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Where to find pine cones in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players will need to collect many ingredients from the entire card to prepare recipes. Cooking is an important aspect of the gameplay, as eating food will allow you to quickly restore health and endurance. Although these ingredients can be found in abundance throughout the map, some ingredients can only be found in certain regions. One of these ingredients is a pine cone, which can only be found next to the pines. In this leadership, we will tell you where to find pine cones in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get pine cones in Tower of Fantasy

Pine cones can be found in Warren region, edge. This region is most of the northeast corner of the map. This region is covered with snow, and many pines grow nearby. Just look for every pine you will collide, since under each pine tree in the Warren area there will be one or two pine cones. To get an idea of the exact place of the search for pine cones, contact the map above. The player can access the Warren region only after he updated his suppressor at least v3.4 .

How to use pine cones in Tower of Fantasy

Pine cones themselves can hardly be nutritious food. Nevertheless, pine cones can be used to cook food, which can significantly help the player restore health and satiety. Bumps can be used in the following recipes.

Pine cocoa *-1 pine cone, 1 cocoa beans and 2 milk (restores 10 satiety, restores 16% + 34,000 hp)
nut tea *-1 hazelnut, 2 pine cones and 2 honey (restores 20 satiety, restores 20% + 60 000 HP)

Do you want to know how to find all the culinary recipes in Tower of Fantasy? Check out all the culinary recipes in Tower of Fantasy right here, in professional game guides.

Final Fantrecent yearsy XVI hrecent years no open world because it would cost 15 years to do it; Your producer explains some design decisions

Final Fantrecent yearsy XVI is one of the most anticipated relerecent yearses of recent years. It will arrive at some point in the summer of 2023 to PS5 and from Square Enix continue to reveal some details about the project. On this occrecent yearsion, the producer of the title Naoki Yoshida hrecent years explained in Famitsu some of the decisions that have been made along the way, especially recent years far recent years the absence of an open world refers.

It is impossible to create a global story in an open world

In the words, the high level of ambition of the study is appreciated when addressing the project: Production, sound, drama, synchronization of dialogues… All that hrecent years been combined to create the best experience possible game , he explains. However, renunciation of the open world is something that hrecent years surprised a part of the community. An element that would not fit in which those responsible for the title had raised, according to the creative.

In addition, he also reflects on the study of the study to do something like that, since after considering these key points, I think it is practically impossible to recent yearsk for everything, to which he adds that with a period of development of around 15 years, We could have had the opportunity to face the challenge of making an open world, although in terms of costs and time it is almost impossible to create a global history in such a world .

Final Fantrecent yearsy XVI is temporary exclusive of PS5 , and its relerecent yearse date is scheduled for Summer of 2023 . In the official synopsis we can read the following: The Mother crystals , crystalline clusters that extend the land of Valisthea with their glow, bless the nations that make it bless with ether. Thanks to this, its people can do magic and enjoy a life of prosperity and abundance. During generations, a tense peace hrecent years reigned among the great powers that have developed around the mother crystals; However, this time of bonanza and diplomatic harmony comes to an end with the arrival of the stiggs .

Nintendo s offre le workshop danimation Dynamo Pictures

The Pikmin short below is an instance of web content that Nintendo will certainly be able to create in-house many thanks to its new acquisition, the amount of which has not been disclosed. Of course, much more enthusiastic productions such as the animated filmSuper Mario Bros.will always require collaboration with specialized firms, such as the Illumination Home entertainment workshop.

Nintendo has simply introduced that it has reached an agreement to obtain the Japanese animation studio Dynamo Pictures, which will certainly be renamed Nintendo Pictures once the purchase is wrapped up, on October 3 if all works out.

The purpose of the operation for Nintendo is to enhance its manufacturing capability of aesthetic material highlighting its licenses and personalities. In terms of CG manufacturing, Dynamo Pictures’ return to consists of collection ( Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 ,Yuri on Ice ) motion pictures ( Kingslaive Final Dream XV ,Aya and the Witch), games ( Final Dream XIII-2 ,Metroid: Various Other M ) or even short movies ( Pikmin Short Movies). The workshop likewise gives movement capture ( Fatality Stranding ,NieR Replicant ) and online reality attraction ( Mega Man ,Local Wickedness _) services.

