With Warped Kart Racers, Tech giant Apple is launching its own Mario-Kart-Klone this month. Instead of popular Nintendo characters, the characters from American Dad, Family Guy and other well-known cartoon series wild races.

a fun racer for adults?

Mario Kart is the undisputed king in the area of Fun Racer . Countless imitators have already emerged in the slipstream of this success. Brand new on the slopes: warped kart racers. Behind the generic name is a real license game.

In this racing game, the figures from American Dad, Family Guy, Solar Opposites and King of the Hill compete against each other. The focus is therefore clearly on cartoon series for adults .

But that is already the biggest unique selling point. You already know the rest from the various Mario-Kart games.

American Dad - Pedophile Jokes

What do you have to know about Warped Kart Racers?

In the Fun Racer, Stan, Peter and Hank are entertaining races up to 16 routes . However, it is not only a matter of the driver’s skill, but also a little luck with the items. Because, as with the big role model, you coincide with colorful power-ups and try to push your opponents off the slopes with them.

The routes and items come from the respective series. For example, the notorious Golden Kackrats from Roger Smith made it into the game.

Apart from the races, you can also expect various ways to visually adapt your characters and vehicles. Important in this context: The game contains no microtransactions , so you can earn all content for free.

Speaking of costs, Warped Kart Racers is part of the paid subscription service Apple Arcade . This costs 4.99 euros per month and offers you access to various mobile games. If you have not yet claimed the service for iOS: The first month is free.