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Activision Blizzard: Microsoft CEO with confidence concerned with the authorization of the deal

Satya Nadella is positive regarding the authorization of the authorities for taking over Activision Snowstorm.

At Bloomberg Television, the head of Microsoft stated that certainly, every purchase of this size was analyzed thoroughly.
One is really confident regarding what will come out of it.
You remain in setting 4 or 5 in the video game market, Nadella also said.
Depending upon exactly how to count.

Sony had several takeovers as the leading as well as when it pertains to competition, they let us have a competitor, claimed Nadella.

Picross S8 will be published on September 29 on Nintendo Switch

JUPITER has decided to distribute joy by announcing that Pi cross S8 will be available at Nintendo Switch from October 29. As every delivery, it will be able to buy only in digital format through the shop for the usual 10 Euros.

We can play 300 monograms between the Pi cross mode and the mega pi cross, in addition to having 150 of Pi cross Clip, 30 Pi cross Color and another 2 of them of those of 30 × 30. As they usually do with the series, the game will reward us if it detects that we also have Pi cross S4, Pi cross S5, or Pi cross S6, and each of them will give us a big puzzle more as a prize for our faithfulness.

While it is not so novelty that of being able to use the touch screen to play, something that took to be implemented and did not reach the Pi cross S7 of the beginning of the year, it does surprise the new multiplayer mode. In it, they can play up to four users at the same time to refresh the usual formula and be able to solve the puzzles in company.


Above all, in any case, you can see the trailer with all the news.

The last one that we analyzed here was the Pi cross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition released on August 5 of last year that, as indicated by its name, the prize images when completing each puzzle were of large SEGA franchises as Sonic, Alex Kidd or Golden Ax, among many others. At that time, my partner Víctor Martínez commented on how in this Pi cross Nostalgia gives luster renewed one of the most brilliant (and constant) digital hobbies of today:

The nature of Pi cross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition remains that of a hobby in the strictest sense of the word, digital, yes, and distributed through a video game store (Switch’s shop, in this case), but hobby after all; If I say that it is not a video game, it is not because it is lacking, but for separating such a pure thing as pi cross from the dynamic depressing that sometimes make it more common to establish toxic relationships with the games that otherwise. This one makes me (he is doing to me: I have not finished it yet, and I am not sure that he does it) special grace for what he has of a nostalgic merchandising, but it is really like everyone else: so pure and so pleasant, so grateful; A hobby, not a commitment. Long live Pi cross!

Here you can take a look at the complete analysis.

Pi cross S8 will be published on September 29 at Nintendo Switch .

Filtration indicates the development of two Crash Bandicoot games

The week has started quite moved in the world of video games, since many images of GTA VI have just been filtered and also the release of game plays of the expected devil IV. But it seems that the whole matter of leaks does not end here, because Insiders comment that there are already two games of Crash Bandicoot currently under development.


The first of these is one that was already known and that until today it has not been officially announced by Activision , this is Jump League , which would arrive exclusively for cell phones. Although this time it will be different from the Runner that is already available, it could be a puzzles game, although there is nothing confirmed.

The second game is one that has not been heard previously, in the case of a conventional delivery of the franchise and of course, following the steps of the fourth canonical installment of the saga we saw a couple of years ago. Of course, the leaks of the latter as the title and changes in the gameplay are still quite unknown to all.

It is worth mentioning that developers would also be an enigma to discover, since the creators of the quarter part, toys for bob , were transferred to other areas of Activision . And for now, they are busy supporting other studies with the Call of Duty , because let’s not forget that he will soon arrive WWII and War zone in mobile version.

For now, the entire franchise can be enjoyed in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

NBA 2K23 Guide: Passing, Dribble operation, and Backhand Layup Operation

NBA2K23 is a competitive sports game that puts the entire basketball world in your hands. Many friends don’t know how to operate Passing, Dribble, and backhand layups in the game. Take your chances in NBA 2K23. Unlock your full potential. Show off your talent in a brilliant career—pair All-Stars with Eternal Legends in MyTEAM NBA 2K23. Let’s take a look at the introduction below.