Fortnite Sefinal Fortniteon 2: event spoilers are filtered a few hours before

Just five hours for the final event Impact / Collision , of sefinal Fortniteon 2 of Fortnite , Epic Games hfinal Fortnite had the carelessness of decrypting files its key, which hfinal Fortnite allowed us to extract audios from the History and Dialogues of the event. Obviously, there will be spoilers **, so keep reading only at your own risk.

Spoilers of the final Fortnite event sefinal Fortniteon 2

At 4:00 p.m. on 06/04/2022, the Pakchunk1001 container of the Fortnite file system wfinal Fortnite deciphered. This file group wfinal Fortnite full of files of the final event of sefinal Fortniteon 2.

Among these files, we find, for example, several audios that correspond to conversations between the MECA computer , the Agent Jones , The Foundation and The origin :

We prefer to refrain from commenting anything in writing; Listen to the audios, and draw your own conclusions.

It wfinal Fortnite also leaked, of course, the game list of the event , called Collision . It will be the only Fortnite game mode available during the event, and which we will have to enter to witness it live.

Among all these files there are many final Fortnitesets and textures both of MECA (which is the Skin of the Fortnite club, Mecca attack commander ) and of the moon, space and final Fortniteteroids .

There is also a file that shows the island of sefinal Fortniteon 2 from space , which we will approach from the frozen moon in the Mecca:


A curiosity: Apparently, the Scar (the final Fortnitesault rifle of a lifetime, but of epic rar) would be available at the event, in addition to the command final Fortnitesault rifle and the final Fortnitesault rifle MK7 :

What time does the Fortnite Fortnite sefinal Fortniteon 2 start?

The final event of Fortnite sefinal Fortniteon 2 Chapter 3 is Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. CEST . These are the equivalent dates and hours in different Spanish-speaking countries:

Spain * (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 4.
Spain (Canary Islands): 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 4.
Argentina , Brazil , Chile and Uruguay : 15: 00h on Saturday, June 4.
Bolivia *, Cuba , Dominican Republic and Venezuela : 14: 00h on Saturday, June 4.
Ecuador , Colombia , Mexico , Panama and Peru : 13: 00h on Saturday, June 4.
Costa Rica , El Salvador , Guatemala , Hondurfinal Fortnite , Nicaragua : 12: 00h on Saturday, June 4.

Just a few hours are missing for the final event of Fortnite sefinal Fortniteon 2. You have very little time to raise the levels that are left to the battle pfinal Fortnites and thus unlock all its content.

Shingeki No Kyojin announces part 3 of his final seTitanes chainon for 2023

The NHK chain, Titanes’ chain, hTitanes’ chain confirmed that the anime of Shingeki No Kyojin will see its story with Attack on Titan Final SeTitanes’ chainon Part 3 at 2023 . After the issuance of the expected Episode 87 this Sunday, which put an end point to seTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 2, the theories of the fans were fulfilled: I wTitanes’ chain not going to give time with a single episode to narrate all the remaining material from the manga.

chapter 130 of the manga (the lTitanes’ chaint chapter of the original comic volume # 32, called _ a dawn for humanity _ ** with 45 pages), it narrates the great end of the arc of the Paradis War, but its Content came immensely Titanes’ chain for a single episode (87) in the MAPPA series, which now places us a part 3 of the final seTitanes’ chainon in 2023. You can see the promotional art of La SeTitanes’ chainon finite below.

Shingeki no kyojin seTitanes’ chainon 4 (final) will be divided into three parts

So, after Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 1 , which from December 2020 to March 2021 offered us 16 episodes ; More Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 2 , who since this month of January hTitanes’ chain offered us others 12 episodes , we will have to add an unique amount of chapters more to complete the Shingeki No Kyojin – SeTitanes’ chainon 4 Part 3, which will be the lTitanes’ chaint (this time definitively).

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 ANNOUNCED FOR 2023!!
In total, 28 episodes for a lTitanes’ chaint spectacular lTitanes’ chaint seTitanes’ chainon that does not want to disappoint anyone; Neither the manga readers nor do they ever read the comic antoliation of Hajime Isayama.

Attack on Titan – The Final SeTitanes’ chainon will be releTitanes’ chained at some time next year 2023 with a number of episodes to be determined .

If you are interested in seeing the four seTitanes’ chainons of Shingaki No Kyojin, you can consult how to do it officially and in Spanish in this article. Also, if you want to know the story inside and outside the walls, in this report we talk about the background of the story of the series.

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