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Elden Rings best weapons after the new patch and how to get them

During the lEldent months, the vEldent majority of Elden Ring players achieved unanimity when determining which are the best Builds. However, The recent update 1.06 hElden brought some bufeos (rise in power) and nerfeos (reduction of power) of certain very popular weapons in the community. Elden you know, some large weapons whose virtue is brute force have notoriously improved their benefits. So, What are the best weapons in August 2022? We propose some with which you will sow chaos in the intermediate lands.


The best weapons of the moment in Elden Ring

SpEldene of the grafted leaf *: You can get it Elden a reward for to defeat the chief of the Morne cEldentle , at the southern end of the crying peninsula. It is very powerful even before starting to improve it, especially after the improvement that all the swords have suffered after the 1.06 update.
Hound fang : It wElden already one of our favorites when we made the complete Elden Ring guide. It is very powerful, it is not precisely slow for its size and the best, it inflicts a lot of damage due to bleeding (bleeding). In addition, getting it is very eEldeny and you can count on it almost from the beginning, since is the prize for overcoming the eternal jail of the desolate hounds *. It is the proof that is in the south of the necrolimbo, just before crossing the bridge to the crying peninsula.

Great gargoyle ax *: You can get it defeating the gargoyle that appears on the staircEldene on the outskirts of Leyndell, the capital . Scale with force (c) and skill (e), so it is valid in the cEldene you have a balanced Build. When the speed is improved and recharges with the new update-something applicable to all the great axes-becomes a very powerful and versatile weapon.
blEldenphemous leaf : It is obtained with the memory of Rykard, the final chief of the volcano mansion. Scale with force, skill and faith (all D) and between the improvements of its category and the fact that it hElden 121 of physical damage, 78 of fire damage and 100 critical damage *, is very powerful. In addition, it hElden a good range and is less heavy than others in its clEldens. A safe, very funny bet of driving.

Aokzoe portable console produces about 60 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring

Aokzoe introduced its own portable Windows Consol, in which the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor was installed. This is an 8-core 16-flow stone on the architecture of Zen 3+, in the addition to which there is a built-in graphics RDNA 2 in the amount of 12 computing blocks.

The company published a small video in which Forza Horizon 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring and Monster Hunter World are launched on this console. Unfortunately, we have no information about the settings used in these projects, but the resolution probably was 1920×1200 points. As a result, in Monster Hunter World and Forza Horizon 5, the console shows more than 100 frames per second, and in Cyberpunk and Elden Ring is kept around 60 frames.

The release of this console should take place in the fall of this year, but we have no information about the price yet.

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“Summer Game Fest” in 2022 is held in June-Jeff Key Lee mentions the thoughts to E3

Jeff Kurie announced that the 2022 “ Summer Game Fest ” will be held in June.

Summer Game Fest & Playstation | Elden Ring And GTA 6 | TLOU2 PS5 Upgrade | Warner Bros. Up For Sale

In 2021, the release date is announced with the new gameplay trailer of “Elden Ring”, which is a highly attracted digital event “Summer Game Fest”, but it was decided to be held 2022 An event of the year was revealed that June is scheduled.

Another Keile’s Hosted Key Relief has a Twitter account, and also mention “E3” that has been announced by the 2022-year-old online event. He says “E3” such as “E3” that he has not had enough fans, “I will continue fighting to think right for the game-and I do not intend to stop.” Also, in a way that responds to other users, this year’s event is very compact or tweeted to share feedback.

“Summer Game Fest” in 2022 will be held in June. It is also planned to hold Kickoff Live, including announcements, news, and fast look.

Elden Ring: Build Faith, What weapons privilege

Whether to be winding boss or player, good equipment is needed. And if the possibilities are numerous, some weapons and capabilities come out of the lot. This is particularly the case of the confessor on ELDEN Ring, using his faith for and his strength to overcome his enemies. But still need to know what to equip it with effective in all situations.

A starting class?

Even though it is possible to re-specialize after a while, some classes are more optimal than others to start. This is the case for the Build Faith of ELDEN Ring, where the confessor is ideal. Its basic attributes are perfect for rapidly equipping the first essential objects, in addition to enjoying correct starting spells.

* Build Faith Mid Game *

It is possible to quickly recover tools to complete this build that will last very long. It is then sufficient to distribute the minimum attributes required for use, and focus on the others thereafter. The goal is to have enough to survive and launch your magic without interruptions. The armor worn little, as long as the load equipped remains average.

** Distribution of statistics ****

Unlike other classes, it is not necessary to invest a lot in the main attributes at the beginning. The goal is to fulfill the conditions of use of the weapon, life, endurance and the mana are to prioritize at the beginning of the game.

The 7 BEST Dexterity Build Weapons in Elden Ring - Highest Damage Dex Weapon Guide!

Main statistics

Secondary statistics

* Weapons and spells *


* Build Faith Late Game *

The end-of-party build faith requires having advanced enough in the game to unlock the weapons, talismans and the necessary spells. Do not enjoy any specific armor, keep an average load is always vital. However, it is possible to take advantage of more withdrawal equipment. The Blasphematoire offers a better combat distance, which the Swordfish of the deicide does not offer.

