Once again, use the fireplace and head directly through both sets of doors to the main entrance to the castle.
The key will be right in front of you, as soon as you leave the second door on a hanging balcony.
Follow him down the stairs to the right to find a closet in the corner near the statue of a boar.

The inner courtyard of the bell tower wardrobe with the keys of the Heritage Heritage

To access this cabinet and key, use a fireplace in the courtyard of the bell tower.
Once there, start climbing the left stairs until you get to the music room.
When you find yourself in a music room, rise on the right steps and enter the door.
The cabinet will be right inside.
To find the key, go past the closet and go down the stairs, heading to the class of the history of magic.
You will find the key when you go down the stairs.

Class of Protection from Dark Arts The Location of the Cabinet with Deal’s Keys in the Ho tarts Heritage

Use the flame of the fireplace in the protection class from dark arts, and then immediately take it to the right and go forward until you reach the railing.
Here the cabinet will be near the wall.
To find the key, return to the fireplace and get down the stairs until you get to the large skeleton of the rhino.
The key will fly in this area.


To find this closet and the key, teleport to the potion room of the potion class and continue to go through the doors.
The key will be next to the main class next to a bunch of boilers.
Follow him down the stairs to the left until you see the closet.



Use the fireplace of the central hall and go down the stairs and to the left, past the Union fountain.
When you reach the door of the greenhouse, turn left.
You will find the key right in front of the arch.
To get to the cabinet, follow the key back through the central hall, once again past the unicorn fountain and into the courtyard of the transformation.
To the right of the door is hidden in a corner.

Entrance to the Viaduct The location of the cabinet with the keys of Daedalus in the Hogwarts heritage

Go through the fireplace of the central hall again and climb the stairs past the Bard picture.
When you fit, you will notice a closet on the left.
To get the key, continue to climb the stairs and go to the right.
The key is located under the stairs between the two columns.

Library Dardanian Key Cabinet Location in Hogwarts’s Heritage

Teleport to the fireplace in the library and immediately turn left to find a closet opposite several bookcases.
To find the key, return to the fireplace flame, and then go directly through the library.
Follow the right side, where the key will fly between the book cabinets right in front of the fireplace.

four-tier courtyard, a closet with the keys Deal in Hogwarts: Heritage

Take advantage of the Quad Courtyard fireplace, then turn right and pass by the snake fountain and climb the three stairs.
Turn the third staircase to the left, and you will find the key floating around.
Follow the key back down the stairs to the snake fountain, and then turn left.
Pass past the carved mermaid and to the side door leading to the Gryffindor Hall.
There will be a closet right to the right of the door.
The last three keys require the presence of Bloomer and are in the clock tower and the tower of the faculty/hospital.
We will update this page again when we have their exact location.

how to open the cabinets with the keys of Deal in Hogwarts Legacy

As soon as you find the key and find a suitable cabinet for it, you will need to find out how to insert the key into the lock.
These annoying keys do not like to do what they say, so you have to apply a little strength.
Carefully observe how the key flies around the keyhole.
As soon as the key coincides with the hole, hit it or X.
If you correctly calculated the time, the key will open the cabinet and show the coat of arms at home.
If not, the key will take some time to restore self-control, and you can try again.

How to open a chest at home in Hogwarts Legacy

As soon as you collect home coats of arms, you can return to the common room and find your home chest.
When you approach him, you will have the opportunity to place the emblems you have.
The placement of all sixteen coats of arms will open it and reward you with a unique appearance of the cape.
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