Real best-selling laptop gaming, Lenovo Legion 5 is available in various configurations. For the most demanding gamers, there is even a version with an RTX 3070. At this time, this ultra-powerful configuration is promo at Cdiscount for the modest amount of € 1299.99, 300 € discount, it does not refuse.

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Gamer In search of the ultimate machine, the Lenovo Legion 5 is an ideal candidate to accompany you in _ ultra _ in all the last games. Especially if it has a configuration at the height. At the moment, it is possible to find a Legion 5 in a beautiful configuration in Promo at Cdiscount .

The template that interests us is a machine gaming equipped with a * CPU Ryzen 5 5600h , a monster that rests on its 6 hearts and 12 threads amount to 4.2 GHz to propel The whole in the most demanding games and software. To spoil nothing, we have the right to 16 GB of RAM DDR4 , a comfortable amount for all activities. But what interests us is the graphics card. The model that equips this Legion 5 is a RTX 3070 , one of the most powerful founder NVIDIA . This chip ampere is able to propel all the last games in ultra on the screen Full HD 165 Hz , without suffering from lags or frame drop. At the storage level, it’s classic, with a 512 GO SSD NVME **.

More than for configuration, it’s truly the chassis of this PC gamer that makes the difference. Indeed, between its design cut to the serpe and clearly claiming its DNA gamer and its oversized cooling system, this PC Gaming has everything to please. This allows him to embark a RTX 3070 with a TDP of 140 W , ensuring maximum performance operation.

At the moment, this PC Gamer Lenovo Legion 5 is offered at a soft price of € 1299.99 , a price more than reasonable for a RTX 3070 . The only concession to make concern the operating system that you will need to install by your own means because the PC Gamer is delivered without bone **.

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Discover the offer at Cdiscount

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RTX 3070 (140W) - Lenovo Legion 5 Pro - Gameplay Test in 10 Games

As we know, even if the price / price ratio of this Legion 5 is enticing, the required 1299.99 required remain a non-negligible amount. For gamers in the more moderate budget, there is another configuration of this Legion , less powerful, but cheaper, and always large enough to play in good conditions.

In this model, it is entitled to the same CPU Ryzen 5 5600H , and 8 GB of RAM , on a single bar. It will be necessary to add another bar to fully profit from the full potential of the machine. The graphic part is entrusted to a RTX 3060 130 W , the most powerful version, allowing this PC gamer to easily cash the maximum settings in the demanding games. SSD is identical, displaying 512 GB , with the same ability to add up to 2 NVME and units to extend the storage maximum. The screen is also similar, with a series Full HD 120 Hz **, less faithful but quite kindness for the competitive game.

Where this machine game will seducera, it is on its price, only € 899.99 . By adding a * RAM bar and a operating system , you will have an ultra powerful machine for less than 1000 €, an offer that does not refuse.

Discover the offer at Cdiscount

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