More than One month after the patch that introduced the winter festival in Fortnite, the 19.10 update finally comes to an end. Very expected by the community, particularly because it marks the great return of the most mythical city of Fortnite: Chopped floors . However, it will also hit a blow on the table in terms of new aspects. Among them, we will notice especially the Skin of VI , League of Legends Champion and protagonist of the Arcane series in Netflix, will come very soon as in the form of an appearance in Fortnite. And that is not the only cosmetic surprise of this 19.10 patch!

Aspects and new variants

As you can see below, the Plover agent will reach the island of Fortnite next to a complete pack that will continue to refer to other characters from one of the most popular series of 2021. Jayce will make a special appearance through his weapon Able to become hammer and shooting rifle, which will work as a peak for the champion, while the dear rabbit of which was once Powder will be, possibly, the backpack that you will have as ornament next to a Wallpaper that represents all the chaos that has been in Plover since the appearance of Jinx in the city and its terrible consequences.


Collection tools



Keep in mind that These are only filtration sat the moment , so there is no guarantee that all are published in the coming days. EPIC may decide to delay or even cancel the launch of certain cosmetics due to these leaks, but some as I saw it surely do not go through this. In turn, it is likely that other Arcane characters can make their appearance throughout this year to feed the hype that are around the second season, although also we will see many other new sagas that will come to the island unexpectedly And how sure you will force us to leave us a good number of turkeys in it.