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PlayStation Plus Sony reveals the 3 new free

Shortly before the end of the month, Sony reveals which new free games PlayStation Plus players can look forward to October. There are two of them for everyone, one, however, remains subject to owners of a PS5.

PS Plus in October: The new free games at a glance

From 05 October PS-Plus subscribers can dust three new free games again – among them a new ego shooter, a golf game and a brutal beating game. Here is the overview:

Bright Let Loose (exclusive for PS5, in PlayStation Store)
PGA Golf Tour 2K21 (in the PlayStation Store)

Mortal Kombat X (in the PlayStation Store)

12 months PS-Plus subscription at Amazon

New PS-Plus games at a glance

With Mortal Kombat X all fans of beating games come to their costs. Unlike Tekken, Street Fighter and Co. is in Mortal Combat, however significantly harder to the thing .

Not only injected here and then a bit of blood, who lands a critical clamping hit at his opponent, also tears him out of the spine or blacked him in two halves .

No wonder the game in this country has received a USK release from 18 years .

Significantly sporty it is at PGA Tour 2K21 too. In the golfing, you do not use your racket to break the skull of your counterparty, but just tries to promote your golf ball in the hole as possible as possible.

A great innovation in the recent part is the career mode , which allows you to play the career of a golfer. Alternatively, you can also show your friends online in multiplayer mode, which you have on the box.

New Horizon Forbidden West Details, Jim Ryan To Reveal Future Of PlayStation, PS5 Games On PS Now
Exclusively for PS5 players, there is the NEXT gene shooter bright LET LOOSE , which kidnaps you again on the battlefields of the Second World War. The tactic shooter relies on realism and huge mass battles with up to 100 players .

You can save the free PS-plus games between 05 October 2021 and 01. November 2021 . After the deadline expires, the offer changes again.

Neverwinter Xbox

Xbox Series X S agrega Dolby Vision Gaming

Diablo II: Reanimated is an action role-playing computer game co-developed by Snowstorm Home entertainment and also Vicarious Visions as well as published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a remaster of Diablo II (2000) and also its expansion Lord of Devastation (2001 ). The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X and Series S on September 23, 2021.

The owners of Xbox Series X | S with televisions compatible with Dolby Vision can now experience images and improved colors in their consoles. According to Xbox, more than 100 next-generation HDR titles optimized for next-generation platforms will have Dolby Vision, and thousands of HDR10 games and Auto HDR will also see visual improvements. More Xbox games will benefit from the function in the near future, with Halo infinity cited as a specific example. Apparently, Dolby and Xbox will work closely to ensure that developers have the tools to use this technology, either through the Xbox or engine system of that specific game.

With Dolby Vision, epic worlds, as lush tropical jungles or futuristic neon cities, come alive with more alive colors. Dolby Vision deepens his immersion in the experience by allowing him to see an enemy hidden in the shadows or detect hidden tracks through expanded contrast and better clarity in bright and dark scenes , writes Katie Slattery of Xbox.

Microsoft and Dolby will also work with television manufacturers to make Dolby Vision sets so fluid and automatic for so many televisions compatible with Dolby Vision as possible. Ideally, this should allow the best Xbox games to be better, at the same time as providing less headaches to the least knowledgeable of technology. It will be interesting to see how certain games benefit from this function! On the Xbox website, the company uses ori and the will of WISPS as a current example, and it is not difficult to imagine how the colors of the game could benefit from the function.

Xbox users can verify if their TV is compatible with Dolby Vision on TV and Console Screen options in 4K TV details . Televisions with the function must have next generation game settings, such as low latency (ALLM) automatic mode or variable update frequency (VRR). Xbox warns that televisions who do not offer this configuration may experience latency problems during the game , so players will want to verify their configuration before submerging. Hopefully, the configuration is easy to handle and helps players to make the most of their next GEN console!

Are you happy that Dolby Vision comes to Xbox? What do you think about the function that is added? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Playstation Store Game

PS plus October 2021 Lineup for PS4 and PS5 jellact

Over the week, PS plus games will be announced for October 2021. And it seems that the surprise will be limited. Because once again it came to a leak.