Build your dynasty as a legendary manager or lead the NBA in new directions in Ultimate League. Play now and compete against NBA or WNBA teams for a realistic gaming experience.

Passing Guide

There are three pass buttons: [A] normal pass, [B] ground pass, and [Y] lob pass.

Ground Pass Information: The ground pass is useful for smaller players. It’s much simpler to pass the ball from below against a big defender.

When to use the touchdown pass: You can use the touchdown pass to feed the ball into the box, pass to the flank, or cut the pass.

Cross Pass Icon: The icon will appear below the receiver when making a cross pass.

When to use the lob pass: You can use the lob pass to feed the ball inside or as a long pass to start a fast break.

Control the server: When serving, press [RB] and then press the server’s action key to control the server.

Positioning pass guidance: Use positioning pass to guide teammates to the desired position by pushing the [left stick] and passing the ball.

Positioning the pass to the teammate closest to the basket: By pressing [LB], you can position the pass to the teammate closest to the basket.

Cancel positioning pass: After calling out the passing icon, you can press [RB] again to make it disappear.

Alley pass without a cutter: The ball will pass at will if no teammates are cutting in or near the rim.

Alley passes while serving: You can try an alley pass while serving. Look for players cutting towards the rim.

Pass through the basket receiver: To select a teammate who cuts to the basket, long press [Y] and push and hold the [Left Joystick] towards the player.

Player control when passing and cutting: If you do not release [A] to allow the ball to pass back, you will gain control of the ball bearer.

Ground Pass at the End of the Game: The ball does not start timing when it rolls on the ground, so the ground pass is very useful at the end of the game.

Full receiver control: After changing the “Place pass” setting to “Full receiver control” in the Controller Settings, long-press the player icon and use the left stick to control the receiver.

Pass type control settings: After changing the “Positioning Pass” setting to “Pass Type Control” in “Controller Settings,” double-click the player icon to hit the ground to pass and long press to lob a pass.

Pass Target Settings: Adjust the “Pass Target Settings” in the “Controller Settings” to adjust the importance of direction, distance, and openness when selecting a receiver.

Passing the ball: Press and hold [B] to make the selected receiver cut to the ball holder and release [B] to pass the ball.

Dribble operation skills sharing

Dribbling introduction: Quickly push and release the [Right Stick] to make a dribbling action.

Adrenaline Enhancement: In this game, you can freely deploy three enhancements when dribbling and attacking and press [RT] to activate. After all three enhancements are exhausted, your player’s explosiveness will be reduced for the remainder of the possession.

Player Style: Each player has a unique dribbling rhythm and style.

Use the dribble: Using the signature dribble to dribble in place or slowly forward is a great way to paralyze a defender, allowing for a sudden force cut to the basket.

Fallback Fancy Dribble: You can perform a fancy dribble while backing up and take a sudden step after the “dance” to catch the defender off guard.

Attacking from an angle: Choose a good angle when dribbling the ball. If you drive straight at the defender, there is a high chance of an offensive foul or a loss.

Dribbling fatigue: When the player’s physical strength is too low, he dribbles too much and may drop the ball.

Freestyle dribble rhythm: The slow-paced freestyle dribbling and fast combo move leave defenders scratching their heads.

Elite Ball Handler Fancy Dribble: High-rated ball handlers are quicker and quicker in their dribble moves.

Elite Ball Handler Combo Moves: The higher the ball handler’s rating, the more combo dribble moves are available.

Fancy dribble escape: Use the fancy dribble escape action to eliminate the defense and create space for shots.

Dribbling to attack the opponent’s defense: dribbling directly to the defender, often resulting in dropped balls or offensive fouls.

