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Online Babylon’s Fall in Steam fell to one player two months after the release

Many have already heard about the failure start of the cooperative role action Babylon’s Fall from the developer Platinumgames and the publisher of Square Enix. Its release took place a couple of months ago, and during this time online fell to such an extent that this week a new anti -record of the game was set – 1 player. This happened on the night of May 4, according to Steam Charts.

It is worth considering that this is indicated only by the number of players on personal computers via Steam, while Babylon’s Fall is also available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Although it is unlikely that the game can boast of a high online on these platforms.

As you might have noticed, today the role action has a 24-hour peak is also quite sad-only 58 people. If you compare the online role -playing online action with other failed Square Enix projects, then, for example, Marvel’s Avengers per day of the peak of players amounted to 412 people, and Outriders – 1687. And against this background, a two -month game looks quite poorly, and, possibly, in The company is already considering the issue of further shooting support that they promised.

Battlefield 2042 gets repair care right behind I shoulder – more than 400 repairs known next week

BATTLEFIELD 2042: N The next update arrives next week.

EA DICE revealed the date of the upcoming ISO BATTLEFIELD 2042 upgrade for next week.
There are more than four hundred different corrections and improvements that are intended, inter alia, to renew organization.
In addition, you want to balance the accumulation of team playing experience points in order to emphasize the importance of cooperation.
More detailed battlefield 2042: N 4.0 update content is promised to be released immediately in the first half of the week.

400+ fixes CONFIRMED for Battlefield 2042 next week!
Under the embedded battlefield 2042: N community director Kevin Johnson’s TWIIT, however, can already have some disclosures.
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Battlefield 2042 does not come to the thousand players in Steam

It is no secret that _ Battlefield 2042 _ has been a resounding failure for EA and says . This new shooter simply failed to satisfy users, and as a result, their servers have become phantom towns. In fact, in Steam , it does not even come to the thousand concurrent players and considering that we are talking about a franchise as important as Battlefield , it is certainly to draw attention.

Less than 1000 players on steam - Battlefield 2042

According to information about Steam Charts, Battlefield 2042 reached a total of 979 concurrent players on the morning of this Monday, April 11, and at the time of writing, it has been the lowest figure that this game has reached from its debut last year. Of course, this does not reflect the performance of Battlefield 2042 in PC, since we must also consider other digital stores.

His developers still have no intention of abandoning this game, because they have already promised that they are working on various updates to improve the experience. Obviously, _ Battlefield 2042 _ will continue to receive support over the years even if EA and says already started working on the following delivery of the franchise.

Editor’s note: It is a pity that happened with Battlefield 2042, because it certainly had potential to become one of the best showers of recent years. The absence of certain basic functions during its debut, as well as problems with servers, caused players to abandon it completely and now it will be difficult to recover.

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