Since the same source is responsible for the new leak , which was already correct for September 2021 for September 2021 , the still unconfirmed information has proper weight. If it stays there, then in October 2021, the Games Hell Leet Loose , Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21 await you. Below a few corner data:

Bright Let Loose (PS5)

Publication on the 5th of October
Metascore: 79 (PC)
User score: 7.3 (PC)

Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

Published in April 2015
Metascore: 83
User score: 7.8
Regular price: 19,99 Euro
Product entry in the PlayStation Store

PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)

Published in August 2020
MetaScore: 76
User score: 6.3
Regular price: 59,99 Euro
Product entry in the PlayStation Store

The official announcement of the PS plus games for October 2021 is expected to be done next Wednesday within the time between 5 and 6 pm. We will point out to you in time with a separate message.

You can not download it immediately because the new free games can be activated on the following Tuesday in the PlayStation Store. On 5 October 2021 in the time between 11 and 12 o clock the deployment should be made.

PS plus games for September 2021

By next week, you can still use the PS plus games of the current month. As soon as you have packed them in your PSN library, you will be able to use them permanently. Which games have been unlocked for September and what they have to offer is you experiencing in this message . It is Overcoooked: All You Can Eat for the PS5 and two PS4 games.

PlayStation Plus can be subscribed for a fee. The price varies depending on the term. If you decide for a one-month membership, you pay 8.99 euros . In the three-month and annual memberships, it pays a total of 24.99 euros or 59.99 euros , which results in correspondingly lower monthly amounts.

Other messages on PlayStation Plus:

Premium variant with Crunchyroll?
Decline of membership numbers? That is behind it

PlayStation Plus offers various advantages. This includes the instant Games Collection, which gives you a monthly at least three games without additional costs, including a PS5 title. On top of that, there is access to online modes, special discounts, cloud storage, and now and again exclusive actions like betas. More about PlayStation Plus We are ready for you in our topic overview.

Other messages on PlayStation Plus.


Aliens Fireteam Refreshingly action packed and entertaining aliens

One should mean that popular Sci-Fi like Alien, Predator and Terminator offer the perfect template for great games. Instead, we have been showered with a lot of ram since the 1980s, with a few some exceptions.

Fortunately, recently, representatives such as Terminator: Resistance and the Fantastic Alien: Isolation of entertaining solo entertainment, only for multi-player enthusiasts, it looked in all the years Mau. Some games with multiplayer content are still on the index today, Predator: Hunting Grounds is Magere Diet and Alien: Colonial Marines We prefer to lay a cloth of silence. Lastly, there are only fan patches of coarsest mistakes, but continues to suffer from bustless Ki companions in the fight against irritant aliens.

With Aliens: Fireteam (Buy Now 39,49 €) Elite from the California Developer Team Cold Iron Studios consists of a bright spot, because that sets the focus on third-person action with ferene aliens, which each of you and two comrades through four campaigns with each Three action-packed missions want to the leather.

Keep the ass jaws together and make you work!

We write the year 2202, about 23 years after the events in Alien 3. As a latest marine access, you are dealing here your service on the spaceship called USS Endeavor on the way to planet LV-895. Have you created your soldiers and rather styled, you will find themselves in the hangar of said vehicle. The game does not offer first-person mode. Everything is running in third-person perspective, but plays supple and there is never a lack of overview. Source: PC Games

You can recreate your exterior at any time and chooses, incidentally, whether you are a shooter (soldier), destroyer (area damage), technician (support) and Doc (healer) better. After completing the campaign, the scout (Sniper) is adopted as a reward. Each of these three specializations provides an ability to familiarize you better, because in higher levels of difficulty, planning and the skillful use of the respective talent is needed – later more. By the way, not every class can use any weapon. As a DOC, for example, to the famous M41A rifle of Aliens, while the destroyer even heats the slimy opponents with a flame thrower variant of the SmartGun. Of course, this affects the fame of each class.

The USS Endeavor also serves as a lobby and hub for equipping and accepting missions. In the absence of intermediate sequences, contacting NPCs in Small Talk about the events to the story, as well as already played and upcoming missions.

