In Tower of Fantasy, players will need to collect many ingredients from the entire card to prepare recipes. Cooking is an important aspect of the gameplay, as eating food will allow you to quickly restore health and endurance. Although these ingredients can be found in abundance throughout the map, some ingredients can only be found in certain regions. One of these ingredients is a pine cone, which can only be found next to the pines. In this leadership, we will tell you where to find pine cones in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get pine cones in Tower of Fantasy

Pine cones can be found in Warren region, edge. This region is most of the northeast corner of the map. This region is covered with snow, and many pines grow nearby. Just look for every pine you will collide, since under each pine tree in the Warren area there will be one or two pine cones. To get an idea of the exact place of the search for pine cones, contact the map above. The player can access the Warren region only after he updated his suppressor at least v3.4 .

How to use pine cones in Tower of Fantasy

Pine cones themselves can hardly be nutritious food. Nevertheless, pine cones can be used to cook food, which can significantly help the player restore health and satiety. Bumps can be used in the following recipes.

Pine cocoa *-1 pine cone, 1 cocoa beans and 2 milk (restores 10 satiety, restores 16% + 34,000 hp)
nut tea *-1 hazelnut, 2 pine cones and 2 honey (restores 20 satiety, restores 20% + 60 000 HP)

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