extra lovely. Nevertheless, the performance mode is still the best alternative if you affix fantastic relevance to the resolution.

When once more for repeating: The resolution mode offers you a 4K resolution as well as 30 structures per secondly. In performance mode, on the other hand, you obtain a 1800p display screen and also 60 FPS. Now that flickering belongs to the past, dramatically extra gamers will tend to execute style. There is barely a PS5 video game that is so lovely to take a look at for the 2nd in steady 60 images.

40 FPS mode as well as VRR will come quickly


In the close to future, fans can expect one more video game mode. On the main PlayStation Blog site , Narrative Supervisor Ben McCaw revealed that the next upgrade will include a 40 FPS option. Such a mode was additionally subsequently contributed to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart as well as was well obtained by the gamers.

In addition, VRR support will be included, which synchronizes the resolution as well as framework price. This function can remove more disturbing results. As soon as the upgrade is readily available, we will certainly inform you promptly.

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Horizon Forbidden West has actually been available for PS5 and also PS4 considering that February 18 of this year. Below is the modified performance mode in the comparison video clip:

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What precisely has transformed? The designers have finally removed the frustrating flickering in performance mode, which has been an issue given that the launch. In the near future, fans can look onward to an additional video game mode. On the main PlayStation Blog , Story Director Ben McCaw revealed that the following update will certainly add a 40 FPS alternative.

FIFA 22: Community Prediction TOTS – The first Team of the Season of the season

Below we report our Team of the Season Community that will be made available in a few weeks in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode.
Without a doubt the event dedicated to TOTS is one of the most expected of the FIFA 22 Community and fans of the popular mode Fut 22 .
Ea Sports will elect players who have distinguished themselves for their performance during the championship.


Players, carefully selected, will be available in the form of special players objects within the fut packages for a limited period.
FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch.
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The Team Deathmatch of Rainbow Six Victories is a warm-up mode, no support wheels

To familiarize yourself with the gameplay of Rainbow Six victories, it can be a steep learning curve for new players, and Ubisoft is aware of it. On the way to the seventh year of content for victories, Ubisoft announced that new onboarding measures come for his tactic shooter – although the new team-Deathmatch mode is not included.

In conversation with The PC Player 24, several members of the development team of victories explain why Team Deathmatch was not developed for newcomers – despite the fact that it is a “less serious mode played with friends, according to Associate Game Director Christopher Budgen, can”..

“Although we believe that TDM offers a great opportunity to learn the weapons of victories, we do not consider it as onboarding mode,” says Budgen. “Our dedicated user base will feel this mode as a fantastic way to start your play sessions… You are challenged in TDM much more than in a mode like Training Grounds.”

Budgen explained in detail why this is the case and raised two core features of the mode. First, unique operator gadgets are restricted in Team Deathmatch. Budgen believes that many newcomers will have difficulty learning to learn complete operator kits – and they will have no chance to find out the right counters that “in [victory’s] other playlists.”

In addition, the team Deathmatch mode of victories will also have its own, based on capabilities-based matchmaking system. This should “keep competitors on trot and prepare properly [Them] better for the enemy that shoots sent back,” says Budgen. “This new mode creates a fun, safe space for players to warm up your technical skills” before plunding in cooperative modes and ranking playlist of victories.

Your time test has paid off! ???? Y7S1 brings the long-awaited new and permanent team Deathmatch mode to victory! It’s time to run and shoot! pic.twitter.com/wrj88rfzxd

  • Rainbow Six Siege (@ rainbow6game) 19. February 2022

Team Deathmatch may be for experienced players a nice place to warm up, but if it is not a place where beginner can control the mechanics of victories, how will Ubisoft then record the new players who attract it with his packed year-7-roadmap Hopes?

The developer wants to “polish the experience for newcomers,” says Aurélie Debant, Game Director of Victories, and the introduction of additional tutorials is just the beginning. Ubisoft also plans to add a comprehensive shooting range and a detailed user manual that can be accessed in the game. However, it looks like the winning team still had an eye on additional modes.

“We know that the current winning game modes for casual players are sophisticated and stressful,” admits debant. “We want to examine new game modes, which are more accessible and offer a pleasant experience with less pressure.”

With a Permanent Arcade Playlist planned for Y7S4, players can expect a greater variety of modes in the future – which gives the players a break from the Grind of the ranking of Rainbow Six victories. Team Deathmatch will not be a new Stützrad future, but new arrivals can be sure that later in year, more help is on the way.

Bridge of Spirits reveals photo mode and a new band

Pokémon House, elegant Pokémon HOUSE, is both a free mobile application and also a Nintendo Switch over video game established by ILCA as well as published by The Pokémon Firm, component of the Pokémon collection, released in February 2020. Its major use is providing cloud-based storage space for Pokémon. Various other usages involve being a substitute for the Global Trading System (GTS) that was omitted from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, as well as the capacity to transfer Pokémon from the previous storage space system, Pokémon Financial institution for the Nintendo 3DS, in addition to Pokémon Go.

The game based on history Kena: Bridge of Spirits is almost there, but Ember Lab has some last minute ads to do before the day of the launch – and he makes these ads in the form of a new trailer . PS5 owners will be able to access multiple exclusive features, including more than 200 game help videos and full support for PlayStation activities.

PS5 owners will also have the opportunity to play in loyalty mode, which gives priority to the cinematographic experience, or in performance mode, which gives priority to the gameplay. Fidelity mode is locked at an IPS image frequency with a native 4K resolution, while the default performance mode of the 60-IPS target PS5 and an improved 4K resolution, allowing you to choose how you want to view your film. Pixar playable.

PC players may be happy to hear that Kena: Bridge of Spirits supports DirectX 12. However, all players will be able to get your hand on the photo mode of the game, which will allow you to pause action for Stage the characters. You can also dress the adorable Kena rot companions with optional hats, if you wish. And let s admit it, we all want to see the root wearing small hats and smile at the camera.

We are very happy to share the cheese! Function in photo mode, shared Hunter Schmidt, Animation Director of Ember Lab. When players have defined their perfect photo angle, they will have the opportunity to ask the characters from the photo to say Cheese! And take the pose. Many characters have several poses, so you can take a wide variety of fun photos in the same place. I am very impatient to see what types of photos the players will capture!

While the release date of Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets closer, we have more and more reasons to wait with impatience the launch of the game. Hoping that the game is up to the expectations of the players.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be launched on September 21, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Asterix Obelix Slap Them All At Teutates The fight starts from the end of November

On November 25, 2021, Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! (From 49.99 € for pre-order) for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One appear. It will also be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S (downward compatibility). The game is a 2D beat’em-up, in which the two comic gallier beat the army of Roman legionns, pirates, robbers and normans. Slap Them All! Provides a single player mode and a local co-op mode for two players. Voice issue will give it in English, French and German.

The manufacturer writes: _ Responsible for the development of Asterix & Obelix: SLAP THEM ALL! Is the Developer Team of MR Users Studio, which attaches great importance to make this adventure as faithful as possible. Therefore, it decided to get the visual The style of the game as close as possible to keep the comic books, which is why the characters, the scenery and even the animations are drawn completely by hand. This game is a true tribute to the 2D animated classics of the series and offers a unique style, the comic Fans and retro players are accomplished in some cases. Unlike the recipe of the magical funicer is the gameplay concept of Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! Simply structured and does not have great secrets: it consists of the core mechanisms that Fun of a classic beat ‘EM up, round off, rounded off a pinch of local co-pop mode! At Jupiter, at teutatoes … these gallier are crazy! _

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