See all 9 pictures in the gallery

The Hangar on the USS Endeavor serves as a lobby and hub, for equipping and accepting missions, as well as talks with NPCs.
(1) [Source: PC Games]

TWD: Saints & Sinners - Mastering ALL the Weapons!
Smokes you!

Speaking of shooting iron, of which there are just under 40 pieces, provided with individual damages and three extension slots for among other mouths, magazine extensions and destinations. The essays will be unlikely to be free in numerous game runs after the missions, she finds in hidden boxes or buys them at the designated dealer. By the way – as well as the boxes – new emotes, skins, colors and stickers for your weapons and purely optical armor are ready, of course only against hard credits and a special currency.

Of course, firepower is not everything that you need for survival in the part of hectic cars. For further free circuits, in addition to weapons, you also increase every class separately through acquired experience points. Classes are still available here many so-called benefits that improve their skills. They may only set them out of the missions and should think the compilation well through, because the intended slots are limited.
The story is largely told only by talking with NPCs. Much also gets you in radio traffic in missions. Source: PC Games Before each mission, you have the choice between the beginning of three difficulty levels. Two more activates you only after completing the campaigns. With optionally usable challenge card, you make the mission history even more interesting, but most difficult. The cards not only offer advantages like more credits and experience per degree, but often influence starting values, a malus like damage over time and worse.

I m synthetic, but I m not stupid …

Loners soon realize that a real game fun is unfolded only with human Navy colleagues. Although the first two levels of difficulty of campaigns with two computer companions are relatively easy to master. From the third stage, however, it quickly becomes clear that, among other things, Friendly Fire and more damage through opponents of human colleagues make indispensable. This tells her at the latest if the artificial companions again arbitrarily throw grenades, or fire blindly into the crowd. In addition, they pipes on the use of any additional capabilities and you can not give them any orders. Namely, certain sections require urgent planning, such as the erection of guns and mines. Fair, you will receive the note from the game, when you waive synthetic better. This is important because the higher levels of difficulty are hard to cope with real players at first.
Weapon effects, as here the flamewrooter, are not only impressive, but in a hectic situation in the hectic situation quickly turns your point of view. Source: PC Games

Maybe I can get out of this horrorstory?

Graphically not groundbreaking, but quite appealing, it is varied and atmospherically through a refinery as well as on the surface and later inside the planet LV-895. To look around and admire, there is no time, because countless alien hordes are permanently glowing your runs. From the first second, it goes violently to the point, time for breaching there is hardly any. Of the 20 opponent types, consisting of aliens and androids, 11 are provided with common skills through which they explode for example in acid bubbles, jump, spit, circulate or maritime. Unfortunately, missions are always similar. Almost always you shoot you to an event area, pushes buttons or seeks objects and defends this section. This is repeated until the main and secondary tasks are completed. Only the last mission varies here to the end, but we do not want to betray you too much. Each class has two weapons slots, as well as room for additional capabilities, advantages (skills) and two consumables. Source: PC Games

While the developer promises that the opponents could overlap you, they use the walls and blankets at attacks, come from the ambush and from the side, but in most cases they simply storm in masses on you. Thanks to a motion tracker in the interface, you always keep track of the overview. Striking: If your missions inevitably play more often, you soon find that you will be constantly appearing at the same starting points.
As soon as you have brought all the campaigns behind you, in the freshly unlocked Horde mode against endless waves of Aliens is also violent.

How often should I repeat you the same story?

When all the weapons, benefits and optical delicacies names your own, numerous play lessons. Twelve missions on approx. 25 minutes of playing time sounds a lot, but the flee through the same process quickly on the motivation. At most the adjustable levels of difficulty for the personal challenge motivate for a long time. Aliens: Fireteam Elite also makes the impression that more content could be replenished easily, such as further Ingame bonuses, new game modes and even campaigns. Of course, this is only wishful thinking on our part. Until then, we may hold the daily and weekly challenges in your mood.
Incidentally, we looked at the PC version for the test. Owners of an Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5, as well as Xbox Series X / S also have been through the Hive since 24th August. CrossSplay is only supported in the respective microcosm of the systems, only Xbox players with each other and owners of Sony products go only into action.

