RPG Avalanche about Harry Potter Just reveal all the gameplay we needed. It was necessary to demonstrate that it was going to be the videogame of the most ambitious license of all those we have seen so far, the state of play has made it clear to us. Hogwarts Legacy aspires to be giant, both in size, and on options.

We already knew many things about him, as we would embody a character during all the courses at school and it would be framed in the 19th century, before Harry , Dumbledore , Voldemort and all The characters we know about novels and movies. But today we have seen much more.

Character creator and coach hat

It was something we intuate, but it has been confirmed. We can fully customize our character , although at the moment they have only let us see adjustments such as hair color, skin tone, eyes, face shape, features and even scars. We will have to wait for something else to know additional details about our character. It is not a ballage decision, since we will incarnate it during the 7 courses that education lasts in Hogwarts.

And the other great decision will be that of the coach hat. The fans of the IP know it from left over, because at the first rookies’ first dinner, which assigns us a house of the four there are: Griffindor , Slytherin , * Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff *. We do not know how the method will be, but we can bet because they will be some concrete questions to get into the role.

you will have to go to class

This was something we all supposed, but it has been more than confirmed today. During our education in Hogwarts, we will have to go to the classes that we all know: Botany , Defense Against the dark arts , Enchantments or Potions are some of The ones shown in this little Gameplay by Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy.

In these classes we will know new spells, or we will be introduced new mechanics, while the narrative of the title will advance. Of course, we do not know any of the teachers when being a title set in the 19th century. But as told, several of them will have a specific weight important in the plot.

will be for game systems…

What we have seen most in this gameplay is combat . It seems that it will be an important branch of the gameplay and, although it does not seem extremely complex, yes that many different options are observed. We will have a lot of spells available, as well as evasive maneuvers or even something that has reminded us of a parry.

The combat is complemented by something that they have affected during the first minutes, and that is exploration. Hogwarts hides all kinds of secrets, materials and challenges, which are related to the rest of playable systems and mechanics. You will need to dominate the spells available to get all the game to school, and that will also make you better magician.

We say this because there will be a system of talents and skills , which is based on the level rise. All kinds of important activity will give us experience points and then allocate the improvements obtained in the different specialty trees. We will have to determine our game style.

Equipment, Loto and Room of Menesters

The Room of the Menesters , so important at Harry Potter, acquires a new dimension here. It is said that it appears to whoever needs it most, with just what you want. For in Hogwarts Legacy it is our nerve center: here we can prepare potions, improve our magical equipment, and even progress. It seems that it will be key and that it will serve as a basis, so surely it is possible to decorate it and carry out all kinds of activities within it.

Although if we want to make some potions, or weave the best layers, we will need to complete all kinds of activities and Loto like crazy. Because yes, in this game we will have to make ourselves with materials, plants and all kinds of objects. Every time you see a chest, go for it.

not only Hogwarts

This is when many began to exploit his head. We knew, or we supposed that places like the nearby town Hogsmeade was going to be available, but at all we thought we were going to need a broom to tour the English countryside. Such is its importance, which will take us to all kinds of dungeons or activities both main and secondary.

It will also be possible to have a house in which to take care of the beasts, something that clearly follows the passage of Harry Potter’s celebrated Spinoff, animals fantastic . Not to mention gringotts , the well-known magic bank of the goblins, which seems to be a key location in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy - State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4

a story with a lot to tell

We have not counted too much, but it seems that the elves are in the garlic, as well as a group of dark magicians . We do not know the motivations of each one, but what is clear is that we will face them during the adventure. With seven years of history, there will be time for more than enough to understand this conflict. Another important issue is that * we will be a kind of chosen . We will be the one who can understand and dominate, even if it is minimally, a type of ancient magic ** that is not typical of the current moment in the game. We must investigate it, and it seems that one of our teachers will cast us a cable. Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy will go on sale at the end of this 2022. We remind you that you will be on the following platforms, according to the official press release that we have received: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC