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Lol – the deconstruction of the old champion: G2 ESPORTS wins its ninth LEC and recovers the European throne

G2 ESPORTS has become the Spring Split champion of LEC 2022. The Samurai set has achieved its ninth title at the maximum European League of Legends competition interrupting a drought of trophies that has only been prolonged for one year. Express Reconstruction that accelerated in the phase of qualifiers, where they have managed to win a total of twelve consecutive maps to get the trophy. The last three, before a Rogue that returns to lose an end to which he arrived as a favorite.

The Renaissance of the Old G2 ESPORTS

The expectations of G2 ESPORTS during the spring season were to settle a novel project for the organization. Neither ocelote nor club sports managers have been characterized by patience and project formation from promises. The samurai were that team that only signed stars and wanted to succeed since before yesterday. They showed it with the signing of Rekkles and ratified it with their equipment output. However, neither the arrival of flakked nor the bet for targamas were in that direction.

The only options for the equipment passed through the phrase “_i caps returns to its best level.” A sentence that repeated seemed almost parodic and who trusted more with religious faith than with arguments in the second coming of the prophet of the Mid Lane. However, as it happens with the lies, the desire a thousand times repeated it became reality. G2 ESPORTS central lane has returned to its best version as a professional of League of Legends being the key piece of perfect at the bottom of the playoffs and, especially, at the end of LEC Previous Rogue.

The Danish player was unleashed along the tie, long surpassing Larsen, who saw him again as he was not the protagonist in the rain of Confetti. It was the rebirth of Caps, the return of a cavested case of the only old companion who still kept at the side of him. JANKOS, with a very high registration of participation in the casualties of G2 ESPORTS during the final, was the great ally of the Danish in the achievement of a Title of SAC that returns to change the story of an organization that only knows how to win.

flakked and the death of ideas

Post Game Lobby - LEC Finals: RGE vs G2 (Spring 2022)

Although the prominent figures in the end of the end of League of Legends have been those of the veteran faces of G2 Esports, the key has been in a collective change that has had flakked as a great protagonist We have weakness for the “tetoncite”, but that is not what weighs us to emphasize it as the third protagonist. The shooter did not start winning and was not even considered the Best Debutante Award from the SPRING Split of Lec 2022, but the victory of the Samurai Club can only be explained with a change built around him.

After an absolutely monodimensional regular phase in which we got used to seeing flakked ignored even by Support of Him and without any help, the team has been able to change the necessary pieces to find the best version of it. With many more aid the shooter managed to be a prominent player, being one of the key men in 11 of the 12 victories of G2 Esports at the bottom of the playoffs . Only the last meeting was resisted the player after a series of bad decisions at the collective level that, everything is said, then he knew how to solve in a brilliant way next to the rest of the team

G2 ESPORTS has not only won his ninth Lec Title against Rogue thanks to the performance of Caps and Jankos. The team became the deserved champion of the European League of Legends because of Flakked’s communication improvement, the stylistic metamorphosis of Broken Blade and the growth of Targamamas. However, there is a subsequent reason: The death of the old ideas and the split of the word “super. Two stars surrounded by three talented players but especially malleable and that they still had the dream of proclaiming champions.

GRID Legends: Performance

Für das Rennspiel GRID Legends wurde jetzt das Update 1.07 auf allen Plattformen ausgerollt.

Codemasters hat eine ganz Reihe von Fehlerkorrekturen und Verbesserungen vorgenommen.

Unter anderem wurden Leistungsverbesserungen auf Xbox-Konsolen vorgenommen, die zuvor zu Einbrüchen der Framerates bei Spielstart oder Quick Resume führten.

Außerdem wurde auf Xbox die Funktionalität bei der Verwendung der Logitech G920 & G923 mit einem Shifter wiederhergestellt.