My opinion

Christian Zamora
[email protected]

The well-funious Coop / Horde shooter in the Aliens universe with a lot of potential upwards.

Fortunately, it is not a new aliens: Colonial Marines! The sound effects are authentic – especially the recognizable weapons sounds. There is stopless action and plenty of material to improve and find. Nevertheless, an AHA effect will occur for me sometime. I had a lot of fun testing, just like sexual intercourse, it is unfortunately usually boring. And because I have to play the same missions again and again, which also resemble in the process, for me soon the air was out. A PVP mode in which players take over the role of Aliens (Left4dead greetings!) Would be awesome. Modes like Infestation, Survivor and the Predator License, as in an indexed title of Sega, would still enhance the game with long-term motivation. Until then, the 40 € is still an acceptable price for a few hours of Coop fun in the Aliens Universe. From Christian Zamora editor 15.09.2021 at 17:02


Season 0 distribution start also in the portal play FPS Splitgate domestic PS4 store in implementation

1047 Games has started delivery on the domestic PLAYSTATION STORE in the multiplayer shooter Splitgate .
This work features FPS that can experience fast match multiplayers, and features a battle that made full use of the warp portal. Beta test was started from 2019 for PC, but the number of players increases as the formal release schedule will be delayed indefinitely due to the start of cross-play support for the console in July 202 was doing.

RaiderZ in 2021
Although it is a beta for such a work console, it was available from Japan at the beginning of July, and the PS4 version was delivered overseas only with the Xbox ONE version. With this PS4 version delivery start, PlayStation Store is also enabled to purchase in-game currency.

Splitgate season 0 is distributed for basic play free for PS4 / Xbox One / Windows / Linux (STeam).


15 Strange video game stories from 2019 that you may have missed

Truth is stranger as fiction and 2019 was proof of this.

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Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077

CD Project Red has some pretty big expectations of cyberpunk 2077, but none of us really knew what to expect at the E3 2019. The developer was present, but what could possibly present it? The answer was Keanu Reeves, who appeared at the end of a new cinema trailer at Microsoft. But that was not enough – REEVES itself would show up on stage and in response to a fan to the meanwhile famous you’re BreathTaking! – line lead.

PlayStation Music Video plagiarizes animations

PlayStation has released a music video that contains all its largest coming games for the coming months next to some animated snippets. Some people, however, noticed that the animation was literally copied image for image from other plants such as Steven Universe: The Movie and Flc. The trailer has since been removed from Playstation Japan’s Canal, but was still not in the left field.

Stellaris Mobile Game Cribs Halo Art

Paradox Interactive surprised his fans with the announcement of Stellaris Galaxy Command. The mobile version of the successful great space strategy pushed on mocking … and quickly became another case of obvious plagiarism when halo artworks were discovered in the game. Paradox has brought the game quickly from the shops and there is no update when it could return.

Majoras mask dream

The legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask was first released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000 for the first time in 2000 and has a pretty committed community for quick-run (similar to other Zelda games). Interestingly, when experimenting with an error found that players can penetrate into a test room that contains ladders, block puzzles and more. It is limited to Japanese copies of the game, but it is crazy to believe that such a territory existed all the time and was only discovered now.

Not half-life 3 confirmed

Had someone ever thought that a new half-life title would appear, even one who was not half-life 3? How about it if it would be exclusive to VR and would help the firewatch developer Campo Santo? While Half-Life: Alyx’s concerns about the question arise as to whether the consumers are rising in the VR Combi or not, Valve Index was quickly sold out until Christmas (the owners received the game for free). Most important is perhaps the fact that the game is published pretty soon – in March 2020.

Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition Helmet Included Form

Another chapter in the Fallout 76 debacle was written as Gamestop issued callbacks for the Collector’s Edition Power Armor Helmet due to the high mold level. This could mean respiratory infections, especially for persons with weakened immune system, damaged lungs or an allergy against mold, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although the incident was limited to the exclusive red Gamestop helmet, there was unwanted that only 32 of the 20,000 produced helmets were actually sold.

