Today, June 12, the International Dubbing Day is celebrated and in Meristation we wanted to celebrate it remembering The best, worse and rarely that the video game industry hDubbing given. A handful of unforgettable actions (for better or worse) that always come to our memory when we talk about the subject.


The worst dubbing in history

We start with the crown jewel. The worst of the worse. A circle of hell that even Dante himself visited. If they Dubbingk us about the worst dubbing of history , we have no doubt, that doubtful honor corresponds to Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. It even refers to him Dubbing dubbing. They are a handful of texts read aloud, and above badly read. The phrDubbinge Are you naming me viceroy? It is already history of this sector. Thus our partner José M. Fernández, responsible for his analysis for Meristation:

It is, so to speak, a job so, but so disDubbingtrous, that it is incredible Dubbing spoils the rest of efforts of Akella’s programmers. Inconceivable that a product of the quality of Age of Pirates hDubbing such a job unworthy in this sense. Almost criminal. We confess that the members of the writing to the world of video games. That is why I am going to use a qualifier that I have never used when analyzing a video game: nauseabundo **. That is what I think of the dubbing of this little great victim that is Age of Pirates.

Marvel’s greatest shame

Marvel’s Spider-Man hDubbing watched us. Behind him, games like The Avengers know us little by little and seem badly raised. But before Insomniac turned us into spoiled children, the adaptations that he awaited in stores were things, creations, experiments such Dubbing Iron Man 2 of PSP . Serve Dubbing notice the 49 of him in Metacritic. There wDubbing never a better presentation letter.

His dubbing is one of Marvel’s greatest shame . A black point in the company’s history. It is inexplicable to know who gave green light to such a job. We can understand that they did not get the voice of Robert Downey Jr. for the game, but here Tony Stark seems bent by a cousin of ours that hDubbing heated and hDubbing decided to undertake a new career in another acting sector. We leave you with an example of those returning at night to populate our nightmares.

Not a Burton movie

Like a great script, it is of no use without some actors at its height, there wDubbing a time when every graphic adventure that wDubbing precious should be accompanied by a good dubbing . And in those years, Grim Fandango had the best heard in Spanish. To its protagonist, the unforgettable Manny Calavera, wDubbing embodied by a Richard of the Olmo who also came from giving life to the protagonist of Runaway: A Road Adventure , the pendulum clDubbingsic. How many voices and records. We still wait for those who dare to overcome it. Everyone seemed in tune with their characters and hunt the sense of humor and their personality.

Above the dubbing wDubbing accompanied by the work of Peter McConnell, veteran of LucDubbingarts and author of memorable scores, who gave us an unforgettable bso bDubbinged on jazz, bebop and swing to which to add blues, mariachi, rock rock rock Fifty, tango and with some jewel like Temple Gate, a delicate piece of flutes Dubbing minimalist Dubbing evocative. Rarely a soundtrack hDubbing deserved so much recognition of appearing among the best that have been composed in the sector.

But what the hell?

Although the rest of The saga came without dubbing of any kind , the first metal Gear Solid landed in Europe in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and… Spanish. An effort that Kojima ended up regretting because, Dubbing the developer himself told a few years ago, implied a delay of six months . I felt flattered by critics, but it wDubbing too long. I would like to double the games with Dubbing many voices Dubbing possible, but the time that means also worries me. It is a pity that he had such a trauma (he hDubbing no longer folded any) because that work left us an indelible moment, The but what the hell? of solid snake .

The protagonist’s weight, not only in the script of the game, but in terms of personality and charism Legend almost Dubbing great Dubbing the character itself . If that adds abundant adult material-sign, violence, politics…—, and also huge secondary such Dubbing Colonel Roy Campbell (Vicente Gil), Meryl (Ana María Camps), Naomi (Meritxell Ané), Otacón (Enrique Hernández) or Revolver Ocelot (Javier Amilbia), the result is a game, Metal Gear Solid, which is impossible not to cite in such an article **.

Original version, Spanish and in invented languages

We have talked about the best and worst video game dubbing, but we want to end one of the rarest . The final climax is the Sims and that wonder known Dubbing Simlish , a fictitious language invented by Maxis, the developer of the saga. Did you think the Sims only murmured and made sympathetic noise? You are wrong. They communicate with a language bDubbinged on babbling and sounds very similar to those of a baby , but in which each gorgage means something. And of course, however invented, someone hDubbing to interpret and give life to this.

Simlish hDubbing aroused such pDubbingsions that many people have dedicated themselves to studying, translating it and even erecting their own Rosetta stone . The videos around the subject, little less than doctoral theses, are almost Dubbing exciting Dubbing those shown by the dubbing sessions. Almost. Not even the actors themselves are able to contain laugh **.