Warner Bros. has given much to talk about in recent days. Not only the cancellation of batgirl was a surprise, but that the acquisition of Warnermedia by Discovery of AT&T has brought with it a series of reports where it has been mentioned that HBO Max could disappear at any time.

According to reports by Indiewire and Thewrap, HBO Max would suffer a great blow with this acquisition. To begin, There is a dismissal of 70% of the staff of this streaming service . Along with this, it has been mentioned that the productions approach will no longer be in the written format, but in show without script.

As if that were not enough, it has also been mentioned that HBO Max will disappear as we know it today, and all HBO programming would be part of Discovery+, while the cable channel will continue to work in a traditional way. Although there is no official information for the moment, this would also mean that subscribers would have to opt for a new service, which could be more expensive, to access the entire HBO content.

It is important to mention that At the moment there is no official information by HBO or Warner Bros. On the layoffs and the future of the streaming platform. However, considering the corporate decisions that have been taken in recent weeks, it would not be a big surprise if HBO Max suffers from a gigantic change.

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Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, this is a fairly complicated situation for all HBO productions. Although it is likely that house of the dragon is one of the few series that will be saved from this crisis, perhaps shows like harley quinn do not have the same fate.