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Far Cry 6 How to change the appearance of the weapon

Far Cry 6 INTRO - Anton Castillo Brutally Takes Over Yara // 4K 60fps
Far Cry 6 provides players access to a variety of weapons to use in their mission to free the Island nation of Yara of the dictatorship of Anton Castillo. These weapons are fatal, but that does not mean that they can not be beautiful either. If you wonder how to customize the Arsenal Arsenal aspect of Dani, we have it covered. Here is How to change the arms skins at Far Cry 6 .

How to change the arms skins in Far Cry 6

First, come together in one of Yara s many work banks. Select the weapon whose mask you want to change, then navigate to the appearance option in the lower left corner of the screen. The symbol of the appearance option is an eye surrounded by two arrows.

In this menu, you can choose a different spray for your weapon. When finding aerosol cans around the world at Far Cry 6, you can unlock more masks for each weapon.

In the weapons menu it is also possible to add or delete modifications, create new modifications, verify the statistics of a gun, etc. Basically, the work bank is the main place where everything related to weapons is customized.

That s all you need to know How to change the arms skins at Far Cry 6 . Take a look at our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

You can also check the related items to get more information about our Far Cry 6 coverage, including news that detail the cross content plans subsequent to the launch of the game, the functions of PC, the size of discharge and installation on each platform, And more.

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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 6 Giancaro Esposito Dresses Gustavo Fring Ant n CGustavo Fringtillo and responds to the fans in a video

The tight end (TE) is a setting in Football, sector football, and previously Canadian football, on the offense. The tight end is frequently a crossbreed placement with the characteristics and roles of both an offending lineman Gustavo Fring well Gustavo Fring a pGustavo Frings receiver. Like offensive linemen, they are normally lined up on the offending line and also are huge sufficient to be reliable blockers. On the other hand, unlike offending linemen, they are eligible receivers proficient enough to necessitate a protection s attention when running pGustavo Frings patterns.
Due to the crossbreed nature of the position, the tight end s function in any kind of provided crime depends on the tactical choices Gustavo Fring well Gustavo Fring approach of the head trainer in addition to total group dynamic. In some systems, the limited end will simply act Gustavo Fring a 6th offensive electrician, rarely going out for pGustavo Fringses. Various other systems use the tight end largely Gustavo Fring a receiver, regularly making the most of the tight end s dimension to create mismatches in the protective additional. Several instructors will usually have one tight end that specializes in obstructing on running plays while making use of a tight end with far better pGustavo Frings-catching abilities in obvious pGustavo Fringsing circumstances.
Offensive formations may have Gustavo Fring couple of Gustavo Fring absolutely no or Gustavo Fring lots of Gustavo Fring 3 limited ends at one time.

Anton CGustavo Fringtillo is the president, the bloodthirsty dictator who tightens and tightens his citizens to take them all the blood from his body. He does it metaphorically, but also in a more literal way, at leGustavo Fringt when he torture those who oppose the terror scheme of him. Giancarlo Esposito, known for its roles in Breaking Bad (Gustavo Fring), and The Mandalorian (Moff Gideon) appears in four new videos published in the official account of Far Cry 6. Dressed Gustavo Fring his character, not only presents the Weapons of the guerrillGustavo Fring, but also answers the questions of the followers.

One of the issues that he responds is whether players can control his character in the video game. No matter how some interested in sowing the destruction between the guerrilla, the answer is that no, it will not be possible. I am the dictator who government, who do you think you are? He answers.

The funny thing is that Esposito does not appear on the screen Gustavo Fring the actor, but Gustavo Fring the same president. Is it evil diego? Some will wonder. Again with this. What is your definition of evil ? Some things that are perceived Gustavo Fring evil are better for people and they need to run to maintain order.

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the island of Yara, on the edge of the intestine war

Anton CGustavo Fringtillo became president after democratic elections, but he took him to love power above all. He believes that he is doing a favor to the citizens, who will return to shine Gustavo Fring an old , but meanwhile, the people suffer and the guerrilla begins to organize with a single purpose in mind: knock down the totalitarian regime that governs.

