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Park Beyond: We created the worst rollercoasters in the game, after that we evaluated them!

A couple of weeks ago, Banzai NAMC Enjoyment arranged an event around Park Beyond, a Rollercoasters’ simulator of which it is one of the huge projects of the European branch of the Japanese firm. Declared and also provided at Games com 2022 this summer, Park Beyond revealed a huge component of its keys throughout this press event organized within Europa Park, an entertainment park situated in Germany, a few kilometers from the German boundaries. The programmers of Limbic Entertainment were on website, however also the laying of the firm Mack Next, the company triggering the development of the park’s flights as well as various other roller coasters.

Started the ZBT Moba Overprime

The third-person Moba game Overprime launched today the second stage of closed beta testing. True, it is difficult to call it closed, because everyone can gain access through Steam. You just need to click the “Request access” button on the game page and after this project will immediately become available to you. Testing will last until 3:00 (Moscow time) on May 9, and therefore you have quite a lot of time to understand what Overprime is.

Overprime - Official Cinematic Trailer

If what you saw in the trailer seems to you familiar, then it is not surprising. Overprime is built on the asses of the closed Moba Epic Games Paragon.

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