Fortnite has added a new line of missions towards the end of its chapter 4 season 1 called Cipher Quests.
These missions require that players decipher numerical codes and follow the instructions given to win extra XP and other cosmetic rewards.
The first Encrypted Quest offers two stages and visits to certain places.
Here is how to complete the encrypted mission Inspect the wall under the Eastern building in Fortnite.

How to complete the first encrypted mission

The first mission gives the description Inspect the wall… under the East building… followed by this Code:
The code key is to replace the numbers with the corresponding letters, so a = 1 and z = 26.
The code translates as Again STAFF.
While there is no location with this name, it can be translated approximately as Anvil Square.
Then, the first section of the mission requires that you visit the East building in Anvil Square.
The building is on the right side of the location next to Reboot Van.
Image source: epic games through
There is a new room in the building with stairs that go down to a base.

Lower the stairs and inspect the bright part on the rear wall to complete the first stage of this encrypted Quest.
Image source: epic games through
The second stage of the search gives a new code:
Does this translate into SSA?
This translation is really approximate, but requires that players sprinkle on splits bowl.
Image source: epic games through
Splits Bowl is the bowling alley in Faulty Splits, so simply let yourself fall into the location and use the distant spray on the floor inside the building to complete the second stage and the first encrypted Quest.
That is how to complete the encrypted mission inspect the wall under the Eastern building in Fortnite.
Be sure to consult the complete list of rewards for completing Cipher Quests and how to complete the rest of the event missions.
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