Patch Notes – Update 1.07


  • An issue that would cause aggressive engine braking has been fixed
  • The DMG Colossus, Dumont T37 Wolf, and Panoz GTR-1 now unlock correctly
  • A ‘Select Vehicle’ prompt has been added to the pre-race player lobby
  • Using Flashback no longer causes players to win a race one lap early
  • Mileage for cars owned is now tracked correctly
  • Sponsor objectives are now shown as ‘complete’ when conditions have been met
  • ‘Out of world’ is no longer visible in Sepang International Circuit
  • The AI no longer remains in control of player cars in some Multi-Class situations
  • ‘Clean and Respray’ is now working correctly
  • Sun reflections have been refined on certain vehicles during different times of the day
  • Sponsor objectives are now relevant depending on the choice of MPH or KPH
  • Unintentional AI crashes on Indianapolis have been resolved
  • An issue causing the Advanced Options menu to lose functionality has been fixed
  • The EA Play subscription promotion is now displayed in all relevant places
  • Russian flags have been removed from the Moscow circuit and banner selector
  • Other minor bug fixes have been made


  • Various fixes to issues relating to joining and leaving sessions, spectating, and switching between Online and Driven to Glory modes have been made
  • A ‘Profile Error’ notification no longer appears when blocking a player
  • Expired events no longer show when reconnecting to the game
  • An issue with vehicle selection after the host uses ‘Start Race’ has been fixed
  • Issues with AI when using ‘Quick Race’ have been resolved
  • Issues with vehicle upgrades not working correctly have been fixed
  • An issue where the camera would be stuck on the track overview during Time Attack has been fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes have been made

Driven to Glory & Career

  • Unto the Breach – Yume’s dialogue now triggers at the correct time
  • All Driven to Glory events now unlock correctly
  • Issues with AI on the first TC-1 event have been fixed
  • The objective in the second Muscle event now shows as complete when criteria is met
  • The Renault R26 event now unlocks correctly
  • Team information is now correct on pre-race screens for Career
  • Camera issues in the pre-race screen for the first Track Day Specials event have been fixed
  • After winning a multi-round event, objectives now unlock if terminal damage is suffered


  • There have been numerous fixes to level of detail (LOD) pop-ins and shadows
  • Trees no longer twitch on Okutama Sprint/Circuit
  • Shadows have been refined on the Porsche 911 GT3 RD, Koenigsegg Jesko, Shelby Cobra 289 FIA, Beltra Open Wheel, Renault R26, Cadillac DPi-V.R and Panoz GTR-1
  • There have been adjustments to some visual effects and fireworks
  • Damage particles no longer settle in the air on Strada Alpina


  • There have been adjustments to the saturation/transparency of the Terminal vignette
  • An issue that resulted in frame drops when AI spawns after the player has been fixed
  • Performance issues within the livery editor and post-race flow have been fixed
  • Resolution changes now revert to previous setting if pressing ALT+TAB during countdown
  • Various reasons that would cause the game to Crash have been resolved across all platforms


  • Performance improvements have been made that would result in frame drops, including when starting the game from ‘Quick Resume’
  • Functionality when using the Logitech G920 & G923 with a shifter has been restored


  • Texture downscaling in cockpit view has now been resolved
  • The save profile now correctly shows as ‘GRID Legends’ instead of ‘GRID’

Origin/EA Desktop

  • Origin – The in-game overlay is now visible
  • Origin – A license check failed error message when switching accounts no longer displays
  • EA Desktop – The option to purchase the full game has been added after completing the first six Driven to Glory races during the trial


  • “THIS IS IT”, “Sure, Jan”, and “For the Time Extend Crew” achievements now unlock correctly
  • “San Francisco Rushing” progress now tracks correctly during Electric events


  • An incorrect message that was shown when searching for an underage account has been fixed
  • An ‘Elimination Survived’ message now displays when Spectating
  • Subtitles are no longer inconsistent with audio
  • Other minor text fixes have been made throughout the game
  • Minor translation fixes have been made throughout the game


GRID Legends Gameplay TD Performance | GRID Legends Review
* The option to enable music during events outside of Driven to Glory has been added
* There have been several other audio fixes made throughout the game

The best games in which you can play when you have little time

Regardless of whether you have a study, work or other areas of your life that occupy you, a game in video games can be difficult to enter into your schedule. Many games occupy the clock to really plunge into them, and they are not interested in interrupting. Fortunately, there are games for busy gamers.

