Bastion is one of the most hated and beater characters of Overwatch. Blizzard announced that he would be one of the heroes who would receive a renown… And so it was: he obtained more mobility during combat and a definitive ability that leaves him vulnerable for a few seconds. Then I tell you everything you should know about this friend in Overwatch 2.

Before you start, you should know that Bastion is that he was temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 due to an error that allowed more than three missiles to launch during his definitive ability. Blizzard announced Banjos for those who had abused this ruling. When he explains how his definitive ability works, you will understand why he was withdrawn.

bastion at overwatch 2


Bastion skills: machine guns, missiles and adorable sounds

The main reason that Bastion is such a hated character is that he has an incredible ability to keep fire against his enemies, thus providing coverage and a large amount of damage to his allies. His version before Rework was more prone to create headaches and hate among his enemies than the current one, but the latter is not far behind.

Fashion is from the DPS class, without a special subclass. He is driving ultraseencillo. He must be placed in the second combat line to do all the possible damage while cured by support or healer. In very specific cases, he can * flan to create ambushes ** and destroy rivals with his firepower.

The combination Reinhardt (shield) + mercy (healing) and bastion (damage) is well-known by the overwatch community and continues to be practiced today… although it is not very Good view.

Tips and tricks to play with Bastion