Hive IM announced that its mobile match 3 healing puzzle game INDAR Island with BTS was selected as the general part of the second half of 2022, hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency.

This month’s excellent game, organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency, is an event to identify and award outstanding games in Korea to promote game creation and to inspire game companies. It is selected through. The selected ‘INDAR Island with BTS’ is based on the high understanding of the fandom culture, and the details of the game are delicately combined with the details of the game. It was well received in terms of increasing the completeness.

‘INDAR Island with BTS’ is characterized by providing refreshing and in-depth puzzle play by implementing optimized balance based on the reinforcement of the reinforcement neural network AI.On June 28, popular rankings in 28 countries in 28 countries and Apple App Store 1 It is well received by recording the above and exceeding the number of global cumulative subscribers in two months. In addition to the main puzzle game, it also provides a variety of gameplay experiences such as cute cartoon rendering graphics and two feature-length scenarios, characters and island decorating elements, and cooperative play.

‘INDAR Island with BTS’ is provided in six languages: Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), and Spanish. For more information about the game, you can find out on the brand site of ‘INDAR Island with BTS’ and the official SNS account Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.