The 90s, a new “monkey island” series, which is considered to be a popular classic adventure masterpiece, was announced. Especially, it is expected that Ron Gilbert, who left the manufacturer after launching the production, will join the game to meet the early days.

The Island of Adventure by Enid Blyton Audiobook
Dol Berber Digital revealed a new “Return to Monkey Island” prepared with several manufacturers, including Lucas Film Games, and others. This title involves participating in the development of the series early in series with Lucas Film Games and the developer terrorist Toybath, established by Gilbert and Dave Grossman, and Ronbert. In addition, the protagonist has also participated in Sungwoo Dominical Armato, which was in charge of Ibrush.

It is manufactured to a regular subsequent that connects the ‘secret 2: a revenge of the monkey island, which is released before the Lonely Ronbert launched on the title of’ return to the island of monkey ‘. However, it seems that the elements that appeared in the series that were released later based on the emergence of the spoken skeleton mlay appeared on three others through the announcement through the announcement.

The ‘secret of monkey island’, which was released in 1990, is famous for the title that popularized the point and click adventure to find clues or to find clues or to unpack the story. In addition to the background of a variety of islands that the pirates to be pirated, they were popular as a brilliant puzzle that jumped into a comical atmosphere, as a whole.

Return to Monkey Ireland is released in the year, and the support platforms and languages are understood.