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Darmstadt 98 Continues To Impress In The Promotion Race: A Closer Look At Their Victory Over Sandhausen

Gorgeous Darmstadt 98 has actually again provided in the promotion race of the second Bundesliga.
Throughout the relegation-threatened SV Tannhauser, the lilies won 4-0 (2-0) on Friday night and initially broadened their lead over the transfer location to six points.


Tannhauser missed out on the start of the year after the away win in Bielefeld and is just 2 points in front of a direct transfer zone.
Doppelganger Mathias Honda (7th/25th) set the soft early for the preferred prior to Oscar Vilhelmsson (55.) gotten rid of all residual doubt.
Replace Emir Kari (89.) also satisfied shortly before completion.
This implies that the group of coach Torsten Lieberknecht has actually been unbeaten for 20 competitive games.
On Tuesday, the lilies take a trip with a broad chest to the DFB Cup round of 16 at the Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt (8:45 p.m./ Sky).

counterattack brings the choice

In front of 7254 spectators, the Lieberknecht-Elf caught a measure.
Honda, who ran for the very first time this season after a long injury break, headed a corner from a brief distance.
As an outcome, a well-balanced encounter with penalty location scenes on both sides developed.
Then Honda sparked the ball into the goal network for a second time.
After the break, Darmstadt stayed effective and utilized a counterattack for the decision: Phillip Dietz extended a long-beaten ball to his storm coworker Vilhelmsson, which transformed securely below.

If you reproduce Monster Hunter in full size and Fox Sword Kakarukumonaki, it will be about 150kg! Experience the awesomeness of hunters at the Sakai City collaboration exhibition

From July 9th to September 4th, a special collaboration exhibition with Monster Hunter series x Sakai City will be held at Sakai Plaza of Rikyu in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

At the same event, the sword Kitsune Kakarukumonaki , which weighs about 150 kg and is reproduced in full size, will be the main product. While exhibiting, the weapons and armor of the hunters appearing in the Monster Hunter series, and the original setting materials of the latest work Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are exhibited. There will also be a photo rally of Monster Hunter where you can enjoy visiting the streets of Sakai.

This article presents a report of the press event and preview held on July 8th.

◆ Collaboration exhibition realized by a call from Sakai City

On the same day, Mr. Hideki Nagafuji, Mayor of Sakai, Mr. Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter series, Mr. Atsushi Mizuno, who was in charge of blade production of Kitsune Kakarukumonaki, Mr. Akihiko Maeda, who was in charge of wood carving, and Masakazu Yamaguchi, who was in charge of coloring. Mr. is on stage.

Sakai City, which developed as a free city and trading city in the Middle Ages, has a rich historical culture such as the culture of Chanoyu, which was established by Sen no Rikyu, and traditional industries such as cutlery, incense, and bicycles. It is also known as a tourist destination with many historical temples and shrines and old streets. This project was realized because Sakai City called on Capcom, which is based in Osaka Prefecture, to collaborate.

Mayor Hideki Nagafuji also played Monster Hunter again in the wake of this collaboration exhibition. He said he loves swords in the game, and he said, I want you to enjoy the world view of the new collaboration between Monster Hunter and Sakai City.

Producer Kiyomi Tsujimoto also revealed that he thought it was an interesting project from the beginning and worked on it together, and praised the high degree of reproduction of the sword fox sword Kakarukumonaki. There are many scenes where the player is swinging around, but can you really swing such a big weapon?, He said the surprise of witnessing the full-scale sword, which is the most popular in the game.


◆ The sword Fox Sword Kakarukumonaki completed in 3 years

Initially, the production of the fox sword Kakarukumonaki was requested by the sword master, Atsushi Mizuno, but the length of the general blade of a Japanese sword is about 70 cm, and when the handle is included, it is about 95 cm. The length of the fox sword Kakarukumonaki calculated from above is about 2m with the blade alone and about 2.2m including the handle. It weighs about 150 kg, which is very heavy, and abandoned the production by driving it like a normal Japanese sword. He revealed that he spent about a year on the idea of how to make it.

When I calculated it from the materials I received, it was a number that was impossible for a Japanese sword. When I tried to make a mold with a wooden structure, it weighed about 150 kg, so when I actually hit it It would be impossible for me to do it al1. Therefore, I had the iron cut by laser to some extent in the workshop, and I manually polished it while hanging it with a crane. (Mr. Atsushi Mizuno)

Mr. Atsushi Mizuno used ultra-low carbon steel with extremely low carbon content, and although it was made in a completely different way from the general sword manufacturing process, he usually made not only swords but also kitchen knives. He said that such processing technology was useful.

In this way, although he had only the prospect of the blade part, he decided that it would be difficult for him to finish the decoration part including the handle and scabbard, as well as the coloring of the whole, within the deadline. He decided to ask Mr. Akihiko Maeda, who has an exchange with him in the same age, to carve wood, and Mr. Masakazu Yamaguchi to color it.

