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Manchester City – Pep Guardiola: “Need definitely a new striker”

Pep Guardiola has stated at the press conference in front of the Derby against Manchester United that Manchester City needs a new goalkeeper. “I think the club definitely needs a striker,” said the Catalan: “In the Premier League you need a striker and I think the club will try to buy one.”

Already last summer, the Citizens struggled intensively around Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur , but ended in the end but empty, although the Englishman was probably not tapped by a change. Also in relation to Erling Haaland, the Guardiola club is called again and again as a prospect.

Manchester City has invested over a billion euros in new players since the commitment of the 51-year-old in 2016, a well-known nineer was not there. This was also because Sergio Aguero ran for the sky blue. The Argentinier is with 260 hits of the record shooter of the club, changed 2021 but initially to the FC Barcelona and finished his career for heart problems shortly thereafter.

In the current season Manchester City with 64 hits after 27 matchdays the second best offensive of the Premier League. The most successful scorers come from the outer train: Riyad Mahrez (19 goals in 32 compulsory matches) and Raheem Sterling (13 in 33).

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Guardiola: 'We definitely need a striker' | Manchester City | Premier League | 英超 | 瓜迪奥拉:曼城需要一名新前锋

In the past winter transfer window, City also took the Argentine Julian Alvarez under contract. The striker is currently still borrowed at his home club River Plate and will come to the PL club only in the coming summer.

EA almost made a Harry Potter mmo but decided to kill him

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A MMO Harry Potter would have been in preparation at Electronic Arts. Unfortunately for the huge fans base of the franchise, the publisher chose to cancel it. Apparently, they doubted the longevity of the franchise at the time.

Ea has passed so close to developing a Harry Potter, the former EA product marketing director, Kim Salver revealed. But, it was not supposed to be.

According to Salver, the Harry Potter MMO was pretty advanced in the development or, at least, advanced enough to have a beta version. It was a combination of offline and online game experiences. Salver said the project would integrate the actual life of players by sending them objects, such as prizes and ribbons they could have gained in the game.

We do not know exactly when the Harry Potter MMO has been canned. It should be noted, however, that Salver was with the company from 2000 to 2003. The first two films of the franchise were on the big screen during this period.

The jauntily sought team for the game. They were Very confident in its success. He was killed, for lack of a better term, continued Salver. ’T he, I just did not know where I did not believe that this intellectual property would have a lifetime greater than one year or two.

Boy, were they wrong.

Warner Bros. Games will launch POLLARD LEGACY next year. Although it is the first game project for the franchise for some time, it is far from being the first. At the strongest Harry Potter, several games in his name were available. It’s been 20 years since the first film came out, and it’s still a big IP whose fans want to see more.

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