Far Cry 6 will go on sale next October 7 at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia. Those who acquire the previous generation version will have the opportunity to update without any kind of additional cost, on the line of other intergenerational products published by Ubisoft to date.

Neverwinter Xbox

Far Cry 6 Trailer Giancarlo Esposito ber Anton Castillo

Should you play Neverwinter in 2021?
Giancarlo Esposito takes over in Far Cry 6 (from 59.99 € at pre-order) known to the role of the villain or counterpoter – and in the following trailer speaks the actor about his character in the game: Antón Castillo. The shooter will appear on 7 October 2021 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store), Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Ubisoft +, Ubisoft subscription service.

Ubisoft: Far Cry 6 is an open-world ego shooter involved in the players: inside into the battles of the modern guerrilla revolution. On the island of Yara Strive President Antón Castillo to help his country for former glamor While he prepared his son Diego on his footsteps. But the paradise has his price. Improving his country to submit those who do not follow his vision. Player: Indoor EX-Military Dani Rojas and join the The revolutionary group, Libertad, on. As Dani, the fans experience adrenaline and chaotic guerrilla struggles in Far Cry style on an unprecedented innovative and creative way.

Last updated video: Giancarlo Esposito as a dictator Antn Castillo

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 6 Game has officially gold

Far Cry 5: Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Like Yaras El Presidente, Antón Castillo, now communicated, Far Cry 6 has officially reached the gold status. Thus, the publication on the 7th of October 2021 is nothing in the way and you can connect the guerrilla and burn the regime down to its basic festival. You can see the Deep Dive Trailer for Far Cry 6:

Far Cry 5

A long presentation video for Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game created by Ubisoft Toronto as well as published by Ubisoft. It is the 6th major installment of the Much Cry series for Amazon Luna, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, and Stadia. The video game is established to be launched on October 7, 2021.
The video game is set on Yara, a fictional Caribbean island ruled as a dictatorship by El Presidente Antón Castillo (depicted by Giancarlo Esposito), who is raising his kid Diego (Anthony Gonzalez) to adhere to in his regulation. The player plays guerilla boxer Dani Rojas, attempting to fall Castillo and also his program.

It is only in a month that Far Cry 6 will disembark on most market platforms. It is therefore high time for Ubisoft to take a point on its next open world with a nice overview of more than 6 minutes.

To counter the plans of the dictator Antón Castillo, embodied by the charismatic Giancarlo Esposito, the player will take control of Dani Rojas, who can be a man or a woman without changing the narrative experience. This is the meeting between Dani and Diego Castillo, the young son of the dictator, who will lead to a series of events leading to the heart of the guerrilla. A revolt that can be carried out alone or with a friend in cooperation mode.

After a few cinematics, the video offers us a great glimpse of Yara, this fictitious South American nation described as the rich world ever offered in the franchise by the cultural and natural diversity of its regions. These regions are home to groups and families with different stories but have all been left behind by the Antón Castillo program, which puts everything on the production of Viviro, a revolutionary anticancer treatment that the dictator hopes to use as exchange currency with the world.


Far Cry 6 – Presentation Trailer

NBA Live 18

Far Cry 6 In co op mode one pulls the shorter

On Yara, we can not only make the merciless dictator Anton Castillo alone, but also as Duo’s life. The missions in Far Cry 6 are designed extra on co-op and proved to be very entertaining in our allusion session, if not perfect.

Far Cry 6 iron out a few co-op wrinkles

Already in previous Far Cry-sharing we were able to play together in the coop. Far Cry 6 builds on Far Cry 5 and offers us the same fame at the core.

This means, among other things, that we can only enter the cooop from a certain point, Friendly Fire is disabled and us mutual through markings and healing support.

The set screws where Ubisoft has turned especially to counteract the disadvantages of the accedued players. So at all, so whether host or guest, the resources, equipment and experience points in your own world are transferred.

Besides, both get the same rewards donated. While this can also cause us to be something too powerful for the single player, but that should be defused by opponents who adapt to our level.