Metal Gear Solid: Video game or US intelligence project?

Despite all the wild theories that have many of us for Metal Gear Solid 5: the phantom pain and chapter 3, nothing can surpass the assertion of the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartolov, the series is the work of US intelligence. At a parliamentary round table discussion, Kartolov said, this is an example of projects aimed at promoting the active protest activity and the dissatisfaction of young people with the country’s authorities. How would Death Beaching be classified?

Nintendo Switch and Joy-con Drift

Anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch may probably like him, but will also admit that he is not perfect. Joy-Con-Drift was, for example, a problem that has been reported by several consumers since the start. Sure, were there only a few individual cases? Actually No – Nintendo started at the beginning of the year to instruct customer support teams to repair the faulty Joy-CONS for free. But the problem was the problem that also concerned the most recent switch Lite that a collection claim with 18 climbers was pending. Nintendo has not recognized the problem immediately, but those who are confronted with problems encouraged to contact them.

Pierre Takis arrest due to drugs

Sega’s verdict was published in December 2018 for Japan and seemed to be on the way to his publication in the West. There was only one problem: The synchronizer Pierre Taki was arrested in March 2019 after he had admitted drug use. Sales for the game were discontinued in Japan and Sega apologized, although ultimately it would replace Taki’s name and image for the Western publication. Surprisingly, this was not the first time that a Yakuza spokesman was replaced due to drug detentions, as actor Hiroki Narimiya from Yakuza 4 came from the same reason.

People head goes down, reforms under Bethesda

Before the loot of Arcane studios should become a reality, the developer Human Head Studios worked on the official continuation of Prey 2. It would eventually be annulled under rumors of the sabotage from the IP owner Bethesda. Human Head developed Rune 2, but was shut down only one day after the start of the game. It turned out that Bethesda’s studio was commissioned by founding the Roundhouse Studios. Ragnarok, editor of Rune 2, did not see himself grown and sued the former Human Head Studios, because they refused to provide Rune 2 code and assets as they were not communicable and unavailable weeks before the start. Curio and curiosity indeed.

Silent Hill in real life

Calm in peace, P.T. and Silent Hills. While the latter may have been able to change the franchise for better, it seems that the developer team had some interesting ideas how to scare fans. Apparently, the game would send e-mails and messages written from the perspective of game characters, even if they did not play. For such functions a waiver would have to be signed, as they go into the real life. Whether these ideas could appear later or not, maybe in a future title of Kojima Productions, remains to be seen.

Super Smash Bros. Creator works with IV Drip

Japan is known for his work ermal, but the inventor of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, brought things to a ridiculous new level. At one point during development, the man suffered from symptoms due to food poisoning. Instead of sitting in a hospital, Sakurai announced at the beginning of this year that he had accessed an infusion and just went as normal to work. Given the controversy about the crisis in the development, Sakurais prompted statement the fans, clearly to say that they should just go hospital, damn again.

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Film Design

Nobody really expected that the Sonic The Hedgehog movie would look good, but many were still shocked about how terrible Sonic’s design was. Even the creator Yuji Naka commented on how strangely the most popular – or once most popular – Igel looked. In an unexpected step, the film was delayed to redesign Sonic, where his new look has recently been revealed and much more praise has received. The movie is still awful, but what can you do?

Half-Life 2 NPCs can flash again

Before Valve Half-Life: Alyx announced for Valve Index, it has released his first patch for Half-Life 2. What has changed? Fixed a bug that prevented the flashing of NPCs. You are now able to heal the worst case of potentially dry eyes in video games. So that they do not believe this was a troll, portal 2 has also received an update with some essential corrections and functions.

Arena of Valor

PS plus September games from morning August

Sony will shut down the PS plus games for the current September this week. This happens in tomorrow’s Tuesday expected in the time between 11 and 12 o’clock.