Physical effect: With the loss of physical strength, the continuous movement of fancy dribbling will become slow and may drop the ball.

Dribbling styles: Different dribbling styles have different strengths and weaknesses.

Dribbling (Low Stamina): When the Stamina bar starts to flash, the player will lose the ability to sprint, cut, and initiate bursts.

Dribble (Cold or Fatigue): Players who are cold or overtired will be unable to perform certain movements and have difficulty controlling the ball.

Dribbling (Hot Touch): Once a player’s touch becomes hot, their ball control will improve, and sometimes new moves will be unlocked.

Ball-handling vulnerability: The ball-handling player is more alert to stealing behavior when dribbling.

Keep the defender from guessing: To keep the defender from guessing your intentions, you must make your fancy dribble rhythm unpredictable.

Triple Threat: When a player has the ball, if he can choose to pass, dribble or shoot, this is the so-called “Triple Threat” stance.

Three-threat continuous action: When making a tentative step or stride, you can use the [Right Stick] to do more actions at will, such as turning, breaking through, half-turning, etc.

Three-threat pose: Different players have a variety of three-threat follow-up moves.

Consecutive Actions: “Three-threat” moves that can be efficiently connected, allowing defenders to guess your intentions.

Backhand layup skills sharing

Keyboard and mouse: run to the bottom line on the right and rush to the basket to press the keyboard 6, don’t press the keyboard 5. It will make a bottom-line pull-up layup, which is a backhand layup. If you still can’t, go
to the settings to see. There are tutorials. Go to your stadium and try it out.

Handle: Protrude from the bottom line on the right to the basket, do not press to accelerate. Turn the left
joystick to the left, and then turn the joystick to the right. Push and hold


The guide on Passing, Dribble operation, and backhand layup in the game NBA2K23 has been shared with everyone. In addition to being familiar with the keys for passing, various dribbling movements can be learned and mastered. I hope it will be helpful to everyone in the game.

GTA 6: Rockstar gives the face and confirms the leaks, but everything will continue as planned

After a fateful Sunday for the company, Rock star wanted to give the face after having received one of the leaks and the greatest and most important leaks in the history of the industry. Yesterday they began to circulate up to 90 different clips on the next delivery Grand Theft Auto, the most profitable entertainment franchise in history and one of the games (if not the first) that causes more expectation among the public.

To all this and with a persecution to countertenor of all the leaked contents and a search for the hacker, Rock star has launched a statement apologizing for everything that happened and seen over the last days.


A jug of cold water for Rockstar Games

We have recently suffered an unauthorized intrusion by third-party programs that have accessed and downloaded confidential information of our systems, including part of the development of the next Grand Theft Auto, says Rockstar Games account through Twitter. This confirms 100% that everything seen for several hours is completely real and they are clips taken from the 2019 version of the next GTA, so it is likely that its current development is much more advanced and ready of being Gold.

We are extremely disappointed because you have seen new details of our next game in this way. Our work in the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as planned, and we hope to offer you, players, an experience that exceeds your expectations. This also confirms that The project continues in front of if none of this had happened , which is a more than logic and above all good decision for all of us who look forward to the new delivery of this franchise.

The statement ends with a clear message: ** They will teach the game when they believe it is ready. This game is seen and the graphic and mechanical problems that it has despite the fact that the videos come from an extremely early phase of the video game. We will have to see what Rock star offers in the future, but of course any update of this game will be news that stands out above the others.

WoW Dragon Trip: Blizzard offers function players a bar with unique mode

Role players are a strange individual in all MMORPGs. Most of the time, neither difficult endgame material, nor a good equilibrium of the character courses or frequently brand-new content, is not needed for their passion. Instead, RULER favors to want a lot of awesome transmit and also attractive places where you can play duty play.


** What are function players complaining regarding? Last residences as well as taverns in particular are commonly made use of as an RP hub, that is, as a conference point. These inns are mostly filled up with NPCs, so that tables are inhabited and also the ropers have little room to develop easily. Truly vacant rooms are a rarity-and that’s specifically where Dragon Trip wishes to aid at the very least a little.

Regardless of whether a large arena, a gorgeous cleaning in the woodland or a huge field of battle. The important things are that there are no annoying mobs around there so that you can utilize the area for long Emotes. The function gamers with Dragon Trip come true-because they ultimately obtain a tavern in which there are no disturbing NPCs.

Duty players obtain in world of Warcraft a tiny emphasis. You obtain a location completely free that is best for your favored content.

_ Was Motion Picture to Dragon flight you can see below: _

Although the alternative dropped to several, the location was just used moderately-which is mainly due to the truth that most function gamers play living characters who have actually not lost any type of picked flounders and also consequently in the Greenwald. The pure look of the location likewise makes it tough to allow the stage play in an additional area traditionally.

However, it is wonderful to see that Blizzard evidently wants to prolong this attribute to even more places. As long as there is no real estate, it is absolutely wonderful when role players are offered added choices. Happily even more of it.

Was there anything like that prior to? In such a way, yes. In the Greenwald of Shadow lands there was a comparable attribute at the movie theater phase northwest of the heart of the woodland. There, too, interested players were able to acquire an exclusive ticket to switch to an alternative variation of the stage where there are no NPCs.

** Somewhat straightforward. You will after that be transferred to a variation of this area, in which no NPCs stand in the method and also which can for that reason be used mostly for role players-but additionally normal guilds that just want to hold a comfy guild meeting someplace can benefit from it.

For many gamers, this inn is just a bar, as there are hundreds in WoW. Function gamers should have a very special interest below, since the bar is typically full of NPCs, but there is the option to almost totally deactivate it in order to create a vacant area for function play.

What do you think about this? A trendy concept to use role players more chances? Or unneeded fuss that nobody makes use of anyway?

As long as there is no real estate, it is absolutely wonderful when role players are offered added options.

** Duty gamers obtain in world of Warcraft a small highlight. The role gamers with Dragon Trip come true-because they finally get a pub in which there are no disturbing NPCs.

WOW, additionally meets function gamers in Dragon Flight: Magic impacts that you can terminate on various other players.

** What are role players complaining about? Duty players should have a very special interest below, because the bar is normally full of NPCs, however there is the alternative to virtually completely deactivate it in order to produce an empty place for role play.

What is level mask 100 in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

With the arrival of a new and fresh Fortnite season, a completely new battle pass arrives full of different new cosmetics so that players unlock them. This season, there is a great emphasis that ‘Chrome’ is the theme, with new locations, weapons and a great villain named ‘The Herald’ as the secret aspect of the battle pass. In this guide, we will guide it through What is the level of level 100 in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle pass .

The skin of Fortnite Spider Gwen

Yes, that is, the level 100 appearance is none other than Spider Gwen, of the Spider-Man Universe. Gwen leaked himself as a close aspect a few weeks ago, and now we know exactly what we should do to add our locker to our locker in the game.

Gwen will have a masked and mask variant, as shown in the Tweet after the popular Fortnite filter and IFIREMONKEY Data Mining.

Spider Gwen pic.twitter.com/qm40j6fqrj

-Ifiremonkey (@ifiremonkey) September 18, 2022

Of course, reaching level 100 in the battle pass will take a long time. She can accelerate things by buying a level in the battle pass with V-Bucks, but this would cost a lot of money to start.

Alternatively, the best ways to win XP and upload quickly in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is to complete the various challenges of weekly missions and history found in the game. These will give players tens of thousands of XP and are also relatively easy to complete.

The other way to make sure you win a good amount of XP in the games is, sincerely, play well. If you play well and end up as one of the last players, you will automatically get a lot of XP for it. Open chests, fish, replace your shields and interact with other objects around the map will also allow you to accumulate some easy XP.

