DEAR VILLAGERS is a publishing label that brings a unique, distinctive and special experience to video games in the industry such as Edge of Eternity and Scourgebringer. PHIGAMES is a “Micro-Studio” video game developer that has produced a wide variety of games in the past, including Tinykeep, a fantastic and nuclear Autumn rogelike, a pixel platform game. Dear villagers and phigames have now collaborated and are currently working on a 3D hacking adventure inspired by Metroidvania known as the recompile. The developers officially published a trailer referring to a release date window in August for the next game. In addition, Recompile should be launched on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Gamepass. Those interested can now “make a list of wishes” for the game on Steam!

In Recompl, the player is a piece of dishonest code stuck in the mainframe, a digital wasteland controlled by the hypervisor, the aim of which is to destroy any intruder. Recompl offers exciting fights, capacities and a hacking system based on the environment. There are also various obstacles, puzzles, intelligent enemies and environmental blocks that players must overcome to continue their adventure. New capacities and a flight must also be used by players. In their quest to defeat the hypervisor, Recompl offers players various choices with several ends where players can decide to restore lost data, repair systems or destroy their enemies. The choice is in the hands of the player.

The Recomplical soundtrack will also be a treat for the fans, because the director of the game, Phi Dinh, announced an exclusive partnership with 65daysofstatic, a rock group, to provide a knotted background to power the trip. Phi Dinh also had this to say on the exit from Recompl,”The finish line for recompile is finally in sight. I am super proud that we can finally show the new generation version, as well as the incredible new song invited by 65daySOSTATIC… it’s going to be great to watch the players try the piracy mechanisms and see how they put their skills to use in the recompile mainframe._

The Game - Let's Ride (Strip Club)
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