New tension has come into the already close title race. The Stuttgart shots stumbled across the supposedly light test stone 1. FC Bruchsal, which ranks 18th in 18th and after 2: 2.

In the 5th minute one could have guessed that Bruchsal could grow into a dangerous opponent, because Sahiti let opponent Zagaria look away, came to the shot in the penalty area, but Stuttgart goalkeeper Castellucci reacted well. In the 11th minute the goalkeeper came too late and foul the broken Sahiti. The yellow and penalty were the result, Ivan took the lead from the point.

The blue answer followed promptly: Baroudi and Dicklhuber cleverly combined through the FCB back team and Baroudi netted from an acute angle. Around five minutes later, Baroudi hit the crossbar with a direct acceptance. The shots had an overweight until the break, made far too little chances, while Bruchsal drew attention to themselves with counterattacks. In the 61st minute Bruchsal took the lead again: Muto hit a free kick almost perfectly and the leather flew into the net with plenty of pace. Almost logical that the Stuttgart then intensified their offensive efforts and exercised pressure. However, this time it took longer to compensate again, in the 84th minute a direct free kick goal was also achieved. Almost Bruchsal had even scored three times, Redekop had already played around Castellucci in the last minute, but had been pushed too far to the outside world and could therefore no longer complete. On the other hand, Tunjic came to the header deep in added time from a central position, but it landed in the arms of Bruchsals goalkeeper Adam.

shots coach Mustafa Eünal was not entirely satisfied after the final whistle, but hopes for a healing learning effect: “We knew that it is difficult against those who stand at the back, but so far it has been full, but so far it has Team delivered regularly. But today we didn’t make it until the 70th minute. That was a sign ‘Hello, all awake?’ “

Adnan Cavcic SGV Freiberg-Vfb Stuttgart

Grüttner Stark by head

Hellwach was a pursuer SGV Freiberg, who has come back to first place at a 5-2 win at Freiburg FC. At the beginning, however, the men had to prove the qualities of the Wasen, because Freiburg started bravely. In the 20th minute, Mourad used a rebound for the lead. With a header, Grüttner brought his SGV back at eye level (28th). Too little for the claims of the guests, but it was again the FFC who hit. Mourad converted a penalty in the 36th minute. Then the 3-1 was in the air, but Freiberg had a strong keeper on his side with Burkhardt. And at the front was on Grüttner, who in the 43rd minute after a corner kick was the header to 2-2.

The underdog from the Breisgau remained dangerous even after the restart. However, the title candidate was allowed to cheer: In the 65th minute, summer exit Zinram put a long-range shot in the mesh from almost 30 meters. Grüttner increased shortly afterwards to 4: 2 (74th). With this, Freiburg’s morality was broken, Freiberg headed for victory, which Grüttner grabbed 5: 2 in minute 84.

For the FFC, the situation remains precarious at four points behind the saving bank, but not hopeless. FC Astoria Walldorf II, who won 3-1 at the penultimate TSV Ilshofen after 0: 1 at the penultimate TSV Ilshofen. Antlitz (74.), Kronemayer (84th) and Weißer (90.+3) were the main protagonists of an effective final phase.

FC Rielasingen-Arlen achieved a more demanding turn: FV Ravensburg led 2-0 until the 77th minute. But with the 1-2 of Ibrahimi (77th), the home side’s catch -up was heralded. When Ravensburg’s Altmann saw yellow-red in the 81st minute, the FCRa got even more, Schmidtke (88th) and Rasmus (90th) actually turned the game.

The final phase between the 1st Göppinger SV and FC Nöttingen was even more dramatic. Everything seemed clear to the home side in front of 1000 spectators after Schramm (36th) and Clauß (74.) had shot a 2-0 lead, which also held until the end of the regular season. Then stoppage time started and Dobros hit his left -wing shot in half -right from the penalty area so perfectly that he flew into the corner (90.+1). And two minutes later, Hecht-Zirpel came too freely to the header after a flank from the right in the sixteen and secured the acclaimed draw to the guests.

SSV Reutlingen equalizes two residues

After all, the SSV Reutlingen was able to wrestle the 1st CFR Pforzheim away. After a goalless half an hour at eye level, Sauerborn picked up from Münst and hammered the ball from the right into the far corner. Münst had the great chance of his own goal in the 43rd minute, but he only hit the crossbar from a low distance. Shortly afterwards, Djermanovic used a cross to 1-1 halftime. Pforzheim stayed on the trigger, in the 61st minute Münst again appeared in the penalty area, his shot parried Piu, but Münst followed, put it off on Lulic and the execution. Overall, the home side had more of the game, although the SSV proved morality. A deflected shot from Schwaiger lowered the final quarter of an hour in the goal, 2-2. After that, both teams started their visor and looked for a way to win the win. Both teams had chances, the greatest opportunity told Reutlingen’s Schumann, who ran freely to goalkeeper Tirso in the 89th minute, but pulled the shorter one in one-on-one.

In the relegation battle, the SV Linx had to give up the upscale mid-range team FC 08 Villingen with 1: 2 and is therefore on 34 points. The Sportfreunde Dorfklingen has recently also had this number in the account, thanks to the 2-1 win at the already fixed relegation FV Lörrach-Brombach.

Lörrach-Brombach has relegated, otherwise it remains exciting at the top as below. IMTALLACHTER OBERLIGA Baden-Württemberg you can play through how it could be after 38 match days.