‘Cart Rider: Drift’ will expand its platform to ‘Full Cross play’ for the first time in line with the global season opening on March 9, and will accelerate the world’s gamers.

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) unveiled major information on the official website, including the regular season schedule of the global multi-platform racing game ‘Cart rider: Drift’.

First, on March 9, we will open ‘Season 1: New World’, which will be the official starting line of ‘Kart rider: Drift’ and expand the console platform (PlayStation4, Xbox One).
This completes a full cross play environment where you can access the game from any platform to your PC, mobile, and console to run on a single track.

In line with the regular season opening, various contents in the game will be introduced to increase the completeness.
The Grand Prix mode, which is a competitive content that competes for racing skills, is introduced as a speed battle and item exhibition, and the cart body upgrade system, which can improve details such as acceleration and booster duration of the Cart body, can also be added to enjoy racing with a faster speed.
It will be.

In addition, the company plans to update new contents such as new season racing passes, including eight popular themes loved by world and factory, on March 9, to provide a variety of fun to users at home and abroad.

Nixon will open a live broadcast on the official YouTube channel on February 1 at 20 o’clock and explains more information about ‘Season 1: New World’, which will be the beginning of ‘Cart rider: Drift’.

CHO Jae-won, director of the development of ‘Kart rider: Drift’, said, Through the regular season, which starts March 9, a full cross play environment will be completed on a single track on a PC, mobile and console on any platform.
I would like to ask for a lot of expectations of the racers.

Meanwhile, ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ has been holding a pre-season since January 12 and is launching the service on the PC and mobile platform.
The game is being improved based on the play data of domestic and foreign users, and it is updated to enable more smooth game play such as adjusting the detailed stage of the license, adding the racing name change function on February 16, and the establishment of a random track function in custom mode.


For more information about ‘Kart rider: Drift’, please visit the official website.