The best games in which you can play in an hour or less

Sometimes you just do not have much time to play video games. It should not mean that you are not playing at all! From simulation to the royal battle – there are many game options specializing in the compressed gameplay. Here is a list of the best video games in which you can play and receive pleasure from them in less than an hour.

Apex legenda

Little can serve as an example of a rich and saturated gameplay, performed in a short period of time, like a royal battle. Apex legend allows players to jump on a big map and compete with others in the hope of staying until the very end. The game in the match can discard the player from 15 to 45 minutes, which makes apex legends a good choice for players who have not so much time to play this day.

Crossing animals: new horizons

If you need something flexible with time, animal intersection: new horizons are an excellent choice. The gameplay consists of simple daily tasks, such as shaking trees and communicating with the villagers. You can play ACNH for five minutes or five hours with relative ease, which makes it a good game for a player with limited time. If you want to just plant a crop, visit the local camper and search the beach in search of shells for an hour or less, you can do it!


7 Enormous Games You Can Basically Play Forever
For a mobile player playing an hour or less, bitlaff is the perfect name to jump in. Available for free with advertising, BitLife offers players to start life in infancy and make a choice until death. Players can infinitely live different lives, be it a holy doctor or an evil criminal. Choosing a career, relationship, sexual orientation and many other means that players can live different lives. The choice is based on BitLife, and this includes whether you want to live a quick life when you are rapidly older, or long, where you control each aspect on the micro level.

Cities: horizons

For a gamer who likes to have a long-term project, cities: horizons allows players to slowly build a city with an amazing detail. Players can enter the game and make some changes for a short period of time if they wish. Cities: SkyLines allows you to design roads, zonal areas, terravert a city and much more. The game does not require a lot of time from players immediately, which means that you can easily immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the hour or less modeling of urban planning and development.

League of Legends

League Legends – a classic choice for gamers who love multiplayer games that have not so much free time. Play one of these fantastic online battles with the team of other real players is very simple. Choose between a multitude of different characters in several different roles to find someone best suited to support your team. Despite the fact that the game has a quick setup and a simple background, the complex gameplay is not sacrificed. The game in League of Legends is a good option for those who want a tough, but compressed gameplay in a multiplayer environment.

Race behind the Sun

Sometimes Gamer just wants to play something more meaningless of the game spectrum when he has a little free time. Race behind the Sun is an excellent choice for those who need a game with quick setting, short levels and minimalistic gameplay. The game is a stylish endless Ranner, in which players are invited to keep the sun from sunset. There are many different levels for the game that are constantly updated and updated, ensuring that the Race The Sun fans do not bounce.

Rocket League

For a player who is looking for a quick and messy game session, a missile league is an ideal game to try. Manage vehicles and play a ridiculous multiplayer game in arcade football. This online game gives a fresh look at the famous sport, making it just as fascinating, how funny. Matches are not very short, but always last less than an hour, which makes them ideal for gamers who have little time.

Valley Starty

Like Animal Crossing, the Valley of Starty – a great option for players who like a daily game with registration, allowing you to create your own fancy world. Players can grab every day to check the harvest, communicate with the neighbors and develop their farms. This simulator game is an exemplary for a gamer who needs a relaxation hour to plunge into the fictional world of calm. Check it out if you are interested in Animal Crossing or vice versa.


Nothing is so talking about originality and classics as a game of several rounds Tetris. Depending on how good you are or new to, you can play one round or more per hour. Fortunately, you can also easily suspend your progress at a later date if you need to stop playing suddenly. The game process Tetris is cheerful, simple, as well as surprisingly well suited to check your strategic skills when you collect these blocks together.


For gamers who need a bright, fast and competitive gaming session for an hour or less, the range is a good choice. The average match of Valorant is from 30 to 40 minutes of shooting, evasion, planning and (hopefully) victory. Play one or two round per hour is simple and a good way to spend time to relax or gain strength.

Do you want to find more games? Check out the section “The best games for accelerated passage” in the Games for professionals.

