Layla is among the news of Genshin Impact’s version 3.2, previously announced along with Bahia, who arrived in the game in the first stage of the update. Like four stars, Sachem follows Yale Mike and Child in the second phase of banners, if players are not getting a maximum level of rarity, may have a chance to take the new character.

The character Cry Four Stars is an efficient secondary DPS or support, having a hyid build to grant powerful damage and resistant shields. It is ideal for teams that need this type of flexibility and adaptation.

How do Layla well play?

The character fits with different main DPs, such as Razor, Human, Ayala and Eula. Thanks to his elemental skill, Layla can create a shield that absorbs damage and inflicts Cry damage. When skill flying stars are released to create a shield, they also reach enemies. In general, a star is generated every 1.5 seconds, plus two are generated when other characters use skills and the Supreme Shots guarantee a star. By accumulating 4 stars, all are fired at the nearest target.

With the Supreme, it is capable of causing continuous damage through the sphere of heavenly dreams. These characteristics make Layla take the role of support or secondary DPS in the team, especially because they can continue their attacks including off the field, which facilitates elemental reactions.

Order of talent evolution

The most suitable weapons

Best artifacts for Layla

Recommended Statistics

Main order:

  • HP
  • Cry damage
  • Critical rate/damage

Sub attributes:

  • HP
  • Critical rate/damage
  • Elemental Recharge
  • Elemental proficiency

The perfect constellation for Layla

Layla’s most advantageous constellations are C1, C4 and C6.


The best teams for Layla