Earthquake in Requiem Online (Aka Requiem: Rise of the Reader).

As we read in the latest communication ( here ), due to the nightmare of the game (ubiquitous bugs, the economy has fallen, no update) Requiem online will soon be closed.

But this will not end this Aka Requiem. Conversely. Gravity Interactive has created a new team of Team Nightmare programmers, which in the first place will take care of the game, and then delivering new content.

Break in action Requiem is to take a minimum of several months.

Full content of the message:

Hi, My name is Alters. I was a Requiem producer in not very distant past.

I bring very important news about the future Requiem today. As some of you, our most faithful fans, noticed in the last few years, lacking content and development. Although Helium tried to maintain the quality of the game, as best he could, this work would never be performed by one person. And I want to thank him and his brave effort for the attempt to provide our players with Requiem to play and emotions.

With great conviction for the higher management, Gravity Interactive created a new team of programmers, Team Nightmare.

Team Nightmare will get updating and creating a new content to the game. For the next few months, our team will analyze the code, repaired mistakes and started the development and restore balance in the game.

This is a big task that I know well. I am asking you, a Requiem community, for help in improving the game. We would like to collect feedback from all our players and try to find long-term errors, defects, problems and general needs of improvements. With your help, we know that Requiem will be refined for better.

Renegades: The Requiem Part 1 (Official)

We would also like to admit that at the present form, Requiem would be an overwhelming task to improve. We see the game status. We see a terrible state of economy, as well as mistakes with which you are measured. To really fix this world, we will have to build it again. With this in mind, we will have to announce the closure of the current version of the game.

When the server is turned off, we will be in developer mode, repairing the game and improving it as you progress. During this time, we would like to lead live broadcasts and chats on Discord regarding the future of the game. I want to show you upcoming changes, Balance patches and improvement of the game. We want the community to engage in steps leading to a possible launch of a new and improved request.

I am very excited about this chance with you all. And I look forward to Requiem.