LOL: Berserker demonstrates being the best LCS shooter with this play against BWIPO

FLY vs CLG | Week 6 Day 1 S12 LCS Spring 2022 | FlyQuest vs CLG W6D1 Full Game

The competitive circuit of League of Legends in the United States is increasingly decentralized by seeing stuffs that has had Team Liquid and Flyquest in the last days. If we add that Cloud9 is at a sweet moment , the show in the North American league is served and the Hype is growing as the Conference progresses. And is that, despite the strange departure of LS by the American club it has not been entirely bad and the results are successfully reached with a very well deserved position.

While the _Drafts are not dreaming as it happened with Nick, the League of Legends of all of them is being outstanding . However, while the drafts are not dreaming as it was happening with Nick, the League of Legends of all of them is being outstanding. However, it is necessary to stand out especially the enormous work of Korean players who have arrived this year, but in particular the Berserker, which with players like yesterday showed why they are the future of Korea.

Berserker was flying with Jinx thanks to the huge help he received from the support in the first minutes of the game, something that was visible throughout the map and that could be seen in this play. BWIPO , Being a JAX , I could finish quickly with jinx because the skill kit of it is a headache for the shooters. What was not expected is that Berserker played incredibly well his letters and the harm that the Belgian player received most was on the part of the turrets.

This type of plays shows us that the shooters can end up with the most annoying fighters if he knows how to play well with the environment . Berserker is one of the most good players of the current LCS and is demonstrating it in each of the games he plays, as is happening with Summit and the good roll of the entire cloud9 team.

Strategic Team Battle, 6.5 Set Neon Night Update

Two games based on League of League of Riot Games’ Strategic Team Combat (Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Legends of Runeterra, LORDS “and New Expansion Packs I launched it.

EVERYTHING you NEED to know about Set 6.5 Neon Nights ft. Silco & Renata | TFT - Teamfight Tactics

The TFT has released the mid-6-set “Neon Lights’ on the past 16 days. This update made by TFT’s largest champion replacement was applied with 12.4 patches.

In ‘Night of Neon’, 20 new champions, three new champion characteristics, new enhancement of 80 new champions, new machinery and device Ⅱ pass, little legend, new myhuity kid legend, which is a new myhuity kid legend, You can see the dark warriors’. In addition, the first feature of Riom Games <Arcane: Season 1 “appears with unstable mixtures. For more information on TFT and 6.5 sets of mid-updates, see the TFT official website.

LOR launches ‘Magic Misadventures’, a third expansion pack of set 5. New Extension Packs ‘The Journey’ is the final expansion pack of the Van, who is one of the souvenirs of the souvenirs, which are one of the souvenirs from the adventure of Ava Ava, the enthusiasm.

The ‘quit journey’ includes ‘closeness’ and ‘dignity’, including four new keywords and 48 collection cards. As a ‘close compulsory’, you can adhere to other friends and grant them to other additional effects as well as your own abilities and keywords. The units with the ‘dignity’ keyword change the mart from force to the force instead of the attack power, so it must be maximized to ensure that the strength is not feasible and the fittings are not feasible.

In addition, this expansion pack can meet four new champion ‘Nar’, ‘Yumi’, ‘Galo’, ‘Uyidir’. ‘Nar’ is a champion that can come to the first level through the first transformation, and ‘Yumi’ adds a new level of fun in the game with a unique supported champion. ‘Uyidir’ is a prele yeode to change the tax by the power of wild speech and imparts a strong effect on themselves. The protector ‘Galolio’ of Dematian is not high, but it is not high, but it grants additional stamina to the friend, and the new keyword is ‘dignity’, the new keyword is the most important, and the physical strength is replaced with attack power.

Arcade combat events are also available to Arcade and Intermediate Boss Skin, and event passes and new PVE (Player Versus Environment, Player Versus Environment). When you purchase and complete a premium path, you will wait for a fight against the enhanced supervised Bay to AI. When the battle is completed, the ending king bay that can be used in the game can acquire the skin.

More details on the new extension pack can be found on the LOR Official website.

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