Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 has rejoiced a lot and clearly renewed in the franchise, but there are still certain points to review, including one that is annoying most players: TTK what looks very fast.

Players complain about War zone 2.0 TT

First let’s explain what TTK is for those who do not know this term. The TTK, which means time to kill, is actually the speed with which we will kill our opponents, the average time, and the higher the TTK, the less chance you will have to get away during the attacks.

Regarding the War zone 2.0 TT, it seems to be very fast, according to the various testimonials on the web. On Reddit, user Smithmay7 has posted a message that declares that TTK is so absurdly fast and so you have no chance of contesting a shooting if the enemy comes first. Basically, this means that the first to shoot overcomes the confrontation.

According to him, this very fast TTK in the new Battle Royale would take players to Camp, devaluing weapon updates and building good personalized classes… and removing any skill gaps.

To be clear, it means that even if you have a good personalized class with a certain level and skill, you will die anyway, regardless of your equipment and gaming experience.

In Call of Duty: War zone Caldera, TTK was much less important, and if an enemy shot you first, you still had the hope of escaping and killing it with your weapons and equipment.

From the general feeling after this post, it seems that the players agree with him, and one explained that most of the struggles he was able to do through War zone 2.0 were determined by who saw and shot first.

What to expect from the next War zone 2.0 update?

War zone 2.0 will benefit new updates in the coming weeks. So we can expect Infinity Ward to solve this TTK problem, as well as others that were pointed out.

The problem of the loot system has also been raised since September at Call of Duty Next for being uninvites and bugs. Just like certain kill streaks whose ads work only half the time. For example, when an enemy points to you with a precision attack, sometimes the announcement of the arrival of the attack does not start, which means you have no time to escape.