Twitch XQC Streamer has stated that he has received death threats from the fans of My Little Pony. The streamer is not exactly known for being little controversial. Over the years, the transmitter has been banned on Twitch on numerous occasions and has waved the boat with several online communities, but ultimately, it remains one of the most beloved transmitters and enjoyed on the platform. Recently, the Streamer accidentally filtered that he had been playing -revival 2 __ before a more public game test. XQC attracted many followers after playing the shooter professionally, but now he plays a wide variety of games and jumps over several tendencies on his twitch channel.

One of the new trends that your attention has caught is the R / Place phenomenon of Reddit. The subnetdit allows innumerable users to fill a canvas with pixels, which allows large groups to create flags and symbols that represent them on the canvas. It is usually a very healthy and positive place, but has led “wars”. Since space is limited, many fight for space for their respective images. XQC asked his followers to erase an image of My Little Pony, which caused the Streamer to receive death threats from that community.

“I received more death threats at an hour than in the last six years combined,” said XQC. «[ALL] From changing the pixels of one color to another on a corporate website that makes your damn lights blink on your monitor through a damn piece of plastic,” he continued. “Imagine if you had so much care and such action in your life in other things that mattered as doing something of yourself instead of participating in cold and angry violence because some damn colors changed. That is a fucking disease. “

xQc Shows No Fear on Death Threats He Received During The Great Pixel War || r/Place
XQC then apologized with anyone who could have bothered, emphasizing that he thought everything was very fun. XQC has had its own problems with online harassment over the years, both virtual and physical. The Streamer has been hit on numerous occasions and his house was assaulted, which caused him to move.

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