The indie development team, which consists of 10 university students, is being developed by Iris, and is a multi-platform green deck building game based on a worldview mixed with the title.
After humanity was destroyed by war at the end of the 21st century, it was set in the future of the virtual future, but it is characterized by not only SF but also the medieval atmosphere or fantasy elements.

Chamber, who won the rookie category at the BIC 2022, participated in the Taipei Game Show for the BIG EM business that supports the global promotion of the Indie game by the BIC Organizing Committee.
Lee Jae-won, CEO of Iris, said, We have gained the first opportunity to show overseas officials ahead of this summer’s launch.

The keyword that the worldview was simply mixed was not easily revealed.
In particular, the worldview was easy to hear that it was not a good texture.
Lee Jae-won opened his mouth about these questions.

First, the protagonist is one of the descendants of the survivor who lived in the basement after being trapped in the bunker. One day after the bunker was closed, the entrance collapsed, and the outside world was revealed.
So, the scenario of Shamble is that people will dispatch the world to explore the world, that is, the user.

In fact, SF, Apocalypse looks natural, but it wasn’t too obvious.
So I thought about mixing the Middle Ages and fantasy.
But if you just put it on, it would not be a mess, but it would be a mess.
So visually, the theme of Apocalypse, and the minimal context was in touch.

For example, Shamble’s ‘Wizard’ uses magic, but if you know that, it’s something that runs in electricity.
After 500 years ago, after the world was destroyed, the vein of electricity and the concept was cut off, and naturally, there was a machine, but forgot how to make and supply electricity.
That’s why the electricity is the silver gun that God has gone down, and it is a wizard who uses it to manipulate several machines or deal with technology.

The same is true of the article.
I’m wearing armor, but it’s not sheet metal armor.
After the technology is lost, it is a setting to collect scrap metal from place to place and make it like armor.
So at first glance, it’s similar to a medieval article, but it’s scrap metal, so it’s dull and more detailed.


Since I first developed the game, I had a strong idea to create our own worldview, and it was the worldview of ‘Shambles’ that twisted and twisted with that commitment.

The worldview that mixed various things in the minimum context, such as a wizard carrying a lightning rod and a knight dressed in scrap armor, was the weapon of ‘Shampoos’.
Furthermore, keywords were also maintained once more to feel unity and context.
Designed with the theme of ‘scrap metal’, ‘gas mask’, and ‘crude’, it was possible to give the unity of the dark and dull worldview of Apocalypse anywhere.

After the worldview was established, it was important to increase the completeness of the game.
To do this, Iris’s choice was the point of fostering RPG characters and strategy.

Deck Building usually collects and reinforces cards to build decks, but it is the idea of emphasizing ‘characters’ and adding various equipment and skill trees to add fun to character development with the fun of the deck building.
Designing women’s skills and more than 300 equipment, we wanted to make use of the fun of studying efficient skill tech trees in various ways according to the equipment acquired.

Shambles launched a demo version on August 22, and is developing this summer with the aim of official release of PCs and mobile.