Other important facts about the coop in Far Cry 6 are also:

  • CrossSplay only within a platform: Only cross gene is supported, so PS4 with PS5 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X / s. PlayStation and Xbox and PC do not work with each other.
  • Cross-save without restriction: We can always transfer our score to all supported platforms if we want to change for the co-op.
  • PS Plus / Xbox Live Gold necessary: ​​ To play online Far Cry 6, we need active membership at PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold.
  • Matchmaking: If just no friend or girlfriend is available via Ubisoft Connect, we can rely on a public matchmaking.


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The big sticking point is back at the story

A criticism, but also Far Cry 6 has fallen again and confirmed by Ubisoft: Even if we take a lot from the coop with in our singleplayer, the story progress is still stored exclusively at the host.

So we can experience the game completely in the co-op, but not without previously free between host and guest. Thus, at the end of one still has the look.

Release and platforms: Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and the PC. We have summarized our first impression of a demo in a gameplay preview for you.

offers coop mode in Far Cry 6 enough to make insecure in the Duo Yara, or are the unilateral story progress too much?

Far Cry 5

Not So MMO Far Cry 6 Sneak Peek

There was a minute towards the end of among the very first significant areas of my _ Far Cry 6 _ hands-on sneak peek where I felt I might never ever proceed. It was frenzied: battling against the henchmen of Anton Castillo, the villain in this installation in the _ Far Cry _ franchise throughout 2 large watercrafts as myself and also the other Guerilla fighters aimed to run away the island and take the resistance to the heartland of Yara.

Over and over once again I discovered myself diving for cover, trying to get away the hailstorm of bullets drizzling down on me on all sides, all the while my allies fought Castillo’s dogs in their helicopters, boats and also even more. I passed away numerous times in this undertaking, but at some point I removed the boats of enemies and was able to make my way out of the reliable starter island and into Yara proper. I keep in mind rocking on my heels (the action was so extreme I actually needed to stand up at my workdesk while I played to better support myself), a smile vast on my face. This, this right seemed like _ Far Cry _: intense, huge set-piece fights amidst an extra sinister background, this time challenging against a ruthless totalitarian on an imaginary island established in the Caribbean.

_ Far Cry 6 _ Is the most up to date mainline installation in the franchise business taking gamers to the imaginary island of Yara (which is quite freely based on Cuba), as well as sets them into the function of Dani Rojas. The series allows you pick in between playing a female-presenting Dani, or a male-presenting lead character similar to various other Ubisoft games recently (most especially _ Assassin’s Creed Valhalla). _ Dani is entrusted with helping help a modern-day guerilla transformation movement, called Libertad, as they look for to free the island from oppressive Anton Castillo.

Castillo, for his component, sets an imposing existence the initial time he enters the frame. _ Far Cry _ has actually long been specified by its engaging villains, as well as Castillo really feels poised to stand amongst them as one of the greats based on simply minority interactions with him in our gameplay trial session. Spurred on by his vision to recreate heaven on Yara by using Viviro, a drug made form biohacked cigarette leaves which is handy therapy for cancer, Castillo seeks to keep his country concentrated on its manufacturing in order to bolster Yara’s area on the global stage.

Throughout my time exploring the vivid island of Yara, these marks were seen all throughout my travels. Shanty communities with bad, decrepit villagers having a hard time to make ends fulfill populated the landscape. Farms complete with armed guards, view towers and also even more to protect the item looked like veritable Ft Knoxes. The horseshoe-shaped island we started on was full of numerous areas to precursor, assault and just explore.

I actually delighted in the thick forest every which way, obtaining shed along the course just to be established aright many thanks to the different visual hints and also markers embeded in the globe meant to clue various other guerrilla’s towards camps, caches, hideouts and more. It was an amazing means to remind gamers of where to go as well as just how to arrive without counting on a compass pen or a waypoint– merely try to find heaven painted noting on a cliff wall surface or a rock along a path to see to it you’re headed in the appropriate instructions back to the Libertad hideout deep in the rocky and forest biome.