** Distribution of statistics ****

Once the minimums are achieved in Mid Game, focus on faith is essential to maximize its damage. However, a little strength and dexterity can be appreciable to fulfill the conditions of use of certain weapons.

Main statistics

Secondary statistics

Tertiary statistics

* Weapons and spells *

* Weapons and spells *


Based on faith, this Build Paladin is particularly effective in ELDEN RING. He is able to overcome many bosses easily, and use black flames to burn the life of his opponents.

Elden Ring: How to get the Cinquedea

In the world of Eldenring , players will spend a large part of their time to explore the world and struggle against massive enemies, and they will be surpassed quite often. If you work in the deeper parts of the game, you must make sure that you can strike quickly, hard and targeted. While the premise of a dagger may not sound particularly inspirational, you can get a great weapon in your hands, with which you can move precisely and strike as you damage your enemies fair damage.

If you are looking for such a dagger, it is urgently needed Cinquedea Dagger And if you follow us, you will be able to find this item what you need to lead him, and what he in the Time will do you spend to become an Elden Lord.

Elden Ring – Place and Use of the Cinquedea Dagger

If you are looking for a weapon that is outstanding for your fits on magic-based build , or something that helps you to deliver up close and personally a few quick beats, with the Cinquedea Dagger you can not go wrong. If you find this weapon, you need to visit B Holy Sanctuary in Caelid . You want to start with the west side of the sanctuary and follow a number of drops to get to other platforms. If you go downstairs, to the bottom, you will continue to forward and you will find this Cinquedea Dagger If you go on, you will also get an excellent in your hands Talisman, * * The Dragoncrest shield ** What helps you in the loss of damage.

Although the total range of this weapon is pretty short, it has a damn strong strike 98 physical damage while only required 10 force and skill . That is, if you have spent all your hard-earned stages to increase your magic, you only need a little job to achieve this for yourself, and you have a great way to make up close damage if you have it are in deepest distress.

You will also unlock the arms activity Fast step , which helps you come faster from the danger zone, and get closer faster than ever before to deliver a fatal combo to those who earn a quick punishment. And since the only thing you need to do to get this item into your hands is a light platforming, it’s worth the time and effort that you need to get him as you have a mighty weapon, but a great Talisman get process.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

[ELDEN RING] How to find the unique dagger, Cinquedea + Dragoncrest Shield Talisman
– This item was updated on 17 March 2022

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring: How to get the Cinquedea Dagger

Update 1.03 of Elden Ring adds NPCS and missions and changes the balance of some objects

Elden Ring has published his 1.03 patch, and even though the number does not seem to be a great update, the truth is that it is the most substantial update so far. You can read the very long notes of the patch on the official Bandai Namco site, but we summarize the most notable changes.

To begin with, there is new content related to the NPCs. New missions have been added to diall frames, Nepheli Loux, Keneth Haight and Gostoc; In addition, a totally new NPC has been introduced, Jar-Bairn, which you can find in Tarroburg, and that it has its own line of missions. The possibility of invoking NPC has been added in some concrete circumstances and, perhaps more important than all this for some players, a function has been added that allows us to point out the location of a NPC on the map when we find it, which will facilitate enough Follow the stories.

On the other hand, some of the most remarkable bugs of the game have been solved: for example, the one that made the weapons do not escale with the arcane attribute. In addition, different errors have been corrected that made some objects do not work correctly.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Nerfing Buffs - NPC Markers - Balance Of Items - Captain Steve Talks ER News
Finally, there have been many balance changes. The appearance ratio of forging stones has been increased as a booty by defeating some enemies, the effectiveness of the shield has increased, the damage of some throwing objects has increased and, perhaps the most tragic part, some of the ” Tricks “most used by players to pass the toughest segments of the game: tears mimic and stomp. On the other hand, many spells have lowered their manna cost, and others have increased their duration or damage.

Elden Ring: How Rune Farm Quickly

If it is possible to finish the game without further progressing in its levels, increase its attributes remains a major asset to strengthen its avatar. In ELDEN RING, these are the runes that allow you that, but it is not always obvious to know where to go for the Farm. Because if the bosses drop a lot, it is not possible to repeat them once dead. Fortunately, some areas make it possible to get a lot of runes quite easily.


The more level you will level, the more runes will take to increase the attributes of a character. It is therefore important to have good quantities, especially to avoid confronting walls during progression. As soon as an enemy blocks you, having the opportunity to go to a zone to accumulate runes makes it possible to better prepare for the confrontation. This will greatly facilitate adventure, but also coming coming. It is particularly possible to find 2 essential areas for this, one for the beginning of the game, and the other for the middle and end of the game.

The best corner for Farmer in Early Game

At the beginning of the game, almost everything that exists in this world is more scary than you. However, it remains possible to quickly recover a lot of runes to increase your attributes without taking too much risk. After recovering torrent, go directly to the third Church of Marika in the necrolimbe. By going behind, you will find a teleporter at the end of the river. Use it to be powered directly to Bestial sanctuary in Caelid.