Mr. Akihiko Maeda took it lightly, but revealed that he was worried when he read the material again and asked, How should I express scales? In the first place, it was difficult to find zelkova wood that could be used for such a big sword. If you dig a piece of wood that is not dry, it will crack on the way, so the condition that it must be dry has also raised the bar.

Wood carving shows the high technique of one-sword carving excavated from one block of wood, not by joining parts together. The handle part is reproduced in detail, such as the point that it can be expanded and contracted by operating. However, it is not a sword but a model, and the tip width and the original width of the sword are evenly thick, so it cannot be put in the scabbard.

At the end, Masakazu Yamaguchi is in charge of coloring. Atsushi Mizuno praised Mr. Masakazu Yamaguchi because he couldn’t color it until the blade and wood carving were completed. However, he was the most craftsman. Mr. Masakazu Yamaguchi watched the video of Monster Hunter for about 100 hours when coloring, and it seems that it was difficult for the color to change depending on the scene.

I used a paint that changes color depending on the amount of light shining on it depending on the angle. At that time, I chose a paint that is very hard to peel off because it is scooped out by the weight. It was a sword that was created, so I devised a way to express slippage even with hard paint. (Mr. Masakazu Yamaguchi)

Originally, it looks better to use lacquer, but there is also a background of choosing chemical modern paints and chemicals that are strong against the outside air and do not deteriorate over time. By fusing traditional and modern techniques, we have completed the Fox Sword Kakarukumonaki that will satisfy fans. Producer Kiyomi Tsujimoto praised this degree of perfection, saying, I can only say it’s amazing. Our staff are happy.

◆ Monster Hunter x Sakai’s cutlery display

The collaborative exhibition is divided into four chapters, and there is a corner that introduces not only the world view of Monster Hunter but also the history of the border such as Senshu sword, Sakai gun, and Sakai knife.

In Chapter 1, the equipment that appears in Monster Hunter is exhibited in full size. You can also observe the parts where the material is used by comparing the appearance and equipment of monsters such as the thunder wolf dragon Jinooga and the thousand dragon celregios.

In Chapter 2, Kitsune Kakarukumonaki, which is reproduced by the technique of cutting blades, which is handmade one by one by the craftsmen of Sakai, one of the leading production areas of blades in Japan, is exhibited.

In addition to the main exhibits, the original setting materials for the latest work Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Monhan meat are on display in full size.

In Chapters 3 and 4, Sakai’s Senshu sword, large armor, matchlock gun, and kitchen knife are exhibited. The Senshu sword exhibits two swords from the Kaga Shiro school (14th to 15th centuries), two swords from the Bunshu Shiro school (16th century), and one petite sword.

In addition, at the Sakai Plaza of Rikyu goods shop, clear files, coasters, key chains, teacups, etc. are sold as collaboration limited goods.

And during the period, there is also a photo rally where you can get collaboration postcards and notes by visiting the city of Sakai. Collaborative wrapping vehicles are also running on the tram (Hankai Tramway). This is also cute and must-see!

◆ You can experience the tea ceremony that Sen no Rikyu told you

Finally, if you visit Sakai Plaza of Rikyu to see the collaboration exhibition, be sure to stop by Ritsurei-za / Tea Ceremony Experience.

Sakai is not only a sword and a sword, but also a place related to Sen no Rikyu, which was the culmination of the tea ceremony. You can enjoy the tea prepared by the San-Senke teacher on a daily basis, along with Japanese sweets.

Don’t miss the unusual feeling of having tea made and the precious opportunity to experience the spirit and technique that Sen no Rikyu conveyed. Here, too, you will see a paper towel with the Monster Hunter Airou sticker on it.

By the way, when you eat matcha, the point is not to drink it little by little like black tea, but to eat sweets to sweeten your mouth and then drink it all at once. Otherwise, the matcha will settle down more and more.

◆ Special Exhibition Monster Hunter x Sakai’s Blade Exhibition / Sakai’s Ancient Techniques Exhibition Details

Holding period: @ July 9th (Sat)-September 4th (Sun), 2022 * Closed on 7/19 (Tue) and 8/16 (Tue)

Venue: Sakai Plaza of Rikyu Planning Exhibition Room

Price: Adults 800 yen High school students 600 yen Junior high school students and younger 300 yen

  • The above fee includes the special exhibition Monster Hunter x Sakai’s Blade exhibition, Sakai’s Ancient Techniques exhibition, and Sakai Plaza of Rikyu’s permanent exhibition Senrikyu Chanoyukan and Yoshino Akiko Memorial Hall.

  • The admission fee for those who are viewing only the permanent exhibition is as follows.

Adults: 300 yen High school students: 200 yen Junior high school students and younger: Free

  • Caution when visiting

Admission may be restricted to avoid crowding during times of congestion. Please note.

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