One of the most important things that we will have in Hogwarts Legacy, with our hallmark, in addition to the broom or the room of the needy is the wand.
Our magical artifact says a lot about us within the game, and all of them have some different characteristics of each other.
If you have not done the Discarding World test in which you have the possibility of knowing your wand, you can always make the decision to customize your wand like that of the characters of Harry Potter or fantastic animals.

Next, we will make a list of outstanding magicians and how is their wand depending on its length, manufacturing material and with which pen are made.


Hogwarts Legacy is now available for the new generation of consoles and for PC.
It will be time to wait a few weeks for this to be available in Xbox and PS4 and finally until summer in Nintendo Switch.
The wait will be long for these users, but I am sure it will be worth it.

The wands of harry Potter, Dumbledore, Voldemort or Hermione, in detail