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Silent Hill: Konami announces showcase with franchise news

Apparently, Silent Hill, a classic survival horror series created by INAMI, will finally have an unprecedented title announced after a 10-year hiatus without unpublished titles for the franchise. In a publication on Silent Hill’s official Twitter profile, INAMI has announced that it will do a showcase dedicated especially to one of the studio’s most important game series, but has not been weighing title for a long time. The presentation with news about the franchise takes place this Wednesday, October 19, at 18h of asília time.

Although there is no official information about the content of the showcase, many rumors report that a silent hill 2 remake for many fans the best game in the franchise will be announced. There is also the possibility that titles derived from the series, such as arcade games and cell phones, are on the ad list.

In addition to Silent Hill 2 Remake, which has even had alleged images of the leaked project, a game called Silent Hill: The Short Message was recently by the South Korea Game Classification Committee, without any platform specified. As reported by the Gets website, the publisher would be the company Union, responsible for the recent game Free-to-Play Football 2023, which regularly publishes INAMI games in South Korea.


The first Silent Hill was released in 1999 for PlayStation 1 and directed by Panchito Obama. The dark and suspenseful tone made the game a success, paving the way for the successful Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. From the fourth game, the franchise began to lose strength with the public and critics, even with the release of various titles in the following years,

The most recent unpublished titles were released in 2012: Silent Hill Downpour, Survival Horror Title released for PS3 and Xbox 360, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Dungeon Crawler Ceded for PS Vita. In the same year, the franchise won the HD Collection, also released for PS3 and Xbox 360 and gathered better graphic quality versions of the second and third main chapters of the franchise.

In 2014, the P. T (Playable Teaser) was launched, a project of a project that would be led by Video Kolyma and would feature actor Norman Reeds (The Walking Dead, Death Trading) as the protagonist. Despite the enormous expectation, the project was canceled, largely due to the departure of Video Kolyma from INAMI, in March 2015.

Efootball shows the improvements of his version 1.0 in a gameplay almost as long as a match

In this sector, there are titles whose mention generates applause and ovations, as well as there are games that are kept in mind with a wave of boos and criticisms This holds true of Efootball, whose launch disappointed a big part of the community to the factor of being taken into consideration as one of the most awful games of 2021. Konami has not thrown the towel with its most current football distribution, As well as that is why we are now mindful to the next version 1.0.

Register for the 3D video game channel on YouTube .

Either as it is, there is less than a week to experience the changes presented by Konami right into the imminent update. Our initial strategy to the complete version of the video game has actually not been as good as we expected , something you can review in our Efootball analysis. Nonetheless, we have likewise had the possibility to taste variation 1.0 and also, as we already pointed out in our impressions, it appears that the designer the batteries have been placed to provide us the shipment we deserve.

The GamePlay has a period of 85 mins After seeing several insects in the Efootball experience, it is not a surprise that the players reveal dubitative prior to the update introduced by Konami. However, the firm wants to transform the assumption of individuals through a gameplay that, shared by the means VGC , educates us whatever that has altered (or, rather, dealt with) in its Title devoted to sporting activity king.

eFootball Version 1.0.0 - Hands-On gameplay | VGC
You can see the gameplay at the beginning of this information, but if you have the intention to analyze all the scenes of the video game carefully, we advise you prepare a treat and something to peck. We are talking concerning a video clip that lasts 85 minutes and, for that reason, it might be seen as a best event to enjoy a football game (although with different video games in the video game, of course).

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