Until the change of the PS Plus range, you can continue to load the games that have been provided last August. Especially new customers who have used the recently announced Taster offer for 1 Euro should therefore not wait long and quickly pack the games into their own library.

As always: are the games in the player’s PSN library, they can be used permanently as long as the PlayStation Plus membership is active. Below is the overview of the PS plus games for August :

  • Hunter’s Arena: Legends (PS5)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (PS4)
  • Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4)

Further details about PS Plus games for August can be found in this message .

PlayStation Plus in September

The PS plus games for September 2021 were announced . In the current months, three games await you again, one of which is intended for the PS5. Download from tomorrow without additional costs, you can therefore:

  • Overcoooked! All You Can Eat (PS5)
  • HITMAN 2 (PS4)
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4)

It remains: As soon as you have packed them in your library, you can use them as a PS Plus subscriber fully.

In October, another PS plus games will be unlocked. And the appointments can be predicted because Sony usually holds on a proven pattern. Thus it is to be assumed that the announcement of the PS plus games for October 2021 will be made on September 29, 2021. The activation is expected to be activated on 5 October 2021.

Other messages on PlayStation Plus:

  • Premium variant with Crunchyroll?
  • Decline of membership numbers? That is behind it

PlayStation Plus beats with about 60 euros to be booked , but can also be booked monthly, whereby the costs in this case are extrapolated higher. The advantages of a membership include the PlayStation Plus games, special discounts, the cloud storage for your scores, special actions such as betas and the like, as well as access to the online modes of PS4 and PS5 games. Our previous messages to PS plus are listed in our overview.

Garena AOV - Arena of Valor - [MOBA] Gameplay Android/IOS

Other messages on PlayStation Plus.

(*) On links to Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and some other dealers are usually affiliate links. With a purchase we get a small commission with which we can finance the free usable site. You do not have disadvantages.

Monster Hunter World

PS plus get a month now for only 1 in the PS Store Advertisement

In the PlayStation Store there is now PS plus cheap on offer: For a month you pay only one euro. The deal is only available for those who have no active subscription yet. Whether your PlayStation Plus has already subscribed to earlier, on the other hand, it does not seem to be. The offer runs for a week and ends on September 9th. Here you find it:

PS plus: 1 month for 1 € in the PlayStation Store

If you stop the subscription now, you will get both the games for August (Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 and Hunter’s Arena: Legends) as well as the new September games officially announced the day before yesterday will be available from 7 September. These are Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (PS5), Hitman 2 (PS4, PS5) and Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4, PS5).

__12 __2

more on the subject

Finally a good PS plus month: Many fans are looking forward to the September-lineup


What PlayStation Plus has else to offer, we have briefly summarized here:

What does PlayStation Plus offer?

1. Online multiplayer

PS plus you need primarily for the online multiplayer. There are only a few PlayStation games that you can play online without the subscription, most of them free-2-play titles. For all other games, your PS plus is limited to the singleplayer or local multiplayermatches.

2 . Every month free games

With the subscription of PS Plus you get at least two PS4 games every month. Since the release of the PS5, there is usually even a PS5 title on top. You can play the games for free as long as your subscription applies. If you interrupt the subscription and renew later, you also have the old titles available again. At the moment you get, as already said, the August games Plants vs. Zombies: Battle of Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 and Hunter’s Arena: Legends. From September 7, there are Overcoooked: All You Can Eat (PS5), Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

3 . Exclusive discounts

PS-Plus members often get a few percent additional discount on certain games at Sales in the PlayStation Store and can make much cheap bargains. There are also sales again and again, in which you get with PS plus generally the double discount.

Monster Hunter: World - Before You Buy

4 . Share Play

PS Plus you can use Share Play. So you can play with friends as if you are in the same room. This means that you can even put the control in SinglePlayer games, even if the other person does not possess the game concerned. You will learn more about Sony’s Share-Play Info page.

5 . Cloud Saves

If you want your scales to be permanently safe, no matter what happens to your PS4 or PS5, you can save them with PlayStation Plus in the cloud. As a result, you can continue to continue your game anytime from another console. 100 GB of storage space are available.

PS plus: 1 month for 1 € in the PlayStation Store

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