Media OAI is one of the professors who require additional jobs in Hogwarts Legacy and thus teach you new spells.
In their side missions, you not just need to procure a troll Pope, but likewise have Repulse on a Levi challenger.

How do you live an opponent?
Mission: Professor OAI’s job
Mission provider: Teacher OAI
I have Repulse on a Levi opponent
Collect a giant Pope
Reward: Descend (strength magic, the opponent hurls on the flooring and triggers impact damage).


This is how your opponent levies to work Repulse.

In order to fix the magic difficulty and therefore part of the task, you can not just run to the next finest challenger.
You definitely require 2 spells:.
Repulse: Ir rough magic who ward off challengers and items and hurls away (you discover by completing the mission ‘Teacher Sharps task’).
Levies: Control dust that lets items and challengers float (you find out in class ‘defense versus the dark arts’).
If you have actually found out both of the spells, proceed as follows:.
1. Levies and Repulse equips Levies.
2. Find an opponent.
3. Levies acts on the challenger to levitate him (by which he drifts).
4. It then works straight Repulse (which triggers it to be discarded).
Levies Repulse.
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find troll Pope.

A giant Pope is still missing to finish the entire quest.
And how could it be otherwise, you get them from giants.
Fights any troll, for example as part of the Missions ‘Artists Helm’ or ‘Area Removal’.
Once you have actually beat it, all you need to do is get the giant Pope.
If you wish to make it much easier, you can likewise purchase troll Pope from J. Pippins in Hogsmeade.
In his magician store, located in the town west, you can also buy the Pope for 100 billions.
This is extremely low-cost and conserves time and nerves when you think about how demanding the fighting versus trolls can be.