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Game music conductor Jinsol participation, recruitment of game culture family camp participants

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Game Culture Foundation are recruiting family members participating in the 2nd 2022 Game Culture Family Camp (Camp) in June.

In 2015, more than 5,200 families have participated in the game culture family camp. This year, a total of five times will be held in Gangwon -gu, Jeolla, Chungcheong, and Gyeonggi -do for families consisting of elementary school children and guardians.

The first camp was attended by a total of 62 families from May 13 to 14 at Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang, Gangwon -do. The second camp will be held in Muju Taekwondowon, Jeollabuk -do from June 24 to 25.

2019 Camp Recruitment Video
The camp consists of game culture quiz competitions, game culture experience zones, game -listening training, and family e -sports competitions. In particular, the game literacy training is a representative of the Plisty Jinsol, who participated as a conductor in StarCraft Live Concert and League of Legends Music Concert, teaches the ‘good influence of the game’.

Subsequently, the family e -sports competition, where guardians and children participate as a team, will be held with Brolsstars and Cartrider Rush Plus, and will be presented with products and souvenirs sponsored by Super Cell and Nexon.

In addition, Muju Taekwondowon, where the second camp is held, can operate a program that can experience Taekwondo through VR and AR, and also use monorails that run to Taekwondowon Observatory.

There is also social contribution activities for camp participants. Donating small clothes, unused toys, and unused books can be replaced with game -related souvenirs. Donated items are delivered to related child welfare groups.

The camp is free to participate, and the family who wants to participate can apply from 10 am on May 16 to 2 pm on May 16 at the official website of the Korea Creative Content Agency. Participants will be selected based on the motives created when applying, and the final selection results will be individually guided from June 9th.

Meanwhile, the Game Culture Foundation operates a variety of projects to spread the right game culture, such as game culture classes, guardian game -based training, game and immersive healing center programs, and game time selection system. For more information, please visit the Game Culture Foundation homepage.

Character Collection Cinematic RPG “Seven Knights 2” Latest Update Sinario Season 1 Implementing the final chapter! New Legendary Heroes also appeared

Net Marble is a series latest character Collection Cinematic RPG “Seven Knight 2” (Development: Netmarble Nexus), performs the latest updates of the game on Wednesday, and the scenario season of this work 1 Informed that the last chapter of In addition, in addition to the addition of two legendary heroes, this update adds many new elements, such as new development systems and new new content of 8-by-laid.

Net Marble is a series latest character Collection Cinematic RPG “Seven Knight 2” (Development: Netmarble Nexus), performs the latest updates of the game on Wednesday, and the scenario season of this work 1 We will inform you that you have added the last chapter of. In addition, in addition to the addition of 2 legendary grade heroes, this update adds many new elements, such as new development systems and eight new content of Raid.

# Main Scenario Season 1 Add the last chapter!

The final chapter of “Seven Knight 2” Main Scenario Season 1 is added, “ Last Journey”. In this chapter, as the completion of the “Seven Knight 2” original story, the fate of the light knight ludge and the mysterious girl Fiine, such as the last fight and catastrophe with the DeSthroyer, the fate of light knights and the mysterious girl Finene, the beautiful game graphic or cut scene, and the ending credit It is drawn.

In addition, with the implementation of the final chapter, the relevant quests and missions are also newly added.

# New character “destruction monarch evan” and “Nastra’s body Sain” will participate in the war!

The Legend + “Sebun Eban (CV. Namikawa Daisuke)” and “Nastra ‘s Saine (CV. Omori dance)” will participate in the Legend “Daisuke Evan (CV. Namikawa Daisuke (CV. Omori Daisuke)” and the legendary “Nastra”. “Destruction’s monarch evan” swearing revenge to Ludi is a hero that has powerful skills such as baffo cancellation and destructive fainting to enemies, and an invincible imparting to itself, and is a hero suitable for PVP such as an arena. “Nastra’s Saine” is a hero with the ability to improve combat, such as attracting enemies and giving a dark effect.

In commemoration of the new heroes, the character summons that the appearance probability of “destroying monarch evan” and “Nastra’s hand-to-sain” will be up, will appear in the shop. Please make two people in this opportunity.