The personalities of Libertad are also special, though we were barely presented to every of them in minority hours we invested with _ Far Cry 6 . We got to play via the opening goals in the game, in addition to check out _ Far Cry _ as it opens a little later on in the story. Ultimately, co-op is involving _ Far Cry 6 , which we were able to take component in about an hour of co-op play, permitting 2 players to travel as well as complete objectives with each other where development is returned to your very own save video game, despite whether you were the host or otherwise.

_ Far Cry 6’s _ characters are all about liberating Yara from Castillo, and also each mission takes Dani one action even more in the direction of assisting Libertad on that objective. One goal had me penetrate what resembled an old Spanish colonial fort which had actually been developed up into a contemporary fortress only to swipe some material Juan needed to make me another important part of my arsenal– a harmful Supremo (in the early phases it’s primarily a rocket battery strapped to your back). An additional objective had me look for out an older team of guerilla’s to see if they can provide their weight to the reason.

Character as well as weapon modification substantially influence gameplay, either with an item of clothing that may safeguard you from fire better than many, or by arming your attack rifle with armor piercing bullet to obtain even more durable adversaries at the expense of incendiary ammo on a mission. Mix as well as matching your toolbox to be planned for any situation is critical also. A guerilla just obtains surprised once. Choosing the right lots out as well as exploring with what you like and don’t such as is essential to making certain Dani survives as lengthy as feasible to aid Libertad.

Like all _ Far Cry _ video games, your atmosphere around you is a play area as well. You can utilize height, explosive things around you and more to your advantage in a firefight, or go quiet and also stealth your means with Castillo’s henchman. I located myself attempting a mix of both– making use of materials gathered while checking out and also on goals, I had the ability to craft a silencer on my rifles, substantially lowering the sound each tool made when I would certainly infiltrate an adversary garrison. However, even these alterations have restrictions, as I figured out to my hinderance in the future in the playthrough. The silencer, for instance, is truly excellent the initial couple of shots, though as it heats up it’s generally ineffective at quiting audio from signaling neighboring guards to your existence. Weapon modification is crucial to guaranteeing you’re both able to come close to _ Far Cry _ with your unique playstyle, along with survive in the firefight. As Juan claims: constantly have the right device for the work.

Additionally at your side is a buddy, such as the two-legged, yet incredibly lethal pet dog Chorizo which has actually been seen mainly in the promotional products. A little alligator can likewise associate you early, though my favored buddy so far needs to be the Yaran Dictator-hating fowl, Chicharron. The pursuit chain to open this friend was hugely fun, following around Chicharron as he created havoc on Yaran strongpoints, destroying records in a neon-fueled rage in one goal, or sabotaging the introduction of a monolith committed to Castillo’s deeds in an additional. Chicharron was such an enjoyable friend to comply with about for a few missions, and equally as enjoyable to sic on an unwary guard once he made a decision to sign up with up with me.

As mentioned before, _ Far Cry 6 _ will certainly additionally include complete co-op, enabling two players to jump into the function of Dani as well as liberate Yara with each other. Throughout my hr or two with a colleague, it was interesting to see simply exactly how drastically we had built our characters throughout the playsession. I had gone extra sneaky, with silencers and even more that would certainly maintain me concealed until I can conceal no more. My colleague, however, was a little bit flashier, anxious to leap right into the warmth of the fight, Tostador fully ready to roast anything in its path. Doing minority missions we did (we both took pleasure in the Chicharron storyline), as well as one of the side tasks, a witch hunt that saw us adhere to a big seagull to a prize upper body at the end, was pretty enjoyable. Progression is saved for both personalities too, meaning you need not fret regarding losing time out of your single gamer video game – you pick right back up with every little thing you acquired in your co-op session as if the other Dani had not been even there.

As I went through the objectives themselves, especially at an early stage, while your strategy itself can differ, they all appeared rather familiar in the established. Go to X, scout the area with your phone, finish the objective. This was true whether I was looking the abovementioned fort or sitting atop a tower preparation how I would certainly destroy a Viviro farm. It felt a little bit routine and also I discovered myself deserting this strategy in the future as I discovered the island and completed missions for various other Yarans around me.

