In the process of fake financial reports totaling eleven Italian football professional associations, the accused top managers have been acquitted. The Sports Court of the National Association Figc looked after several-day hearings proof of culpable behavior of officials such as clubboss Andrea Agnelli by Rekordmeister Juventus Turin and other prominent club chiefs considered not provided.

The associations were accused of fraudulent falsification of their balance sheets. The clubs, according to the accusation, have reported significantly higher capital gains and benefits in their budget reports by setting fantasy values for players than in reality.

The investigation extended to over 60 cases of dubious transfer costs for employees and sellers. In the series A, in addition to Juventus, the SSC Naples, FC Genoa, Sampdoria Genoa and FC Empoli were also affected by the investigations. Irregularities in player transfers have also been accused of further clubs from the second-class series B downwards. Besides Agnelli, Naples was owner Aurelio de Laurentii’s prominent accused in the process. In the case of bonds, condemned official barriers would have threatened for activities in football of up to 16 months.

Problem: Mark values of players No objective size

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The figurine court followed in the dismissal of complaints the plea of defenders. The lawyers of Agnelli and Co. had consistently argued that market values of players could not be set objectively. As proof of her theses, the advocates referred to the information provided by prosecutors, who had appointed their allegations on non-transparently derived versions of an Internet portal.

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