If it is possible to finish the game without further progressing in its levels, increase its attributes remains a major asset to strengthen its avatar. In ELDEN RING, these are the runes that allow you that, but it is not always obvious to know where to go for the Farm. Because if the bosses drop a lot, it is not possible to repeat them once dead. Fortunately, some areas make it possible to get a lot of runes quite easily.


The more level you will level, the more runes will take to increase the attributes of a character. It is therefore important to have good quantities, especially to avoid confronting walls during progression. As soon as an enemy blocks you, having the opportunity to go to a zone to accumulate runes makes it possible to better prepare for the confrontation. This will greatly facilitate adventure, but also coming coming. It is particularly possible to find 2 essential areas for this, one for the beginning of the game, and the other for the middle and end of the game.

The best corner for Farmer in Early Game

At the beginning of the game, almost everything that exists in this world is more scary than you. However, it remains possible to quickly recover a lot of runes to increase your attributes without taking too much risk. After recovering torrent, go directly to the third Church of Marika in the necrolimbe. By going behind, you will find a teleporter at the end of the river. Use it to be powered directly to Bestial sanctuary in Caelid.

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Here, follow the road to find the grace below by killing the monsters on the passage. These are quite resistant, but very affordable from the first levels. Just kill those present until the shores of the sanctuary before teleporting again to the grace of the viaduct of Farum . By doing this, the monsters will reappear directly, allowing to chain. Each creature leaves an average of 1000 runes, which is more than enough to progress easily.

the best corner for Farmer in Mid and Late Game

The second technique asks to complete some prerequisites easily achievable from the beginning of the game. However, the monsters of the area are high and therefore have a significant number of life. In addition, she asks to have already defeated at least Goldrick the grafted to be exploited. Once this boss is dead, a new room is unlockable at the table of grace. Talk to the fingers to learn a new emote, and go back to the grace of the beginning to find Varried. The latter has changed place, and is now at the church of the rose in Liurnia. Those who killed this NPC will be forced to wait until the end of the game and the area of ​​ dedicated snowy fields to get there.

Go on his search to learn the mechanics of invasions, which will have to try. Invade players 3 times to validate the goal. When it is done, Varried gives you the favor of the Lord of the Blood that it will take soak in a corpse. The simplest thing is to go to the four belfry to be teleported to the introduction zone, beat the boss if it is not already done, and return to the church where the without-burst appears To find the body.

You will receive a medallion by returning to see Varré. If you told you not to use it right away, do it anyway to teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace . Climb the stairs behind to find the card and a grace, before driving yourself into the forest. Go straight away by avoiding enemies, and go up on the cliff to find the grace of the cornice leading to the palace . It is here that everything is located, a slope filled with monsters easy to kill and leaving many runes. It is better to privilege the shots in the area to get rid of it quickly, and teleports to grace to start again.

These two areas are the most effective for fast rune farm on ELDEN RING. However, this remains a redundant activity that can save you the bet or unblock a specific level. To be more efficient, the gold scarab makes it possible to increase the gain of runes.