We were waiting for it and we already have with us all the details of the event Fut Birthday for FIFA 22, with which it is commemorated the 13th anniversary of Ultimate Team mode, which has become the most successful and lucrative for EA Sports.

The editor has given all the details of fut Birthday, such as the operation of the event and the first available equipment, with the letters you can see right over.

Fut Birthday.

First team

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (94)
  • Luis Suárez (93)
  • Kross (92)
  • Allan (91)
  • Nuno Mendes (90)
    Di Lorenzo (89)
  • Grealish (89)
  • Bebou (88)
  • Kamada (87)
  • Torreira (87)
  • Doku (86)

Players Fut Birthday can be blocked through SBC template creation challenges, including legendary players packs that have passed these 13 years for Fut, with a special five-star score standing and an improvement in the filigree and movements of skill.

In addition, EA has announced a login bonus . If you start FUT from March 4 to 18 you will receive a package of unique and intransferable players, in which you can drop some futs cartday.


For Fut Birthday we will also have the possibility of getting tokens that will serve us to get different rewards. Up to a total of 24 tokens can be obtained between 4 and March 18, fulfilling a series of SBC challenges and objectives. We will also have one in the FUT store while the campaign lasts. This is the list.

22 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Player Pick
17 Tokens – Fut Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90
14 tokens – 86+ x 7 Player Pack
10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89

10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Pack (with a Fut Birthday Team 1)
8 tokens – Fut Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88
5 tokens – Ultimate Pack
3 tokens – 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
2 tokens – Pack on unique players