That is all you need to know about What is the skin of the battle pass 100 in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 . To get more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to consult the links below. We have it covered with guides on all changes in weapons balance, all new weapons, uncomfortable and uncomfortable, how much XP will need for each level and how the Fortnite map is seen chapter 3 Season 4.

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NBA 2K23: The complete guide to set up sliders!

Sliders are a really helpful tool for customizing your gameplay experience, and they’re especially important for players who want to tweak their shooting form or game strategy. So, if you want to get the most out of your franchise experience in NBA 2K23, read on! This article will look at how to set up sliders in NBA 2K23.

What is a slider in NBA 2K23?

A slider is a graphic that you can use in your web or app design to change the look and feel of your content. They usually consist of small squares that you can drag to adjust their size and position. This makes them great for adjusting the appearance of text, images, and other graphics.

Sliders are a great way to make your web or app design look more professional and stylish. Create a basic frame or template to set up a slider in your design. Then, add the slider element inside the frame. Once the sliders are set, it’s easy to rearrange them any way you want. You can even hide them if you no longer need them.

Use these settings to create the most authentic NBA 2K23 experience!

NBA 2K23 is designed to be as close to real-life NBA production as possible. For the most part, they do a good job. However, some factors throughout the game don’t accurately represent what you’d typically see in an actual NBA 2K23 game. Fortunately, some sliders can be adjusted for more realism. In this guide, we’ll break down how to set up realistic game sliders in NBA 2K23.

How to set up sliders in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23, you can set up sliders to customize your player’s stats. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the MyTeam menu.
2. Select Edit Player.
3. Click on the Sliders tab.
4. Click on the Settings button.
5. Select the slider you want to use (Speed, Offense, Defense, etc.).
6. Enter your desired values into the slider boxes and click OK to save your changes.

How to Set Up Realistic Game Sliders in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23, game sliders can be customized to improve gameplay in all offline game modes. That being said, everyone will have their preferences for playing games, and they will need to be tweaked and adjusted over time to provide the most comfortable gaming setup.

To access the screen that allows you to adjust the game slider, you need to go to “Features” from the main menu. This will be the second option at the bottom of the screen, represented by Trae Young’s image. Then you need to click on “CPU/User Sliders” to get to the Game Sliders screen, where you can adjust all the sliders for both user-controlled and CPU-controlled players.

With so many options, the NBA 2K23 game sliders and customization options can seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the process.

Offensive Slider 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • Free Throw Difficulty – 55 – 50
  • Inside Shot Success – 46 – 52
  • Close Shot Success – 51 – 57
  • Mid Range Success – 50 – 56
  • 3PT Success – 50 – 56
  • Layup Success – 47 – 52
  • Shot Coverage Impact – 53 – 50
  • Shot Timing Impact – 45 – 50
  • Dunk in Traffic Frequency – 55 – 60
  • Dunk in Traffic Success – 52 – 56
  • Pass Accuracy – 52 – 57
  • Alley Oop Success – 52 – 57
  • Contact Shot Success – 52 – 54
  • Ball Security – 50 – 52
  • Body Up Sensitivity – 50 – 50
  • Pass Speed – 50 – 50

Defense Sliders 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • Slider – User – CPU
  • Driving Contact Shot Frequency – 40 – 46
  • Inside Contact Shot Frequency – 40 – 46
  • Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff) – 50 – 50
  • Layup Defense Strength (Release) – 50 – 50
  • Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather) – 50 – 46
  • Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release) – 50 – 48
  • Help Defense Strength – 50 – 52
  • Steal Success – 54 – 58

