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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Neues Nightrunner

A week back, Dying Light 2 Stay Human received a totally free brand-new phase that was the beginning of the post-launch support that Techland wishes to preserve for 5 years.
With the linked upgrade 1.4, players also received a brand-new ranking system and also join the Nightrunners.

For the conclusion of head money as well as goals, players obtain call factors and proceed to rise in the ranking.
The designer reveals the incentives that swing when climbing and give you access to the most effective equipment of the city in a new trailer.
In it you can also see the dangers that are waiting for you in the form of old and also brand-new opponents.

Dying Light 2: Release date, novelties. All about the arrival of the New Game +

Quickly mentioned in February and then became a more tangible reality at the beginning of April, the New Game + will soon land in Dying Light 2. Release date, novelty… We tell you all that there A to know.


Dying Light 2: What date for Newgame +?

In an official announcement published today (which can be seen the video in header of this article), the developers of Dying Light 2: Stay Human announced the imminent arrival of the new Game +. A feature that allows players to start a game again with almost all things acquired during their first trip. It is on April 27 that the game will host its 1.3.0 patch, and with him the New Game +.

The arrival of this New Game + is therefore a promise run by Techland, which had announced at the beginning of April implementing this game mode in the following weeks. Nevertheless, this feature was long overdue since the players already asked for it shortly after the game was released.

Dying Light 2: What are the new features of the New Game +?

In addition to the possibility of starting history again with the progression of your first adventure (and therefore to choose other dialogus options), the New Game + also adds new elements. For example, 30 new inhibitors to increase the health and endurance of your character will be hidden to “Endroits not very accessible. In addition, enemies will obviously have an adjusted level compared to that of Aiden while “rencontres in gold“. These special meetings will be a real challenge for experienced pilgrims , with special enemies with various forms. There will also be a new quest entitled “ Somethe big thing has been there“. This New Game + does not arrive alone since many technical adjustments have been made by Techland such as bugs related to Coop mode (infinite death loops) or even adding a cursor to change the field of vision (only on PS5 and Xbox Series.

In any event, Techland is faithful to his words: the developers of Dying Light 2 want to make it a lasting game, whose longevity would allow content for five years. It must be recognized that with the arrival of the New Game +, the players will have something to have fun.

New Game Plus Release Date And Information For Dying Light 2
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3 hours ago

The game is fun, among other things thanks to a very exhilarating parkour, easy to handle, and also to the map which is very pleasant to browse.
But for the rest, it’s not crazy. Compared to the first, the game is much easier, outings at night are no longer stressful, for me there was clearly a downgrade in terms of play sensations.
Not to mention the too many bugs that breaks the immersion, personally it was the drop of water, it’s just hellish. (on PS4)
Hopefully this patch corrects that.

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Dying Light 2: Should you kill the Unresser in Carriers IV?

Dying Light 2 has a wealth of side quests where you can dictate certain results from you. You will not change the game as some important decisions in the main story, but you will influence the results more on a personal level. In a quest series called Carriers comes a point where a recipient tells you, that it will be blackmailed, and wants you to worry about the types that bother them. Here we discuss the decisions that you can make in the fourth part of this quest series, Carriers IV, and whether you should decide on the Destiny of your opener in Dying Light 2.

If you kill the blackmailer in Carriers IV in Dying Light 2?

As the Survivor lady suggests, a man has blackmailed her and she wants her to kill him in essence. This becomes a conflict of interest for Aiden, as it is only a messenger and does not really interfere with the matters of the customers. If you tell her “In no case” , she will be mad at you. She will make you a guilty conscience by saying that you basically have left them to death. This option ends the quest and you must return to Driscoll for your next order.

If you “agree to make the blackmail” choose , you will be commissioned to find this man to see what really happens. That does not necessarily mean that you will do your dirt work and kill him.

Dying Light 2: Carriers full sidequest - all choices

Do you have the money for the blackmailer?

As soon as they arrived at the place of residence of the Unresser, he will be scared that they were slammed into. They confront him with that he has blackmailed the lady from earlier. Without further context, he just asks her if they have the money. If you decide to give the money , he will be surprised that you help her. He will also tell them that they are disgusting and dishonorable and dull the reputation of the carrier. The mission ends here by returning it for your next order to Driscoll.

If you say it to the blackmailer “You do not get anything” , you will threaten the man essentially because he has blackmailed an old woman. The blackmail does not take on these words well and misses you a mud beat. This will introduce a fight against him, where you will eventually kill him.

No matter what choice you meet, AIDEN will report Driscoll with the same line. “That was an adventure. And a mystery on top of that. “Either way, you will either lead a dialogue and learn that you are a bad person, or you kill the guy and get some money.

Dying light 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC. A Nintendo Switch Port will be published later this year in 2022.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human | Graphic comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X

Dying Light 2: Stay Human debuted lXbox Seriest Friday on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It wXbox Series one of the first weight releXbox Serieses of 2022, and since it could not be otherwise, The digital Foundry specialized portal hXbox Series already been put to the work to elaborate a graphic comparative between consoles **. Specifically, the focus wXbox Series placed on the new generation consoles of PlayStation and Xbox. Then we leave the breakdown and the full video.

  • PS5 and Xbox Series X – Standard mode at 1080p and 60 FPS | Resolution mode, in which the PS5 version runs at 3200 x 1800 and xbox series x at 3456 x 1944 (both at 30 fps) | Quality mode running at 1080p, with 30 fps and hXbox Series improved effects thanks to Ray Tracing technology.
  • Xbox Series S – Unique graphic mode without configuration options or Ray Tracing, with resolution of 1080p and 30 FPS (the goal also for the consoles of the pXbox Seriessword generation).

Dying Light 2: Stay Human - PS5 vs Series X vs PC Performance Review

A very anticipated sequel

Zombies never go out of style, and after the popularity that wXbox Series able to reach the title of 2015, Dying Light 2: Stay Human hXbox Series been one of the most anticipated launches of 2022. In our analysis (8 out of 10), we highlight the design From the scenarios, designed to make Parkour, a “main story with interesting characters” and the way in which the day and night cycle “Change the way of playing”. In our conclusions, we say that “ Xbox Series a whole, a title full of interesting ideXbox Series whose biggest problem is the traditional conception of open world , in the sense that we find ourselves with the clXbox Seriessic map full of points”. You can read the full analysis through the following link.

  • You may be interested: everything you need to know about Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is already Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Everything points to the title hXbox Series enjoyed a good premiere; The PC (Steam) version hXbox Series managed to spray the records harvested by the first installment, reaching a peak of 245,553 simultaneous players during the day of its launch.

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