How to Get 12 MILLION Runes an Hour - Best New Method Rune Farm - Easy Endgame Levels - Elden Ring!
Here, follow the road to find the grace below by killing the monsters on the passage. These are quite resistant, but very affordable from the first levels. Just kill those present until the shores of the sanctuary before teleporting again to the grace of the viaduct of Farum . By doing this, the monsters will reappear directly, allowing to chain. Each creature leaves an average of 1000 runes, which is more than enough to progress easily.

the best corner for Farmer in Mid and Late Game

The second technique asks to complete some prerequisites easily achievable from the beginning of the game. However, the monsters of the area are high and therefore have a significant number of life. In addition, she asks to have already defeated at least Goldrick the grafted to be exploited. Once this boss is dead, a new room is unlockable at the table of grace. Talk to the fingers to learn a new emote, and go back to the grace of the beginning to find Varried. The latter has changed place, and is now at the church of the rose in Liurnia. Those who killed this NPC will be forced to wait until the end of the game and the area of ​​ dedicated snowy fields to get there.

Go on his search to learn the mechanics of invasions, which will have to try. Invade players 3 times to validate the goal. When it is done, Varried gives you the favor of the Lord of the Blood that it will take soak in a corpse. The simplest thing is to go to the four belfry to be teleported to the introduction zone, beat the boss if it is not already done, and return to the church where the without-burst appears To find the body.

You will receive a medallion by returning to see Varré. If you told you not to use it right away, do it anyway to teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace . Climb the stairs behind to find the card and a grace, before driving yourself into the forest. Go straight away by avoiding enemies, and go up on the cliff to find the grace of the cornice leading to the palace . It is here that everything is located, a slope filled with monsters easy to kill and leaving many runes. It is better to privilege the shots in the area to get rid of it quickly, and teleports to grace to start again.

These two areas are the most effective for fast rune farm on ELDEN RING. However, this remains a redundant activity that can save you the bet or unblock a specific level. To be more efficient, the gold scarab makes it possible to increase the gain of runes.

Elden Ring: If you kill Mistfresser?

Play through ELDENRING You will meet many other stained. Most who meet you will be on the Roundtable Hold. Eater is one of these stained, which they will encounter in the hold. He may not be the most friendly person who will encounter them in Elden Ring. He has some similarity with another character that has occurred in former dark souls games. Although Dung Eater shares the properties of Siegmeyer, it does not offer the player nearly so much stuff. Let us think about whether it is worth killing the Mistfresser in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - What Happens if You Kill the Tutorial Boss? (Elden Ring Secrets)

Due to kill Mistfresser in Elden Ring

If you meet Dung Eater for the first time in the Roundtable Hold, you will not kill him. You have to start his quest series to have a chance to kill him at all. If you decide to kill him, he drops his full armor and the sword of Milos. You will find him in the bodied room in the festivals of the round table. You need a seedbed Curse to start his quest series and get the chance to kill him. If you talk to him about the Seedbed Curse, Dung Eater will ask you to give you the Sewer Gaol key.

As with the Rosenkirche, in the sewerings under Leyndell, you can farm some items in the area to which you have access now. This area is the same place where you can find Eater after giving you the key. You find him locked in a prison cell below in the sewer. After you freed Dung Eater, he leaves a message for you on the round table, in which he says he wants to fight. Before they fight against Dung Eater, they should go through the quest series of Blackguard Big Boggart, since Dung Eater is part of it. If you kill Dung Eater before, he will not emerge to kill big.

The main reason why you want to kill Eater is his sword. The sword of Milos is a great sword with the built-in ash gray cry of Milos. The best thing about the sword is its hidden effect. Every time you kill an enemy with the sword, you will receive five FP. This is great for non-magical and magical users, the latter can have difficulty fulfilling both the power and skill requirements for the sword. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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What is the exact time of unlocking Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated video game releases in recent years. Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware and created in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, promises fans, especially fans of the Soulsborne genre, a fantastic new fantasy role-playing game with an open world.

Players who do not wait to plunge into the world of Elden Ring can count on the fact that the terms of global releases will differ. The image through the ancient ring-spinal account on Twitter provides several basic periods of release, but players should be followed by their time z1. We listed information for you below:

  • PT.
    • Console: February 24 – 21:00 on Pacific time.
    • PC: February 24 – 15:00 by Pacific time.
  • Kt.
    • Console: February 24 – 23:00 CT
    • PC: February 24 – 17:00 by Pacific.
  • Et.
    • Console: February 25 – Midnight local time.
    • PC: February 24 – 18:00 East time

How to play Elden Ring?

Elden Ring will be released on most of the main platforms, including PCs with Windows, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Release date – February 25, 2022. Players can pre-order the game on most of the main consoles.

Want to know what else you need to know before playing in Elden Ring, and want to know more? Check how big is the download of Elden Ring? In professional guidelines for the game!

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