As well as Yara is absolutely attractive. I felt transferred to a tropical island frozen in time. OId cars populated the roads, antiques of a time before a stoppage would have been put on the island. Innovation existed, however Libertad seemed to have just a little number of modern gadgets, instead counting primarily on what they might make out of what they fed on throughout the land correct. The island itself is colorful, its thick green forests littered with dynamic plant (as well as pissed off wildlife). The gleaming blue sea twinkled as I drove around the coastline of Yara’s first island, reminding me that I was stranded there until Dani might clear the island country of its brutal tyrant.

The opponents themselves really did not seem all that clever early on, nevertheless. Though as I raised my guerilla rank and also obtained much deeper right into the island, they became much more well geared up and also more difficult to navigate. Once I had been put on the primary island with even more equipment, seniority and also a little further in the story so as to get a feeling of how it really feels a number of hrs in, nonetheless, the push back by Castillo’s pressures were a lot more obvious. Waves of adversaries really felt like they might overtake me anytime throughout an objective that saw me and a few other guerilla fighters defend an accident site that supplied valuable medical supplies to Libertad and also her allies. I had to have actually passed away at the very least four or five times as the soldiers flanked me or coordinated their fire on me as I tried to transfer to a brand-new viewpoint. It felt significantly different than also those very early hrs of gameplay– an indicator that Castillo was apparently clamping down on the Libertad resistance.

As a matter of fact, as you level up and advance throughout _ Far Cry 6 _, this is indicated to occur– Castillo will certainly send more patrols and also better qualified and equipped troops to dispatch the last of the guerillas on his island. This approaching in problem and challenge likely would feel extra steady as you personally advance your variation of Dani in the real game when it releases later on this year, it did feel a little jarring to just be thrown into it a couple of hours right into the demonstration, however.

That being claimed, I can not wait to invest more time running via Yara, discovering more concerning how to be guerilla boxer versus the ruthless Castillo when _ Far Cry 6 _ launches on October 7th.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 6 Story trailer introduces the tyrannical villain Castillo more closely

Far Cry 6 is an upcoming first-person shooter game established by Ubisoft Toronto and also released by Ubisoft. It is the sixth primary installation of the Far Cry collection for Luna, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X/S, and also Stadia. The game is readied to be released on October 7, 2021.

The video game is established on Yara, an imaginary Caribbean island ruled as a tyranny by El Presidente Antón Castillo (represented by Giancarlo Esposito), who is increasing his child Diego (Anthony Gonzalez) to follow in his policy. The player plays guerilla fighter Dani Rojas, trying to topple Castillo and his routine.

Far Cry is known for its villains. Thus, the dictator Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6 should provide with his tyranny for memorable moments. As a counter player, we hatch in the role of Dani (female or male) to put an end to Castillo and his questionable rule. With which motivation Castillo is and how Dani fits in the story, now explains a story trailer, which was shown on the Opening Night Live 2021.

Official Story Trailer - Far Cry 6

A paradise at all price

In the story trailer we get alongside Dani also some key figures of history. The focus is clearly on the villain Anton Castillo, which is played by the actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Thus, among other things, we come along that it is in Far Cry 6 around the cancer drug Vivrio, the Castillo manufactures under questionable circumstances. It becomes clear: he wants to make Yara for paradise to every price. He also does not shy away from inadite educational methods of his son Diego.

In return, we see Dani, who survives an attack on a refugee ship. Dani device between the fronts and ends up as a resistance fighter * in the rebel group Libertad.

Here you can watch the Story Trailer of Far Cry 6:

Start the guerrilla battles on Yara on October 7, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

All games and announcements from the Opening Night Live 2021

We have followed the complete Opening Night live show for you and summarized all the matches and trailers shown for you. Besides Far Cry 6, there was also something to see Saint’s Row Reboot and Cod Vanguard. Everything and more can be found in our ONL overview.

How much tells you the story of Far Cry 6?

