Game publisher ‘clockwork’ is a mobile negative collection game ‘Little Three Kingdoms’, which is a small but full Three Kingdoms service provided by the company, ‘Google Play Store’, ‘Apple App Store’, ‘One Store’, etc. The three major markets have achieved the top of the popularity ranking and are receiving good response among users.

The clockwork began to start the official service of the Little Three Kingdoms in major app markets such as Google Play, App Store, One Store, and Galaxy Store, starting at 11 o’clock on September 22, and gained a response from new neglect games and Three Kingdoms enthusiasts. He said he was drawing an indicator.

Among them, the Google Play Store ranked third in the popular game ranking within five days of launch, and is now ranked fourth in the popular game. In the popular app/game role-playing genre, it has been in second place, and this has been maintained.


In addition, as a result of the response of users fascinated by the cute Three Kingdoms heroes, which were drawn cute, the Google Play Store rating also maintained a high score of 4.7 points.

The propaganda of the Little Three Kingdoms, as soon as the game starts the game, collects and nurtures the Three Kingdoms Heroes, which is embodied in a small and elegant graphic style of SD, and captures the worldview for the Three Kingdoms. It is analyzed as a result.

Clockwork explains that it plans to faithfully proceed with the in-game event and update with gratitude for the interest and popularity of Little Three Kingdoms. All contents and camp systems will be opened.

On the other hand, detailed information and community related to Little Three Kingdoms, which are interested in users and are receiving good response, can be found on the official Little Three Kingdoms Lounge.