Attributes Sliders 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • Acceleration – 50 – 50
  • Vertical – 50 – 50
  • Strength – 50 – 50
  • Stamina – 50 – 50
  • Speed – 50 – 50
  • Durability – 50 – 50
  • Hustle – 50 – 50
  • Ball Handling – 50 – 50
  • Hands – 50 – 50
  • Dunking Ability – 50 – 50
  • On Ball Defense – 50 – 50
  • Stealing – 50 – 50
  • Blocking – 50 – 50
  • Offensive Awareness – 50 – 50
  • Defensive Awareness – 50 – 50
  • Offensive Rebounding – 50 – 50
  • Defensive Rebounding – 50 – 50
  • Offensive Consistency – 50 – 50
  • Defensive Consistency – 50 – 50
  • Fatigue Rating – 50 – 50
  • Lateral Quickness – 50 – 50

Tendencies Sliders 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • Slider – User – CPU
  • Take Inside Shots – 50 – 50
  • Take Close Shots – 50 – 45
  • Take Mid Range Shots – 50 – 50
  • Take 3PT Shots – 50 – 55
  • Post Shots – 50 – 52
  • Attack the Basket – 50 – 55
  • Look for Post Players – 50 – 52
  • Throw Alley Oops – 50 – 55
  • Attempt Dunks – 50 – 50
  • Attempt Putbacks – 50 – 50
  • Play Passing Lanes – 50 – 54
  • Go for On Ball Steals – 50 – 53
  • Contest Shots – 50 – 56
  • Backdoor Cuts – 50 – 52

Fouls Sliders 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • Slider – User – CPU
  • Over the Foul Back Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Charging Foul Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Blocking Foul Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Reaching Foul Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Shooting Foul Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Loose Ball Foul Frequency – 50 – 50
  • Illegal Screen Frequency – 50 – 50

Movement Sliders 【Slider – User – CPU】

  • The speed with Ball (Max rating) – 75 – 70
  • The speed with Ball (Min rating) – 40 – 40
  • Acceleration with Ball (Max rating) – 75 – 70
  • Acceleration with Ball (Min rating) – 40 – 40
  • Speed without Ball (Max rating) – 75 – 70
  • Speed without Ball (Min rating) – 40 – 40
  • Acceleration without Ball (Max rating) – 75 – 70
  • Acceleration without Ball (Min rating) – 40 – 40

Ex-Stuttgart Kalajdzic is missing Wolverhampton 9 months

VfB Stuttgart’s former demonstrator NASA Kalajdzic will probably no more be available to the English very first division club Wolverhampton Wanderers this period.
The nationwide player in Austria is anticipated to be concerning 9 months, the Premier Organization club stated.
Kalajdzic had seriously damaged his knee in his launching against FC Southampton.

He was then efficiently run on according to the organization.
The 25-year-old demonstrator had actually just left the Swabian Bundesliga clubs soon before completion of the alternating duration.
According to reports, the transfer cost is claimed to have actually been about 18 million euros.
Bonuses should likewise be included.

Homeowner Wickedness 4: additionally appears for PlayStation 4 & Local Evil Display in October

As component of the Tokyo Game Show, Cap com revealed that the remake of Citizen Wickedness 4 (from EUR 18.95 when buying) will certainly likewise be released for PlayStation 4. The Xbox One was not mentioned.

Resi-4 remake also for PS4

The remake of Resident Wickedness 4 is a total rebuild of the 2005 horror classic in the style of the Remakes of Citizen Wickedness 2 as well as Citizen Wickedness 3. It can be assumed that Cap com not just the backdrop yet additionally the game auto mechanics to the existence of the survival Horrors will certainly adapt. It can be seen from the very first trailers that you can aim and shoot in the movement-a separation from the mechanics of the original.

At the very same time, Cap com revealed a display in October, which will primarily be about Homeowner Evil. It can be assumed that in enhancement to the revealed DLC for Citizen Wickedness Town, the remake of Resident Evil 4 will certainly be the emphasis of the event.

The Local Evil 4-remake will certainly get on April 23, 2023, for computer, PS5, PS4, as well as Xbox Collection X | S appear.

According to Cap com, the action is additionally adjusted. It can be assumed that you will browse for a breathed in connection to the occasions of Homeowner Wickedness Town.

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