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Gamescom 2021 Far Cry 6 tries to cure cancer in a narrative video

The balance of nature (likewise understood as environmental balance) is a concept that proposes that environmental systems are usually in a steady stability or homeostasis, which is to say that a small modification (the size of a particular populace, for example) will be corrected by some adverse feedback that will bring the specification back to its initial factor of equilibrium with the rest of the system. The balance is in some cases shown as quickly disturbed and also fragile, while various other times it is vice versa represented as effective adequate to deal with any type of imbalances on its own. The principle has been explained as normative, as well as teleological, as it makes a case about how nature must be: nature is balanced because it is supposed to be balanced. The theory has actually been utilized to define just how populaces depend on each other, as an example in predator-prey systems, or relationships between herbivores and also their food source. It is additionally often put on the connection in between the Planet’s community, the structure of the atmosphere, as well as the globe’s weather.The equilibrium of nature, as a concept, has actually been greatly rejected by researchers operating in ecology, as it has actually been located that continuous disruptions bring about disorderly and dynamic adjustments are the norm in nature. Throughout the later half of the 20th century, it was superseded by catastrophe concept and also disorder concept. Nonetheless, the concept maintains appeal amongst the general public.

The megalomanianes of our species love to lend itself to the exercise, and this is thus through a television interview that will remind you to the youngest hours of the darkest hours of TF1 that Ubisoft has proposed us to Discover the ruthless universe of Far Cry 6, and its Leader Maximo Anton Castillo. **

Viviro Per Lei

Resist% & StormGust Wing VS Universal Nature (Ninja Ele Field) Ragnarok M Eternal Love
The statesman is obliged to give change, since his television of the same nature has recently piped by rebels, who require the release of forced workers with a tobacco planting. Any resemblance to several political situations is obviously purely fortuitous. Or not.

It is that the Castillo guy, embodied by the actor Giancarlo Esposito, hopes to cure cancer thanks to … At the said tobacco, and a cure made in his non-tax paradise of Yara, the Viviro. for the It will always be necessary to put the fire around to overthrow an autocratic power, based on explosions and grenades placed in the mouth of its opponents. So that’s, freedom of speech?

FAR Cry 6 will be available October 7, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S . Ay Caramba!

Far Cry 5

The trailer of Far Cry 6 Story offers a closer look at Anton Castillo and Dani Rojas

Mark Allen (birthed 22 February 1986) is a Northern Irish specialist snooker player. He won the Globe Amateur Champion in 2004. The following year he entered the Main Trip and took only 3 periods to get to the elite Top 16. As a prolific break-builder, Allen has assembled more than 500 century breaks in specialist competitors.

Allen reached his initial ranking occasion final at the 2011 UK Champion. He needs to day won five ranking competitions– 2012 Globe Open, 2013 Globe Open, 2016 Players Trip Champion Finals, 2018 International Champion, and 2018 Scottish Open. Allen won his very first Triple Crown title at the 2018 Masters event.
Allen’s highest break is 147, which he attained in the 2016 UK Champion.

Players are entering the final stretch of the year, and with that comes a group of triple titles. Those who wait with anxiety Far Cry 6, Undoubtedly, one of the most important games that were launched this year, received a new advance in history during the Gamescom, throwing some additional light on the antagonist of the Game, Anton Castillo, and the protagonist, Dani Rojas. Of course, the trailer also gave more information about the history of Far Cry 6.

The trailer begins with Anton Castillo being interviewed by a news team, detailing some of the events that happen in Yara during the History of Far Cry 6. Apparently, Castillo has been using slave labor to create life, a cancer treatment derived from tobacco plants. Castillo seems determined to rebuild Yara’s paradise, regardless of the human cost of doing so.

Far Cry 5 - All Endings (Resist, Walk Away & Secret Ending)
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The trailer also reveals that Anton Castillo was a slave and was forced to withstand forced labor for 15 years. Castillo was imprisoned at age 13, which turns out to be the same age as his son, Diego Castillo, who will apparently play a fundamental role in the narrative of Far Cry 6. Anton spends much of the trailer trying to convert his son into another dictator , which will probably be a recurring element of history.