World of Warcraft Classic has just been aware of one of the worst launch events in the online game history, and it’s still relevant. Starting from midnight between 26 and August 27, players had 15 servers available to connect. Now, role plays and multiple PVP servers are available with shorter connection times, with a low-low population. However, the majority of the old school guilds known to keep waiters alive and competitive have chosen one of the five PVP servers – Firemaw, Gehennas, Golemagg, Mograin and Shazzarh, and the queues are enormous…

The troubles for Blizzard Entertainment began a few hours before launch when the majority of people decided to withdraw money and buy a subscription. Their online shops were immediately broken down and customers barely made their purchases before midnight. And since then they publish updates hour per hour about connection problems, but nothing changes.

In fact, the average wait times for the aforementioned four servers increased the next day, the 27th. It seems that the majority of people thought to leave the heads burned spend the night and after having fallen asleep, the others would be Free to connect easily. But waiting times are only increasing. After 12 hours of launch, the average queue for the four very populated servers had more than 20,000 players, with an average waiting time of about 3 to 4 hours in the morning, passing 5 to 6 hours In the afternoon of August 27th.

The Insane Release of WoW Classic

In addition, Wow Classic launch twitch streams were followed by about one million viewers all night. Blizzard does not disclose information about the population of their servers, but according to online speculation, a populated WOW server currently contains between 15,000 and 30,000 players. This means that with more than 20,000 people in the queue, sites such as Firemaw, Gehennas, Golemagg, Mograin and Shazzarh have already undergone attempts to connect 35 to 50,000 people since midnight. Blizzard does not have much to do at this point, but wait for the crowd to empty itself because there are other servers that offer no wait times and other servers are advertisement.