For the second time, the head of MMORPG “Allods Online” Anton Turishchev undertook to answer the questions of the community-the video was published on the official YouTube channel.

  • It Territory does not engage in antichite, he has his own developers. As for the game on Linux and Mac, Apple technology owners can use the Cloud service (tested personally by the head of the project);
  • Already undergoing work on improving and optimizing several outdated sites and forum against the background of players’ influx;
  • Ahead of two large additions with videos and advertising campaigns;
  • Rebalance of classes _ “always” _;
  • The interface is normal, but work is underway on point improvements;
  • In the future, an intra -game store with cosmetics may appear on subscription servers, while the payment system works through the site;
  • Transfer of characters from free to subscription servers in the plans;
  • _ “We are not wow” _, the duels are not worth waiting for the rent yet;

CAPTURE THE KNIGHT GIRL MARIANNE - Goblin Walker (#01) | PC Anime Game Review
* More costumes and pets in the store will become more, the team will _ “work with prices” _;
* Empire and League will become clash again in future plot turns;
* Customization of characters will become richer;
* “Lightning” can be obtained in the in -game way, other means of transportation for two are not expected in the near future.

The head of “Allodes Online” answered uncomfortable questions of the players. Is there a video

This time there is an interactive:

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