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A certain MMORPG paused due to cryptocurrency crashes -it was not possible to refund to Kickstarter due to depletion

Phat Loot Studios, which is developing the MMORPG MMORPG Untamed Isles , reports that the collapse in cryptocurrency has to suspend the development of games.

UNTAMED ISLES is an MMORPG that uses monsters in the open world world to explore and fight. In the Kickstarter campaign, which started on August 27, 2021, the company raised 840,994 New Zealand dollars (approximately 71 million yen), more than four times the target, and continued to develop for the release on October 6, 2022.

However, on August 12, the company reported on the official website and Steam that the development of games will be suspended due to the bankruptcy of the company. The cause is that the development costs that have been conducted in the 70-person system are too high, and it seems that the cryptocurrency that the company has been inclined is also the cause.

UNTAMED ISLES introduced an NFT mechanism called Phat Loot Tokens (a method to make production items token). It seems that the investment expected of this system was a great help in the development funding of this work, but it seems that many investors have withdrawn in relation to recent cryptocurrency crashes.

The latest posts claimed that crowdfunding funds were used only for development. In addition to the withdrawal of investors, many users have a negative view of games using NFT, and the number of games reservations will be reduced, and the release on the scheduled release date. It has been reported that it has become impossible.

It has also been reported that the FAQ regarding this matter is impossible to refund to Kickstarter investors because there is currently no funding. However, it seems that refunds will be made for Phat Loot Tokens and advance reservations. In the comments section of Kickstarter, there are flooded calls for refunds.

In the past, Age of Rust, which has an NFT mechanism in the past, has become unable to sell. There was no explanation about NFT in the Steam store page and the official game introduction of this work , and the Steam Forum also commented on Is it possible to release?

The company has reported that it will resume the development of when the status of cryptocurrencies has improved and aim to release it. This work, which has Game First, Crypto Second. , what will happen in the future?

Ani Pang 2, the new competitive event Speed Grand Prix first

Wemade Play Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Ho-dae) announced on the 25th that it has updated the new block with the new competition event ‘Speed Grand Prix’ in the mobile game ‘Ani Pang 2’.

‘Speed Grand Prix’, which developed a car racing, is a competitive event where users enjoy racing using the goods they played and acquired. The event, which will be competing for the championship by selecting Annie, Mong, and Ari, will be the contents of the competition for the championship. The Speed Grand Prix, which will deliver unusual fun with boosters, obstacles, and speedup buttons that appear all over the stadium, will be held until May 31 and will be presented with various rewards such as ruby, lightning and stamps.

In addition to the event, Wemade Play will change the background of ‘Ani Pang 2’ and update the new block ‘Target Fang’. ‘Target Fang’ is a special block that is created by matching the same block horizontally and two vertically, and is characterized by a fast speed and hitting obstacles.

“This event and update are characterized by the fact that this event and update are composed of racing and flight-type special pieces,” said Wemade Play. “


Wemade Play, meanwhile, will hold a ‘Rotated plate’ event that presents items to both luxury bags, air conditioners, robot cleaners, etc. by drawing to users who purchase paid items by May 31, and present items to both participants. In addition, from May 26 to June 1, a special attendance event that provides game goods and items will be held, and 300 users who attended during the period will be presented to present nutrients.

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