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Rakuten Black Friday starts 20 oclock on November 18 Sale that can not miss the point up to 43 times or 9 600 yen off coupon distribution

This checklist provides an index of video clip game titles in Ban prestos Super Robot Wars franchise business, referred to as Super Robot Taken in Japan. Most of the video games in the series are tactical role-playing video games, but several video games standing for various other styles were additionally launched. Checklist is split by video game style as well as ordered by first release day. Only the original video games, Neo Super Robotic Wars as well as Super Robotic Wars Compact, had last managers that were not straight created by Ban presto.

Rakuten Market will be 10:00 to November 18 (Thursday) from 20:00 to November 23 (Tuesday) 01:59, once a year Super Sale Rakuten Black Friday It will be held. During the campaign period, numerous popular products are sold at a bargain price, such as Dysons cyclone vacuum cleaner and lighting integrated projector.

In addition, the attractions are also a lot of attractions such as the Buy Campaign and up to 9,600 yen OFF coupons where the acquisition points are up to 43 times.

Rakuten Black Friday Official Page

Buy a campaign entry and get 10 times points!

When you enter the Buy Campaign held during the Black Friday Period, points are doubled, three times and three times, depending on the number of shops purchased over ¥1,000. If you shop at 10 stores, you can earn a point of up to 10 times. Dont shop at many shops during the campaign period and get a lot of points! In addition, if you combine the buy campaign and the regular points, you can also earn up to 43 times super-mass points.

Also, If you use the Special Black Coupon that is distributed in order of first-come, you can use the Special Black Coupon, you can purchase products to be made even better! Special Black Coupon Gain Page is here.


Rakuten Black Friday Official Page

Sandisk Ssd Games

SSD cheap as never buy SATA

In not a few PCs, SATA SSDs and who a favorable price is more important than a maximum theoretical performance, which is still well served with an SSD with SATA connection. The popular SanDisk SSD Plus with 1TB is currently in the price slide. At MediaMarkt there is the SSD with 1TB as cheap as never buy. In addition, MediaMarkt rings with the Black November the countdown on the Black Friday. Already now numerous technology products are to be ordered at favorable action prices.

For whom is the SanDisk SSD suitable?

The SanDisk SSD Plus can be plugged at the most widely used SATA interface on the most widely used SATA interface. This allows lower data rates than the modern PCIe. But who are protected by 535 MB / s in the reading process and 450 MB / s, which gets a data memory with a very good price-performance ratio with the SanDisk SSD. Currently the SSD can be purchased as cheap as never, with 1TB capacity you can order the SanDisk SSD Plus at Mediamarkt for only 69 Euro \ – free shipping.

Buy: SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB at Mediamarkt for 69 Euro

What does the Black November be offered at Mediamarkt?

Media market is not waiting with its bargain offers to Black Friday on November 26, but always rings hunting for cheap technology products and Christmas presents with the Black November. Among the best price offers can find TVs, storage products such as SSD and HDD, gaming accessories, smartphones and much more. Until the 10th of November, brand items can be purchased in Black November at MediaMarkt.

Selection of the best price offers at Mediamarkt

SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB SATA-SSD for 69 euros
LG OLED48A19LA 48 inch OLED TV for 699 euros
Sony XR-77A80J 77 inch OLED TV Perfect for PS5 for 2,499 euros
Fire TV Stick 4K Max Streaming Stick for 36.99 euros
SanDisk Portable SSD 1TB 2.5 inch external for 88 euros
Motorola Moto G60S smartphone 128GB for 225 euros
Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard Mini Red Switch for 88 euros
Apple Watch Series 6 Nike 44mm for 383.939 Euro
Bose QuietComfort 45 Over-Ear Headphones Noise Canceling for 315,99 Euro

Are CHEAP Budget SSD's Worth It...!? (AliExpress)
Buy: All offers of the Black November campaign at Mediamarkt

Further interesting actions are regularly available at Mediamarkt and Saturn.

By Andreas Szedlak
04.11.2021 at 13:00