· “Seven Knights 2” Official Forum: New Chara Introduction
· “Destruction monarch evan” Introduction video
· “Seven Knights 2” Official Forum: New Character Introduction
· “Nastra’s Sining” Introduction Video

# New system “special equipment” implementation

A system “special equipment” that can give an optional effect of character-only for equipment. A dedicated slot is added to the equipment mounting page, and only the special equipment that applies only to the target character can be installed. Dedicated equipment can be manufactured by collecting a “fragment of purification crystals” available in the new 8-raid “end of the factor” play.

In this update, we have added “Absolute Guardian Ludi”, “Vulgar Totan Spike”, “Vulgarian Totan Spike” as “Dedicated Equipment” target character.

# New 8 Raid “End of Corpus” Implementation

A newly appeared 8-guy Raid “End of the factor” is a new system that protects Fine from the catastrophe with a defense Raid, which will clear the enemy’s wave. You can not attack the catastrophe directly and you will be able to recover and fight Fiine, and you need to configure a hero that is different from other Raids.

Throughout the play of this Raid, you can make a “soul that can put a soul” necessary for the production of “special equipment”.

Other than this update has added four new pets and evang new costumes, and also implemented login events and local field events that commemorate the final chapter implementation of the scenario.

Please check the notification of the official forum for updates and events.

· “Seven Knights 2” official forum: Wednesday, March 2 (Wednesday) Information on update contents
· “Seven Knights 2” Official Forum: List of events being held

The Mobile Version Game App in Seven Knights 2 can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play. Also, this work is Japanese, English, Chinese (China), Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Indonesian in 12 languages It is possible to.

■ “Seven Knights 2” Mobile Version App Download

· App Store
· Google Play

After creating an account in the mobile version app, you can play “Seven Knight 2” on Windows PC.

· “Seven Knights 2” PC version β version download

For more information on “Seven Knights 2”, please check the official site or official forum. In addition, since the official Twitter and the official YouTube channel, etc., we have released the latest information and video, so please follow me.

· “Seven Knights 2” Official Site
· “Seven Knights 2” official Twitter

· “Seven Knights 2” official forum
· “Seven Knights 2” Official YouTube Channel

Seven Knights 2 - Teo [ Skill Preview ]
https://www.youtube.com/c/ Seven Knights 2
· “Seven Knights 2” official Discord

# “Seven Knights 2”

“Seven Knights 2” records a total of 60 million downloads worldwide, and is the primary sequel of the popular RPG “Seven Knights” representing the net marble enjoyed by players all over the world, and from the story of “Seven Knights” 20 A character collection type cinematic RPG drawn by a year after a year. A variety of characters and fields depicted with high quality graphics using Unreal Engine 4 appear in this world, players are collected and fostering various heroes, group operations in the form and real-time, high difficulty bosses In addition to the war, you can enjoy a magnificent story and a movie like a sense of immersive.

# About “Seven Knights 2”

[Title] Seven Knights 2 [genre] Character Collection cinematic RPG [provide] Netmarble Corp. [development] Netmarble Nexus Inc. [correspondence OS] iOS 10.0 or later / Android 7.0 or later the Service Start Date 2021 November 10 [ Price] basic free (in-app charge)

NetMarble Corp. (Net Marble)

Net Marble established in Korea in 2000, “Seven Knights 2”, “National Country: Cross Worlds”, “Marvel Future Revolution”, “Lineage 2 Revolution”, “Seven Great Sins-Light and Darkness Battle ~ “Blade and Soul Revolution”, an innovative work such as “Marvel Future Fight”, is a top developer and publisher that has pushed the limits of mobile game experience.

Net Marble, a major shareholder of Kabam and Spinx Games, Jam City and Hybe (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) is a variety of mobile games based on their strong franchise and collaboration with IP holders around the world, We strive to entertain the audience around the world. For more information, visit https://company.netmarble.com/en.

In Japan, Net Marble Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation of Net Marble, is providing services for mobile games for smartphones. For more information, visit https://www.netmarble.co.jp.

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